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Botanical Title: Hatiora gaertneri

Easter Cactus plant ushers in spring with a present of colourful flowers. Discover out what gentle, water and humidity this vacation cactus wants, plus methods to make it bloom.

easter cactus, hatiora gaertneriShiny gentle in spring will deliver a profusion of attractive flowers. Picture: Matt Cody

Get to Know this Spring-Blooming Cactus

Easter cactus is a member of the Cactaceae household. Native to the South American rain forests, this cactus is epiphytic, making its residence on bushes. It holds onto tree branches with its thick, aerial roots.

Its stems are made up of flat, slender segments related by a midrib. You’ll be able to distinguish it from different vacation cactus as a result of its stem segments will not be scalloped or toothed, and by its starburst-shaped blooms.

The most important distinction is its bloom time. You’ll be able to count on an abundance of flowers in spring — sometimes April or Could — that final a couple of month. Varieties can be found in shades of pink, white, orange and crimson.

How large does Easter cactus get? You’ll be able to count on your houseplant to achieve a top of 12-24 in (30-60 cm).

Show flowering Easter cactus in a dangling basket or set it on a plant stand to point out off its colourful blooms.

The way to Get Easter Cactus to Bloom

Coax blooms. Blooming outcomes from 8-10 weeks of shorter, cooler days. Examine the temperature necessities under. Give the cactus 14-hour nights. Put a paper bag or field over it if you’ll want to block out daylight. As soon as buds set, do not transfer the cactus round. Flower buds are more likely to drop off if the budding plant is abruptly uncovered to temperature or gentle modifications.

Give it a relaxation. After flowering, this South-American succulent wants a one-month relaxation. Water sparingly throughout this time and don’t fertilize. Mist the plant day-after-day if wanted to maintain up the humidity. After this relaxation, you possibly can resume common watering and fertilizing.

Hold it pot-bound. This vacation cactus blooms greatest when its roots are confined, so do not be in a rush to maneuver it to a bigger pot.

Good year-round Easter cactus care will deliver a present of flowers yr after yr.

easter cactus, easter cactus plantYou may discover Easter Cactus on the market in a variety of colours, together with pink.

Questions, Issues and Options for Easter Cactus

Questioning when to repot? You’ll be able to repot in late spring or early summer time, after the one-month relaxation is over. Your cactus solely wants repotted when it outgrows its container, most likely each 2 or 3 years. Use a pot with a drainage gap to forestall soggy soil, a clay pot is right as a result of it permits the potting medium to dry out sooner.

Dropped buds or flowers? As soon as buds start to develop, it is a good suggestion to set your Easter cactus the place you wish to show it. Adjustments in gentle, temperature and humidity will probably trigger its buds and flowers to fall off. That is why blooming crops usually shed their flowers when they’re introduced residence from the florist. If this occurs, don’t be concerned — your Easter cactus will bloom in abundance subsequent yr.

Wrinkled, limp stems are an indication the plant is just too dry. Water completely, then enable the highest of the soil to dry out between waterings. Yellow stems point out an excessive amount of water. 

Damaged stems? These trailing stems are considerably brittle and might break off between segments. It is a good suggestion to maintain your plant the place it will not be brushed in opposition to. Do not toss out these stem items — you possibly can develop new crops from them. (See “Propagation” under.)

To prune…or to not prune? It isn’t crucial. Stems will department out naturally, so that you need not reduce them until you wish to stop your cactus from getting “leggy.” Wait until summer time, after the one-month relaxation. Use sharp, clear pruners to chop between stem segments. 

One thing bugging your houseplant? Mealybugs are drawn to cactus crops. They appear to be tiny specks of cotton and have a tendency to cluster on the base of the stems. You’ll be able to scrape them off, then deal with your cactus with insecticidal cleaning soap.

easter cactus, easter cactus plant

Easter Cactus Care Ideas

Mild: Shiny oblique gentle. Low gentle ranges trigger spindly progress and few flowers.

Water:  Hold the soil evenly moist, however not soggy whereas plant is rising. After flowering is completed, water sparingly for a month whereas the plant rests. Stems will shrivel or wilt if the roots are too dry. Yellow stems point out overwatering.

Humidity: Attempt to preserve 50% relative humidity for this Brazilian rain forest native. Use a cool-mist room humidifier or stand the pot on a tray of moist pebbles. Try these ideas for elevating the humidity for your home crops.

Temperature: To set flower buds, the plant wants cool 60-65°F/16-18°C days and 45-55°F/7-13°C nights. As soon as buds set, 70-75°F/21-24°C days and 60-70°F/16-21°C nights.

Soil: Combine 1 half potting combine and 1 half fine-grade fir bark. Good drainage is important.

Fertilizer: Feed each 2 weeks with a balanced water-soluble fertilizer when watering. When flowering season is over, cease fertilizing for a month whereas plant is resting, then resume regular care.

Propagation: Take stem cuttings with 1-4 segments in summer time. Enable the reduce ends to dry for a pair days earlier than inserting upright in moist perlite. Easter cactus stems root readily, in about 3-4 weeks.

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