The best way to Propagate Umbrella Vegetation (Schefflera) from Cuttings

Umbrella plant (Heptapleurum spp. syn. Schefflera spp.), generally referred to as umbrella tree or schefflera, appears to be like similar to its title implies – a tree with shiny inexperienced umbrella-like foliage.

Rising between six to eight toes tall, this tremendous low upkeep houseplant is a (tropical) breeze to develop!

A close up horizontal image of a variegated umbrella plant (schefflera) growing in a pot indoors.

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In our information to rising umbrella bushes, we cowl find out how to domesticate these crops indoors, which incorporates giving them a spot in brilliant, oblique gentle, and offering constantly moist soil.

These crops will not be simply straightforward to develop however they’re straightforward to propagate too – permitting you to share your umbrellas with family and friends or maintain them for your self, making a jungle of tropical foliage.

On this information, we’ll focus on every little thing you might want to find out about propagating your personal umbrella plant by way of stem cuttings.

Right here’s what I’ll cowl:

Propagating Umbrella Timber from Cuttings

Collect Your Provides

Earlier than you get began, you’ll want just a few provides.

Seize your favourite pruners or a pointy knife, and earlier than you even take into consideration making your cuts, you should definitely sterilize these in a ten p.c bleach answer.

A close up horizontal image of the deep green foliage of an umbrella tree (schefflera).

You’ll additionally want some propagation pots. You may select to make use of one massive pot to accommodate a number of cuttings or just a few smaller ones.

For propagation media, you may both use your favourite seed-starting soil or a mixture of half peat moss and half perlite.

Rooting hormone isn’t important, but it surely’ll enhance the probabilities of your cuttings taking root.

A close up of a small pot of Bonide Bontone II Rooting Powder isolated on a white background.

Bonide Bontone II Rooting Hormone

If you happen to want a advice, I take advantage of Bonide Bontone II, which is a powdered product, obtainable at Arbico Organics.

The pots will want plastic coverings to maintain the humidity excessive, so discover some suitably-sized zip-top baggies and elastic bands to safe them in place.

Alternatively, you too can root your cuttings in water, on this case all you’ll want is just a few glass jars.

Now you’ve gathered your provides, let’s get began!

Put together Your Pots

You may propagate schefflera cuttings in nearly any container, so long as it’s clear, has good drainage, and is no less than two inches deep.

A six- to eight-inch pot can maintain a number of, or a three-inch container might maintain only one.

A close up vertical image of two hands from the left of the frame potting up an umbrella plant into a small pot.

In case your pots have been used earlier than, you’ll need to clear after which sterilize them with a disinfectant. The device you utilize must also be clear and disinfected.

Fill your chosen containers with media as much as about an inch beneath the rim. Add some water to the media to moisten it. Use barely heat water – the media will take in it higher than chilly water.

Utilizing a pencil or dowel, make holes the place you’ll stick your cuttings.

Take the Cuttings

Since they don’t but have roots, the stem sections have a restricted capability to take up water and so will lose moisture rapidly.

A close up vertical image of a hand from the left of the frame holding up a schefflera stem section for propagation.

To attenuate water loss, you must guarantee your plant is effectively hydrated by watering your umbrella tree the day earlier than you need to propagate.

Every stem chopping ought to have no less than one leaf and two progress nodes – these are the rings across the stem from which leaves develop.

You may select to take cuttings from the stem ideas or take an extended part of stem and reduce it into segments.

A close up horizontal image of four umbrella tree stem sections set on a wooden surface.

Choose a wholesome stem that’s no less than as thick as a pencil. Take a four- to six-inch-long part proper beneath a progress node. Defoliate the underside two inches of the chopping.

If you’re utilizing stem segments, make the cuts which might be going to be inserted into media angled so you may keep in mind the orientation.

Your cuttings received’t root if they’re the wrong way up within the potting media!

Plant Cuttings

Put your cuttings in soil as quickly as doable after snipping them from the father or mother plant.

