Wandering Jew Dying? Study Why And How To Repair The Problem

“Why is my wandering Jew dying?” is likely one of the most typical questions I get requested by plant homeowners. Nothing is extra devastating than seeing its uniquely coloured, cascading leaves flip right into a uninteresting, withered mess. However don’t fear; it’s not too late to revive your plant and produce it again to its former glory, whether or not the trigger is environmental, nutrient-related, or pest infestation.

Why Your Wandering Jew Dying Is Taking place

Wilting Leaves & Stems

Trailing or cascading stems mixed with waxy or velvety heart-shaped leaves point out a wholesome wandering Jew plant. However, when limpness or wilting of the leaves and stem begins to happen, this can be a positive signal that your plant just isn’t doing properly. 

Yellow Leaves

Deep inexperienced leaves with hues of purple and silver imply your wandering Jew plant is getting every little thing wanted to boost the ambiance of the area it’s in. However when these colours begin to fade or flip yellow, it’s a clear signal of chlorosis in your plant that, left untreated, could possibly be deadly.

Browning Leaves

Browning is a positive signal that your wandering Jew is dying. Whether or not it’s the leaf suggestions, edges, and even the entire leaf, browning signifies a critical subject with plant well being that can result in demise if not addressed instantly.

Leaf Drop

Pure progress cycles for the wandering Jew imply leaves can drop from the plant. Nevertheless, for those who discover extreme leaf drop that isn’t part of its common cycle, often late in the summertime season, this could possibly be a sign of stress or illness killing your plant.

Stunted Progress

Assuming optimum watering, gentle, and diet ranges are regular, your wandering Jew plant ought to develop at the very least 1″ (2.5cm) per week throughout its lively rising season. Should you discover stunted progress or lack of recent growth, it could possibly be an indication that your plant is struggling to take care of its well being.


One of many advantages of the wandering Jew is that pest infestations are uncommon. This has to do with the plant’s capability to take away and retailer extra minerals in its leaves, making it much less interesting to most bugs. That mentioned, it isn’t fully impervious to pests like aphids and spider mites that desire the nice and cozy, humid atmosphere these crops thrive in. And when an infestation does occur, it will probably shortly result in the demise of your plant.

Root Rot

In an try to maintain your wandering Jew plant properly hydrated, you will have inadvertently created the right circumstances for root rot. It is a vital drawback that can trigger your plant to die quicker than different widespread points.

Why is my wandering Jew dying? Learn about common causes and expert solutions with our handy houseplant resource guide.

Wandering Jew Dying? The way to Revive Your Plant

Steadiness watering routine.

The thickets, rainforest, and wetland environments the place wild wandering Jew crops thrive provide wealthy, damp soil that doesn’t dry out fully. Growers typically overcompensate to take care of this degree of moisture by overwatering. An excessive amount of water can starve a plant of oxygen, inflicting root rot, wilting or lack of vigor, and even demise. 

In an try to not drown the plant, many make the error of not giving it sufficient water. Consequently, the plant dries out, displaying widespread indicators corresponding to browning leaves, drooping, and stunted progress.

Ideally, the watering routine in your wandering Jew ought to be primarily based on soil dryness. Should you don’t have a moisture meter, poke into the soil about half an inch and add water if it feels dry to the contact. Ensure that the watering is thorough and cease when liquid runs out of the drainage holes.

Improve Soil Circumstances

The native habitats of the wandering Jew plant range vastly, however all of them have one factor in widespread: wealthy soil stuffed with micronutrients and natural inexperienced waste. As your plant grows, it could require extra vitamins than the soil can present, resulting in widespread indicators that your wandering Jew is dying, corresponding to stunted progress, root rot, and yellow leaves. 

Whereas backyard selection potting mixes are positive for many houseplants, they don’t all the time have a singular soil composition that mimics the pure habitats of wandering Jew crops. Think about repotting in premium indoor soil containing perlite, coco coir, biochar, and natural inexperienced waste. 

These soil formulation additionally present glorious drainage that makes over or underwatering much less probably.

