Widespread Causes & Options For Dieffenbachia Yellow Leaves

Generally known as a dumb cane or tiger lily, the Dieffenbachia is thought for its easy, clear stem and variegated leaf design simply integrated into any residence decor. Nevertheless, many points can have an effect on this standard and easy-to-grow houseplant, leaving even probably the most skilled plant growers to note Dieffenbachia yellow leaves rising unexpectedly.

What Causes Yellow Leaves On A Dieffenbachia?

Inadequate chlorophyll manufacturing, scientifically generally known as chlorosis, is the principle explanation for your Dieffenbachia yellow leaves. This situation has many various causes, with a number of components contributing to the yellow look of your once-vibrant houseplant.

Frustrated by the yellowing in your houseplant? Read our detailed guide on Dieffenbachia yellow leaves for the best solutions to its common causes.

Widespread Causes of Dieffenbachia Yellow Leaves

Watering Irregularities


The native habitat of Dieffenbachia contains the tropical areas of Mexico and southern Argentina. These areas are recognized for his or her excessive humidity ranges that assist preserve balanced moisture ranges that facilitate wholesome chlorophyll manufacturing. 

When these vegetation don’t get the water wanted to maintain their improvement, they present indicators of stress, similar to yellowing leaves. Moreover, underwatering can result in different issues like wilting, leaf drop, and stunted development. 

Most frequently, underwatering points happen in the summertime when the lively development cycle requires extra frequent watering than in winter. If summer season rolls round and your leaves begin to yellow, then likelihood is you could up the watering routine to twice weekly. 

Professional Tip: It’s a good suggestion to maintain a stuffed watering can by your vegetation so that you could high up their hydration a bit once you stroll previous them. Lots of people at all times intend to get to watering, however it’s straightforward to overlook when life will get busy, or you’ve a number of issues in your thoughts.


Simply as your Dieffenbachia yellow leaves could be brought on by underwatering, it will also be brought on by overwatering. Any plant that will get an excessive amount of water can have its photosynthesis course of disrupted, resulting in unsustainable chlorophyll manufacturing. Overwatering also can result in root rot, inflicting additional harm to your plant’s total well being.

Overwatering generally is a downside in each the summer season and winter months. Whereas the plant requires extra frequent watering in the summertime, you’ll want to hold it to not more than twice per week and by no means greater than 1 cup of water at a time. In winter, you may half the quantity of water for twice weekly dousing or hold to a once-a-week schedule. 

One of the best ways to inform in case you are overwatering is to test the soil. Dieffenbachia thrives in premium potting soil that’s well-draining and moist to the contact however not soggy or drenched. In the event you discover that the topsoil of your plant’s pot feels damp and heavy, it’s a signal that you’re overwatering. 

Poor Soil Circumstances

Whereas over- or underwatering can result in the dry or heavy soil circumstances that trigger Dieffenbachia yellow leaves, there’s extra to soil high quality than simply hydration ranges. Dieffenbachia wants soil wealthy in nitrogen and with correct aeration. 

As a result of these circumstances could be far more difficult to imitate when rising these lush vegetation in pots at residence, various soil mixtures that include a mix of peat moss, perlite, and pine bark might help your Dieffenbachia thrive. In the event you don’t have these gadgets available, a high-quality potting combine wealthy in natural matter and has good drainage ought to suffice.

If altering up your soil combination isn’t altering the leaves from yellow again to their lush variegated shade patterns, think about investing in a houseplant probiotic formulation. Mixing this formulation into the topsoil of your Dieffenbachia each 4 to six weeks lets you improve the soil biome to create a wholesome surroundings to your plant that mimics the best circumstances it must thrive. 

Chilly Temperatures

The native areas of the Dieffenbachia have common temperatures of 70-80 levels Fahrenheit, which is perfect for its development. When rising a Dieffenbachia under these temperatures, it experiences a slowed metabolic price, which in flip causes its leaves to show yellow. 

