Shrubs and the Three Bears

Bushes develop large roots that unfold huge and deep. Shrubs—no shock—have smaller root techniques, however they differ in different methods as properly.

Proper underneath the leaf litter is the place a lot of the roots on a freely rising shrub are discovered. In that soil zone shrubs discover reasonably moist soil.

Typical root system of a tree: even when younger, massive roots are current

Typical root system of a shrub: high quality, with few massive roots

Shrubs could have large roots, however as soon as reduce and put in a bonsai pot, they hardly ever develop large roots once more. The maple will proceed to develop large roots even after being put in a pot. You way more typically attain for the ball cutter on timber than on shrubs to nibble at massive roots, as soon as established as bonsai.

What does this imply for bonsai? A shrub’s high quality roots, oddly sufficient, choose deeper pots. The everyday Satsuki azalea pot is an efficient shrub template: a deep pot, extra of a pine pot, actually.

A shrub, like an azalea or a quince, has extra hassle with the quick and extreme cycle in shallow pots of too moist adopted by too dry. Advantageous shrub roots don’t reply properly to that. And root rot, particularly on holly or azalea, is the frequent outcome.

The objective for choosing the proper pot, in tough form at any fee, enhances what the shrub needs, evenly moist soil for its high quality roots. You discover that in a deep pot—the big selection within the center that isn’t the dry prime and never the moist backside.

Not too moist and never too dry—kind of just like the three bears. The shrub is bear quantity three.

Word: these are basic feedback, assuming you’re rising one thing bonsai-normal like a boxwood, winter hazel or quince, not creosote bush which has roots that run ceaselessly within the dry soil. 

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