Vibrant Succulents to Brighten Your Indoor House

Succulents thrive in arid, typically harsh climates, with ample vivid sunshine year-round and little to no common water. They’ve tailored to such circumstances by creating thick, fleshy leaves and stems to retailer no matter moisture ultimately comes their method. They’re survivors, accustomed to residing and even flourishing with minimal care.

Gardening with succulents permits you to experiment with an thrilling array of textures, colours, sizes, and kinds. In hotter, drier, snow-free elements of the world, a variety of succulents work fantastically within the sunny panorama, however there’s no have to despair should you’re a chilly local weather gardener or simply hope to enliven your indoor jungle by including a succulent or three. Given the best rising circumstances, there are many charming succulent selections out there to you.

Succulents grown outdoor carry out finest when planted in full solar, in gentle, well-aerated soil with wonderful drainage, and with minimal however common irrigation throughout dryer intervals. Indoors, it’s just about the identical. Appropriate heat, vivid gentle, good drainage, and minimal moisture are the keys to success for nearly any succulent you would possibly want to strive as a houseplant.

The next succulents will do effectively in a vivid sunny location inside and could be transitioned in late spring or summer time to the outside in a lot of the Pacific Northwest.

 ‘Fish Hooks’ senecio makes
With its excessive trailing behavior, ‘Fish Hooks’ senecio makes a superb hanging basket plant.

‘Fish Hooks’ senecio 

(Curio radicans ‘Fish Hooks’, Zones 10-11) 

This can be a great trailing succulent from Africa with small inexperienced, banana-shaped leaves (which some say appear to be fish hooks) spaced alongside the lengthy, slender, trailing fleshy stems. This succulent will love the brightest location in your home and wishes ample room to path since it will possibly develop as much as 8 toes lengthy with time. ‘Fish Hooks’ senecio makes a really distinctive hanging plant.

Sedeveria 'Sorrento'
The tricolor foliage of this intergeneric hybrid is second to none.

‘Sorrento’ sedeveria

(Sedeveria ‘Sorrento’, Zone 9/11)

I really like how this plant has tolerated its tiny container for over two years, remaining compact and joyful as could be in my sunny south-facing window. This charming Sedum x Echeveria intergeneric hybrid combines the most effective options of each genera, leading to a cluster of dense, colourful rosettes carried on quick stocky stems. The colour can differ, starting from bronze or coral to maroon and even purple. It can attain 9 to 12 inches tall and vast if transplanted into a bigger container.

two christmas cactus plants side by side
Presumably the preferred succulent on the earth, Christmas cacti are straightforward to develop and sport lovely blooms in winter.

Christmas cactus

(Schlumbergera bridgesii, Zones 10-11)

A Christmas cactus shouldn’t be truly a cactus, however a succulent native to the shady, humid coastal mountains of Brazil, and might be the preferred indoor-grown succulent. Cascading flat, inexperienced, segmented leaves carry huge, traffic-stopping blooms on the ends of their stems proper round Christmas because the title suggests. Accessible in a complete vary of colours, Christmas cacti can arch out to three toes vast in vivid oblique gentle (they’ll burn in full solar) with common water.  You’ll want to allow them to dry out utterly earlier than watering once more.


‘Splash’ wax plant

(Hoya pubicalyx ‘Splash’, Zones 10-11).  

My all-time favourite indoor succulent is the Philippine native ‘Splash’ wax plant. Rugged but elegant, it sports activities slender darkish stems with fleshy silver-splashed, shiny deep inexperienced leaves. Its climbing (or trailing) behavior is downright astonishing. To this point, mine has climbed 10 toes straight up the wall regardless of being planted in solely a 6-inch diameter container. I’m trying ahead to the day it can produce dish-like, gentle pink flowers. Give wax plant vivid oblique gentle, well-drained soil, and water it each three to 4 weeks to maintain it joyful.

A couple of extra tricks to hold your succulents joyful

Though these are usually thought of easy-to-grow crops, contemplate these quirks earlier than you exit and buy a succulent for inside. 

1. Should you’re tempted to pop a succulent right into a room with out good airflow (my laundry room for instance), it can languish. Good airflow is a should to maintain fungal illness at bay.

snake plant and zz plant do well in low light
If in case you have a darker house with out numerous pure gentle then a snake plant (left) or ZZ plant (proper) can be the most effective succulents to strive.

2. Blessed with solely north-facing home windows and shade? Snake plant (Sansevieria spp. and cvs., Zones 10-11), and ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia and cvs., Zones 10-11) are two sorts of succulents that don’t object to darker circumstances.

3. Keep away from overwatering. We’re so accustomed to “common” houseplants and their strong moisture necessities, that it’s laborious to return to phrases with simply how drought-tolerant a succulent actually is. An overwatered succulent will rapidly rot, so err on the dry facet and water sparingly. When shifting succulents outdoors for the spring and summer time, be certain they aren’t in a location that will get overwatered by irrigation or a downspout.

succulent fertilizer
Though they’re robust, succulents indoors and outdoor want fertilizing at the very least 3 instances per 12 months. Use an all-purpose method that’s diluted by half.

4. Your succulents (like all houseplants) will admire fertilizing every so often. Feed your indoor succulents at well-spaced intervals thrice a 12 months utilizing a well-balanced fertilizer, diluted to half its really useful charge.



For extra on succulents for colder climates, go right here.

—Fionuala Campion is the proprietor and supervisor of Cottage Gardens of Petaluma in Petaluma, California.

Images: Fionuala Campion

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