Professional Tip: If widespread indicators of wandering Jew demise, corresponding to stunted progress, yellow leaves, or browning, are current in an excessive approach, spend money on a liquid plant fertilizer that helps to revive hint minerals and promote new progress.

Enact extra environment friendly temperature management.

The best temperature for a wandering Jew plant is 60 to 80 F (15 to 27 C) or USDA Plant Hardiness zones that common a 9 to 11 on the dimensions. The temperature-related indicators of a wandering Jew dying, corresponding to drooping or browning, typically happen primarily based on the plant’s location or the season of the area it’s in.

Although most indoor areas are saved at a degree wandering Jew crops can accommodate, unnoticed drafts from air conditioners, vents, and windowsills hinder plant well being. Should you see indicators of temperature-induced plant decline, you most likely maintain it within the fallacious place. Think about transferring it to an area with higher temperature management, corresponding to a facet desk close to the window or behind the place a door opens and closes.   

In case your wandering Jew is outdoors and the season begins to alter, think about transferring it indoors or masking it with a material to forestall publicity to frost or excessive temperatures. 

Keep higher humidity ranges. 

It’s no secret {that a} wandering Jew likes to be humid. So when indicators corresponding to browning or drooping happen, humidity ranges are generally accountable. The plant just isn’t getting sufficient moisture within the air and compensates by sucking it from its leaves, inflicting them to wilt or fall off.

A 70% humidity degree is right, however sadly, that is a lot larger than the 40-60% vary well being specialists suggest holding an indoor area at. So, your greatest wager will likely be to mist your plant each day or each different day, relying on how dry the air is in your house. You can even transfer it to a extra humid room like your toilet, kitchen, or laundry room. 

Regulate lighting.

A well-liked plant for floor covers, wandering Jews develop low to the bottom and crawl throughout and underneath bushes within the wild. This implies they thrive on vibrant but oblique daylight. So, for those who discover indicators corresponding to stunted progress, browning, or yellowing leaves, it could be as a result of it’s being saved in a spot that’s overwhelmingly vibrant and never simply pure.

In case your plant is in a sunny window, think about transferring it additional again into the room or away from the window or investing in curtains to regulate gentle depth. You can even think about hanging it within the corners of your room for even gentle publicity. 

Simply because the plant grows decrease to the bottom with no ton of publicity to daylight doesn’t imply it will probably do with out fully. Keep in mind that wherever you place it ought to give it 6 to 7 hours of oblique, vibrant gentle. This may increasingly imply transferring it round because the seasons change and light-weight depth shifts. 

Help nutrient deficiencies.

Virtually all the widespread points that may make you marvel, “Why is my wandering Jew dying?” have an effect on the power of the plant to correctly metabolize vitamins wanted for wholesome progress. As such, for those who enacted all the above options and nonetheless discover misery indicators corresponding to wilting, browning leaves, or stunted progress, likelihood is your plant just isn’t getting sufficient vitamins, enzymes, or minerals to provide flowers or develop leaves. 

As a result of a wandering Jew plant thrives in moist soil wealthy with natural inexperienced waste, you may think about nitrogen-boosting plant meals to assist revive it. Moreover, a houseplant multivitamin can do wonders for restoring plant well being because it incorporates important hint minerals wanted for optimum plant progress. 

wandering jew probiotic powder

Professional Tip: Use a plant probiotic along side premium potting soil and plant meals to extend nutrient absorption so the plant can thrive. 

Shield in opposition to pests & illnesses.

The pest-resistant qualities of the wandering Jew tailored from its low-to-the-ground pure habits aren’t all the time efficient when rising in a potted indoor atmosphere. As such, for those who discover leaf discoloration, holes, or speckled leaves unrelated to watering or humidity ranges, it’s probably as a consequence of pests like aphids and mites.

To examine if that is the difficulty:

  1. Isolate the plant and clear it with an natural leaf armor that removes any dangerous bugs from the leaves.
  2. Keep common watering and humidity ranges so the plant can heal and get stronger.
  3. If that restores the plant’s well being, proceed utilizing preventive measures corresponding to leaf shine wipes to make sure your wandering Jew lives its lifespan of 2-3 years. 

