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Gardeners typically fear about coping with slugs and snails, that are persistently ranked among the many most troublesome pests in gardens. They eat away on the contemporary progress of useful crops, destroy seedlings in a single day, and depart behind irregular holes in leaves, stems, and flowers, marked by their shiny slime trails.

Slugs stay energetic all through a lot of the 12 months, however they pose a selected downside in spring when there’s loads of tender progress for them to feed on. They are usually most energetic at evening, particularly in heat and damp situations. Throughout scorching, dry climate, they retreat into the soil or search shelter in cool, darkish spots to keep away from drying out.

Regardless of efforts to manage them, it’s tough to fully remove slugs out of your backyard. It’s necessary to acknowledge that some stage of slug exercise is inevitable and discover methods to minimise their influence.

Defending essentially the most weak crops must be a precedence, together with all seedlings, new progress on most herbaceous crops, and the fragile components of crops comparable to delphiniums, hostas, and dahlias. In the event you’re rising crops in pots, be conscious to forestall slugs from transferring between pots by eradicating any leafy connections.

There are numerous strategies accessible for controlling slugs, and the simplest method normally entails utilizing a mixture of methods, beginning early within the spring. There are various methods to manage slugs from slug pellets to natural strategies of management, together with:

– Utilizing sheep wool. We promote a product referred to as Slug Gone that are pellets of sheep’s wool that create an irritating barrier to slugs and snails. Shards of slate additionally work in the same means and look gorgeous scattered round hostas.

– Copper tape is an effective way to guard slugs from climbing up the perimeters of your pots. The copper reacts with the slime and once more deters the slugs and snails.

– Traps are sunken pots that you just place in your backyard beds with an attractant in them (historically an inexpensive beer) the slugs and snails successfully drown.

– Natural slug pellets – kill slugs however usually are not a threat to different backyard wildlife.


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