It may be a problem for plant lovers in colder climates averaging 60 levels Fahrenheit to keep up these optimum temperatures, however there are some tips you should utilize. First, transfer your plant close to a warmth supply like a radiator or heating vent. Simply make certain that the plant shouldn’t be instantly touching the warmth supply, as this might trigger harm to its leaves. 

You can even think about investing in an LED develop gentle that emits warmth and gives higher help for wholesome chlorophyll manufacturing. In the event you don’t have the area to maintain bigger develop lights, think about a UFO-shaped gentle positioned above the plant to offer 360-degree protection.  

Lack Of Humidity

When vegetation from humid areas are saved in dry atmospheric circumstances, they lose their means to soak up moisture and vitamins, which in flip could cause leaves to develop into yellow. These dryer circumstances also can make the leaves brittle and susceptible to cracking – all issues that wreck the pure fantastic thing about your Dieffenbachia.  

Happily, humidity points are a simple repair, and relying in your funds, time constraints, or assets, there are a number of choices accessible. The quickest and most reasonably priced will probably be steadily misting the plant’s leaves, giving them an on the spot moisture enhance. Make certain that the misting doesn’t oversaturate the soil so that you just don’t find yourself with the widespread watering points that result in the yellowing of leaves. 

Different efficient options embody a pebble tray. This machine is a shallow tray full of water and pebbles that the plant sits on high of. Because the water evaporates, it creates a moist surroundings to your Dieffenbachia. Another choice is to spend money on a humidifier, which could be helpful not solely to your houseplants but additionally to your personal well being.

Incorrect Daylight

Extreme Daylight

A cover of bushes within the forests of southern Argentina or the plush tropics of Mexico defend the Dieffenbachia from intense, direct daylight. This setting causes the plant’s variegated shade patterns and smooth stem construction. 

If Dieffenbachia yellow leaves which are spotty, brittle, and have brown suggestions, the plant is probably going getting an excessive amount of daylight. This will happen when positioned close to a vivid window the place the solar shines in instantly by way of panes of glass or if your private home has an abundance of unshaded home windows.

The very best answer will probably be to maneuver the potted plant to an space of the room that receives oblique daylight. If that’s not doable, you should purchase sheer curtains to filter the sunshine. Alternatively, think about transferring your Dieffenbachia open air in a shaded space throughout summer season.

Lack of Daylight

Simply because Dieffenbachia doesn’t like a number of direct or intense daylight (it will probably really do fairly effectively in low-light circumstances), that doesn’t imply it will probably go fully with out gentle. With out satisfactory gentle, the leaves can begin turning yellow and dropping off. Moreover, lack of daylight can diminish its photosynthesis processes, resulting in the dreaded chlorosis points widespread to this species.

Happily, many options to this difficulty received’t require an entire residence renovation to incorporate extra home windows. The primary, and certain best, is to put your plant below a develop gentle. These could be bought at most backyard facilities or on-line and are designed particularly for indoor vegetation. 

Another choice is to maneuver your Dieffenbachia outdoors, the place it will probably get a bit of sunshine publicity through the day, however solely in a spot that received’t get direct daylight at any level within the day. At all times do not forget that placing it in a location that will get hyper-exposed to pure gentle, even when just for an hour or two, can exacerbate yellowing points along with inflicting leaf burning. 

Nutrient Deficiencies

Ideally, the soil circumstances mimic its native habitat, the place the plant thrives from vitamins obtained by a mix of rainforest soil, leaf litter, and different decaying natural matter.  An absence of those nutrient circumstances diminish the vitality wanted for photosynthesis and mobile respiration, creating widespread development points, similar to chlorosis, stunted improvement, and sparse leaves. 

It may be difficult to inform if a nutrient difficulty is the only explanation for yellow leaves, however it could be price investigating for those who additionally see widespread indicators of deficiencies, similar to browning leaf suggestions, stunted development, or wilting. 