Whereas pest-resistant, the wandering Jew remains to be inclined to illnesses and fungi that may trigger extreme injury to vital plant techniques that regulate nutrient consumption and water ranges. Frequent indicators of illness embody white mould, spots on leaves and flowers, and injury to roots. You’ll wish to enact all of the above-mentioned options to assist restore the plant’s well being or change it with a brand new, wholesome one. 

Professional Tip: When checking for pests and illnesses, have a look at the foundation system as properly. Root rot is a standard drawback for wandering Jews and could be simply detected by brown or black, mushy roots. If that is so, prune away the contaminated plant elements and deal with the injuries with a root complement for quicker, extra sturdy restoration.

Repot your plant.

Whereas wandering Jew crops don’t thoughts a little bit crowding, excessive pot-bound circumstances could cause root rot and stunt plant progress. With much less room for the foundation system to develop, the plant will ultimately cease rising and deteriorate. Should you discover that your wandering Jew is pot-bound with an abundance of roots seen on the floor or by the drainage holes, it’s time for a bigger pot.

To repot your wandering Jew:

  1. Fastidiously take away the plant from its present pot and gently tease out the roots.
  2. If there are any decayed or broken roots, prune them away with clear scissors to forestall additional unfold of root rot.
  3. Place the plant in a brand new pot stuffed with contemporary soil and water completely to assist settle it into its new residence.

Settle for that it’s a pure a part of the life cycle.

Spent leaves are a pure a part of the wandering Jew’s life cycle and generally make it look like the plant is dying. Nevertheless, so long as new progress continues to look, there isn’t any want to fret. 

Keep in mind that the wandering Jew solely has a lifespan of two or three years, so it’s regular for the plant to die ultimately. If the plant isn’t displaying indicators of stress and all different options have been enacted, you’ve got one choice: propagate.

Propagating your wandering Jew is a straightforward course of, permitting you to have a brand new plant from the dad or mum plant. Merely lower off a wholesome stem that has at the very least two leaves and a node, place it in water or potting soil close to a vibrant gentle supply, and anticipate roots to develop. When root progress happens, you may transplant the slicing to its personal pot and proceed to get pleasure from your stunning wandering Jew plant for years to return.

Professional Tip: Assure profitable progress from cuttings with a propagation promoter. Whether or not performing the method in soil or water, this method will guarantee root progress and assist forestall illnesses that would kill the plant earlier than it has an opportunity to thrive. 

Wandering Jew Plant FAQ

  1. Why is my wandering Jew dying within the winter months? 

Plant progress is much less lively in winter months as a consequence of decreased daylight and decrease temperatures. You possibly can assist your wandering Jew survive by offering ample gentle and holding it in a barely hotter atmosphere.

  1. Is my wandering Jew dying as a result of I overwater it? 

Sure, overwatering could cause root rot and finally kill the plant. To keep away from overwatering examine the highest half inch of soil and add water solely whether it is dry. Additionally be sure to make use of a pot with properly draining soil.

  1. How lengthy does it take for a wandering Jew plant to recuperate from root rot? 

It might take a number of weeks for a wandering Jew plant to recuperate from root rot, relying on the severity of the situation. It’s vital to deal with the difficulty as quickly as doable and supply correct vitamins to assist the plant heal.

  1. Will leaves develop again on a wandering Jew plant?

 New leaf progress is all the time doable however don’t count on dying or lifeless leaves to return again to life all of a sudden. In case your plant is stuffed with each new progress and previous leaves, it’s greatest to prune off  the previous leaves which are now not contributing to the plant’s well being. 

Save Your Wandering Jew No Matter the Season

As a beloved houseplant, the wandering Jew provides magnificence and allure to any indoor area. By understanding the plant’s wants and customary points, you may guarantee its longevity and revel in its gorgeous foliage year-round. 

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Extra Houseplant Sources

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