The Easy Trick to Dry Hydrangea Flowers and Retain Their Coloration

Hydrangeas are a fantastic shrub with an old style enchantment, but they match into the trendy backyard seamlessly. Presumably the perfect factor about hydrangeas is you may get pleasure from your beautiful blooms indefinitely. Right here’s the way to dry hydrangeas so that they hold their color.

How to dry hydrangea flowers to keep color

With so many types, colours, and even bloom shapes, you’d simply be capable to discover a hydrangea that fits your backyard (so long as you’re fortunate sufficient to have the precise local weather, after all!). You’ll be able to get pleasure from them each on and off the plant too!

The issue many individuals have with hydrangeas is that they develop into limp earlier than they’ll dry out. Hydrangeas generally tend to lean in direction of the drama, however they’re really fairly straightforward to each hydrate AND dry as soon as you understand how to do it.

Trace: You’re not going to hold them the wrong way up.

That is the easy methodology that I take advantage of to dry hydrangea flowers and hold their hue.

Hydrangea and Holly
Components of this hydrangea have already gone brown, so it’s a little bit late for slicing and drying.

Dried Hydrangea Colors

After all, you received’t retain the identical vivid color that you’ve got on the plant whereas it’s rising within the backyard. The color which you can obtain on a dried hydrangea is extra of a muted set of greens, grays, blues, pinks, and purples that look lovely when displayed collectively.

The opposite factor to notice is that the local weather and temperature at which the hydrangea shrub grows will have an effect on how a lot color is retained within the dried flower. It’s not an ideal system, however ideally, you’re on the lookout for a wholesome plant grown in acceptable situations. You’ll be able to learn extra about that in my important information to hydrangeas.

Do you know you may simply change your hydrangea’s blooms from pink to blue (or vice versa)? Right here’s how one can make your hydrangea change color.

Harvesting Hydrangeas for Wreaths
Hydrangea flowers are available many alternative hues, all creating vintage, muted variations of themselves as soon as dry.

When to Reduce Hydrangeas for Drying

Mom nature and plant care apart, timing whenever you lower the blooms is a very powerful issue which you can management. If you happen to go away the hydrangea heads to dry on the shrub, they’ll lose all of their shade. If you happen to lower the blooms too early, they’ll wilt (versus dry with the petals retaining their form).

To be able to retain essentially the most color, you will want to let flowers partially dry on the shrub first. Relying on when your plant blooms, you must begin checking on the flowers mid-way by means of the bloom time.

The color shall be fading, however they’ll nonetheless maintain most of their form, and they’re going to begin to tackle a papery really feel. Attempt slicing hydrangea blooms when there may be nonetheless some color remaining to get a dried flower with a color that lasts.

blue hydrangea
These blooms have begun to dry and fade in color and this might be the best time to chop them for drying.

The best way to Dry Hydrangea Flowers

Take away the entire leaves from the stem (or a minimum of the a part of the stem that shall be submerged) and put the flowers in a vase with an inch or two of water.

Place the vase in a cool space, away from direct daylight. The water within the vase will assist to gradual the drying course of; the bloom shall be preserved higher with a slower transition. As soon as the water is gone, will probably be fully dried and can final indefinitely.

You’ll be able to contact the preserved hydrangea heads to see how dry they’re. They need to really feel papery.

The easy way to dry hydrangea flowers to keep color: place stems in a jar of water
This manner of drying hydrangeas takes about two weeks.
A dried hydrangea flower with its color preserved
The identical hydrangea dried!

What to Do With Dried Hydrangeas

Dry hydrangea flowers are very delicate, so it’s usually higher to create your craft or dried flower association earlier than they dry. That’s exactly what I did with this hydrangea wreath. I made the wreath with partially dried blooms and allowed the drying course of to complete on the entrance door! See the way to make the wreath right here.

You may also add in different dried flowers if you need extra selection.

I really like utilizing dried hydrangea flowers in every kind of crafts, together with this dried flower association. If you happen to don’t have a big stem, you may add some by utilizing a bamboo skewer and florist’s tape to increase the stem of your dried hydrangea flowers.

FAQ About The best way to Dry Hydrangeas

How do you hydrate hydrangeas?

Earlier than you may dry your hydrangea flowers, they need to be as hydrated as potential. After slicing them from the shrub, instantly put them in water.

As soon as inside, lower the stem once more and, this time, place it in boiling water. Ensure the steam can escape. On this case, boiling water is extraordinarily useful in forcing the stems to drink water.

Hydrangeas also can drink by means of their petals, so folks soak their flowers in a bowl of water. Whereas this methodology works nice for recent hydrangeas, it doesn’t work for flowers which might be already partially dry, which is what we’re going for after slicing the hydrangeas.

Ought to I spray dried hydrangeas with hairspray?

As soon as dried fully, you may spray any dried flowers with hairspray. Guarantee it’s low cost and clear…don’t waste the good things. This may assist to create a protecting layer over the petals so that they’re not fairly as delicate.

How do you retain dried hydrangeas from crumbling?

When the hydrangeas are dried, they’re extraordinarily delicate. I like to recommend making any preparations barely earlier than the entire flower is dried, as will probably be stronger. As above, spray with hairspray and avoid warmth and daylight to delay the lifetime of your dried hydrangea flowers.

hydrangea colors

How to Dry Hydrangea Flowers and Keep Their Colour

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