You probably have already utilized some widespread steps growers take to make sure correct vitamin, similar to nitrogen-rich fertilizers and premium potting soil, think about incorporating a plant multivitamin into your care routine. These specialised formulation are wealthy in zinc, iron, and boron, all important vitamins for a plant’s means to course of gentle and preserve sturdy development. 

Professional Tip: Along with a multivitamin, think about including a root complement to your plant care routine. These dietary supplements improve nutrient uptake and encourage root development, resulting in a more healthy plant able to sturdy chlorophyll manufacturing. 

Fungal Infections

Each plant is vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections, and Dieffenbachia is not any exception. In case your plant’s yellowing leaves are accompanied by darkish spots, mould, or a fuzzy white coating, it could point out a fungus difficulty. In these instances, step one is quarantining the contaminated plant to forestall additional unfold to its important methods or different vegetation in your house.

As soon as remoted, you may deal with the an infection with an applicable natural fungicide, following the directions fastidiously and reapplying as wanted. As well as, be certain that your plant is receiving satisfactory air circulation and correct gentle stability to forestall an excessively humid surroundings the place fungus thrives.

After your plant has healed from the an infection, think about incorporating leaf shine wipes or spray into your common care routine. This answer not solely provides a gorgeous shiny sheen to your plant’s leaves but additionally creates a protecting layer that may act as a pure barrier in opposition to future infections and pests.

Spent Leaves

Dieffenbachia yellow leaves also can point out pure ageing and seasonal adjustments. As leaves naturally attain the top of their lifespan, they might flip yellow and ultimately fall off. That is nothing to be alarmed about, as it’s merely a part of the plant’s development course of.

Whereas the method of eradicating spent leaves from the Dieffenbachia is particular to the plant’s state of wellness, the gadgets wanted to finish the method are the identical as most vegetation require – pruning shears or a pointy pair of scissors, rubbing alcohol to sterilize your instruments, and a clear fabric to wipe down your plant’s leaves after pruning.

How To Take away Yellow Leaves from a Dieffenbachia

When you determine the trigger and answer to your Dieffenbachia yellow leaves and new inexperienced development begins, you may need just a few yellow leaves that want elimination. Right here’s tips on how to take away them in three easy steps:

  1. Sterilize your pruning instruments with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Find the bottom of the yellow leaf the place it connects to the plant’s stem and make a clear, angled minimize.
  3. Wipe down the minimize space with leaf shine wipes or spray to advertise therapeutic and forestall an infection.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

  1. How lengthy does it take yellow leaves to show inexperienced once more?

As soon as leaves are yellow, they won’t flip inexperienced once more. Nevertheless, new development ought to happen inside just a few weeks, and the plant’s total look ought to enhance. You’ll be able to comply with the pruning suggestions above to take away any yellow leaves nonetheless connected to the plant to assist promote new development and higher nutrient uptake.

  1. Can I take advantage of fertilizer to repair yellow leaves on my Dieffenbachia?

Fertilizer could be helpful in selling new development and total well being of your Dieffenbachia, however it could not repair yellow leaves if another watering or environmental trigger is the mitigating issue.

  1. Will the yellow leaves hurt my Dieffenbachia?

The yellow leaves aren’t dangerous except they’ve a pest or fungal an infection. Nevertheless, too many yellow leaves on the plant can have an effect on its means to photosynthesize and procure vitamins, resulting in stunted development and even loss of life if left unaddressed. It’s important to recurrently test and take away any yellow leaves out of your Dieffenbachia to make sure its total well being and longevity. 

Rehabilitate Your Houseplants Like A Professional

Whether or not Dieffenbachia yellow leaves end result from overwatering, underwatering, or different environmental components, seeing your Dieffenbachia wanting lower than its greatest could be regarding. However with the useful suggestions and tips on this information, you’ll be capable to cease and restore Dieffenbachia yellow leaves like a professional. 

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