If, for some motive, you do want to attend a bit, maintain the reduce ends wrapped up in a moist paper towel and set them in a spot with low gentle and funky temperatures.

If you’re prepared, begin by pouring some rooting hormone powder (if utilizing) right into a small container – not so much, simply sufficient to coat the underside.

Put the underside one to at least one and a half inch of the stem within the rooting powder, combine it round, and faucet it in opposition to the aspect of the container to take away extra powder.

A close up horizontal image of two hands from the right of the frame tamping down the soil around a small umbrella tree.

Within the case that the rooting powder doesn’t need to persist with the top of the stem, you may strive wetting the underside of the chopping, tapping to take away extra water and repeating the steps outlined above.

Subsequent, stick your cuttings into the pre-made holes within the rooting medium, being cautious to not wipe off the powder.

Do not forget that no less than one node needs to be buried and no leaves needs to be touching the potting media. Pat down the soil across the stems and water them till the water drains out the underside of the pot.

Excessive humidity helps with rooting, however for umbrella tree crops it’s particularly important.

To attain a damp surroundings in your cuttings, place a plastic bag the wrong way up excessive of the pot and safe it with an elastic band across the base of the pot.

Or, insert the pot totally right into a plastic bag and tie it with a twist tie. No matter means you go about it, make sure that the leaves will not be touching the plastic.

If you might want to, place chopsticks or different stakes within the pot to prop up the plastic and maintain it from touching the leaves.

Schefflera cuttings require brilliant, oblique gentle to root.

Place your plastic-covered pot in a heat location of round 70°F, however keep away from direct daylight. It might probably rapidly turn into too sizzling beneath the plastic and will burn the plant’s foliage.

Preserve the soil evenly moist. Schefflera takes its time rooting, so that you’ll must be affected person. Anticipate rooting after 4 to 6 weeks or so.

If you happen to desire to root your cuttings in water, put them in a glass jar or different appropriate vessel, with room temperature water and be sure that the underside two inches is underwater.

Set them in a brilliant location, and alter the water each couple of days to stop it changing into moldy. When the roots are about an inch lengthy, you may pot your plant in soil as mentioned beneath.

Potting Up

To examine in case your cuttings have rooted, give them a little bit tug. In the event that they maintain agency, they’re rooted!

They can even begin to develop new shoots and leaves. You can even strive gently lifting the chopping out with a pencil.

If you happen to see inch-long roots, you may pot up your child umbrella tree crops into their everlasting containers.

A close up horizontal image of a stem cutting that has rooted in water set on a wooden surface next to a pot filled with potting soil.

Transferring your cuttings from a damp surroundings to a dry one will probably be a little bit of a shock in your newly rooted crops, so you must pay shut consideration to your new crops for the primary few weeks.

Utilizing a typical houseplant potting soil, pot up your new crops into particular person three or four-inch pots – in the event that they aren’t already in these.

A close up horizontal image of a schefflera (umbrella plant) growing in a terra cotta pot set on a wooden surface.

Begin by placing a small quantity of potting soil within the pot. Gently place the foundation ball about an inch beneath the container’s rim. Add potting soil and agency it across the roots.

Water the soil till liquid runs out the underside of the pot to settle your schefflera into its new dwelling. Preserve your umbrella tree plant in a sunny locale out of direct gentle, and also you’re golden!

Good Issues Come to These Who Wait 

With its palm-like leaves and low-key necessities, the umbrella tree plant creates a tropical ambiance indoors.

A close up vertical image of a variegated umbrella plant growing in a pot outdoors.

And what’s extra, it’s extremely straightforward to propagate from cuttings. Why not unfold the great vibrations and create extra schefflera crops to take pleasure in?

Have you ever propagated umbrella tree plant from cuttings earlier than? What propagation ideas would you prefer to share? We’d like to know your ideas and feedback within the part beneath.

And for extra details about rising umbrella bushes, try these guides subsequent:

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