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Snapdragon — 2019 Annual Flower of the Year

Annually the Nationwide Backyard Bureau ( names crops of the yr, with the annual flower (lives just one yr) for 2019 being snapdragon.   This upright flower is straightforward to develop, has a number of backyard makes use of, and is available in a large number of colours.  

Though snapdragons are winter-hardy in hotter climates (USDA zones 7 to 10, such because the mid-Atlantic states and south), the truth that they want cooler temperatures to bloom properly makes them a sensible choice for northern summer time gardens.  If day temperatures stay within the 80’s, flowering will decelerate, and crops might even die if it will get too sizzling.  They could go semi-dormant in the course of the warmth of mid-summer, reblooming when cooler temperatures return.  

Since snapdragons typically face up to some chilly, they’re good candidates to plant in early spring.  Since crops you purchase might not have been “hardened” off to the chilly from their cozy greenhouse properties, it’s a good suggestion to show them to outside temperatures for every week or two previous to planting.  Whereas hardened crops can face up to a light-weight frost, and crops can survive temperatures within the 20’s (blooms might not), these you purchase must be introduced indoors or protected (with frost covers) from freezing.  

The scientific genus title (Antirrhinum) comes from the Greek phrases “anti” which means “like”, and “rhin” which means nostril or snout, referring to the flower form.  The dragon-shaped flowers are favorites with youngsters, pinching the edges to make the flowers “snap” open like a mouth.   Flowers are available in most colours, aside from blue.  Bicolors are in style and enticing, the “throat” of the flower often being white and the “lip” being one other coloration comparable to pink.  

Flowers are produced alongside the tops of upright stalks, the heights various with cultivar (cultivated selection).  Whereas the dwarf picks are good in pots or massed, the bigger ones are good in backs of beds and borders, or used as reduce flowers. The dwarf ones are the sort often present in backyard shops, whereas the taller ones you could want to begin your self from seeds (indoors, 6 to 10 weeks previous to planting outdoors).  

Most snapdragons have a pleasing perfume, seen particularly on calm days, alongside walks, and after they’re planted in a mass.  They appeal to pollinators that may deal with the comparatively (for them) giant flowers, together with hummingbirds, bumble bees, and different giant bees.  But they have an inclination to not appeal to rabbits and deer.  They’re on edible flower lists as they are often eaten by people, however are extra ornamental than tasty (being bland to bitter, relying on choice). 

When planting, house crops 6 to eight inches aside.  In case you’d like extra bushy crops, particularly of taller picks, you’ll be able to pinch tops off crops after they’re 4 to six inches tall. You’ll get extra, however delayed, blooms this fashion.  These could be spaced 8 to 12 inches aside.  Put together soil, and fertilize, as you’d for different annual flowers.  

When watering, water deeply so the fibrous roots will go deeper within the soil.  This can assist stop them from toppling.  The taller picks, nevertheless, nonetheless may have staking or help (as with netting or strings between posts).  Retaining spent flowers eliminated (“deadheading”) after bloom will assist preserve them reblooming and, if the season is moist, will assist stop grey mildew or botrytis illness forming on previous flowers.  

Trailing snapdragons embrace the Sweet Showers sequence and Cascadia combine (a mixture of colours).  As an alternative of rising upright, these are low and trailing, which makes them nice for raised beds, planters, and hanging baskets.  

Dwarf sequence (quite a lot of colours) develop 8- to 12-inches tall, and embrace Floral Showers (usually contains bicolors), Twinny combine (double flowers) or single colours, Frosted Flames combine 
(inexperienced leaves with variegated cream edges), and Palette combine (an improved Royal Carpet with earlier and longer bloom interval).  

Medium sequence develop 12- to 24-inches tall, and embrace the distinctive Tutti Frutti (stable coloration flowers speckled with contrasting colours), Cinderella combine (a number of facet shoots after the primary bloom produce subsequent blooms), Liberty combine, Sonnet Crimson (darkish pink), Evening and Day (darkish pink and white, a descendant of Black Prince), and Fortunate Lips (white with purple-red).

Tall sequence develop 24- to 36-inches tall, and embrace the white Royal Bride, Madame Butterfly combine (ruffled, azalea-type double flowers in varied colours) or single colours, Costa combine (a reduce flower kind that flowers early), Supreme combine, and Chantilly combine (open “butterfly” kind flowers) or single colours.  Chantilly flowers are in designer colours—extra subdued than common snapdragons—and last more than many, in each the backyard and reduce in vases.  They make good reduce flowers in the course of the cooler early or late seasons.  

Potomac combine, or single colours, are higher tailored than most to excessive mild and heat summer time temperatures, and are primarily grown for reduce flowers.   One other good tall snapdragon for summer time is the Rocket combine (brilliant colours with a cinnamon perfume).

If rising taller snapdragons for reduce flowers, the very best time to chop them is within the morning, placing the flower stalks straight right into a container of water.  Flower stems final longest (7 to 10 days) in the event that they’re reduce when solely the underside 3 to five flowers are open.  Be certain that to maintain them upright, in any other case horizontal stems (even for an hour or two) will start to curve upright (“geotropism”— a response to gravity). 

Dr. Leonard Perry, Horticulture Professor Emeritus
College of Vermont

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