Rising Fortunate Bamboo for Newcomers

Growing Lucky Bamboo for Beginners

Bamboo is a extensively versatile plant that may be discovered all around the world. From being 99% of the Big Panda’s eating regimen, used to make baseball bats, used as a building materials and extra, bamboo is a sturdy plant so as to add to your assortment. Bamboo is a bunch of evergreen perennial flowering crops and might be present in heat or moist tropical climates, in addition to heat temperate climates. Nevertheless, bamboo is usually present in outside gardens as they will develop between 1-4 inches per day through the rising season.

Fortunate Bamboo vs Big Bamboo

If you need bamboo in your indoor backyard, you’ll greater than possible come throughout the plant generally known as “Fortunate bamboo”. Fortunate bamboo is technically not the identical species because the Big bamboo, but it surely falls beneath the identical clade. A clade is a piece of categorization wherein species share an evolutionary path. The species identify for Fortunate bamboo, Dracaena sanderiana, offers trace to its origins with it being part of the Dracaena genus.

Fortunate bamboo, a logo of prosperity, resilience, and success, has develop into a well-liked alternative for indoor plant fans worldwide. This plant is straightforward to look after, making it a wonderful alternative for newcomers and skilled gardeners alike. On this complete information, we’ll discover the fascinating world of Fortunate bamboo, from its origins and symbolism to detailed care directions that may guarantee your plant thrives and brings luck into your life.

The Origins and Symbolism of Fortunate Bamboo

Fortunate Bamboo’s Origins:

Fortunate bamboo is native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa, the place it grows as an understory plant, which means it thrives within the shade of bigger bushes. Its scientific identify, Dracaena sanderiana, pays homage to the German plant collector Henry Frederick Conrad Sander, who launched the plant to the Western world within the late nineteenth century.


The recognition of Fortunate bamboo isn’t just on account of its aesthetic enchantment but in addition its symbolism. In varied Asian cultures, the variety of stalks and association of the plant carry vital meanings:

How Do I Care For A Bamboo Plant?


Fortunate bamboo prefers average to oblique daylight. Placing your plant about 1 or 2 meters away from a north going through window will get you the oblique daylight you’re on the lookout for. You can too add a sheer curtain or a supply of shade outdoors the house (a tree for instance) to provide your plant simply the correct quantity of sunshine in a day. Don’t depart your Fortunate bamboo in direct daylight as it’ll scorch the leaves. For those who wrestle to discover a correct spot in your home to seek out appropriate mild, think about buying a develop mild. We advocate the Vita™ Develop Bulb, probably the most versatile fixture in our catalog and excellent for smaller areas equivalent to desktops and windowsills, locations the place you could place an ornamental ingredient equivalent to a fortunate bamboo plant.


Your watering cycle goes to rely upon what you retain your Fortunate bamboo in. For those who hold it in soil, you’ll want to be sure that the soil stays damp. For those who let the soil dry out the leaves will yellow and if you happen to over water the soil you’ll trigger root rot. For those who select to maintain your bamboo in a hydroponic system with gravel pebbles or different substrates, you simply have to make sure that the roots are continuously coated in water. Guarantee that the water doesn’t lay stagnant for too lengthy, change it about each 10 days to maintain it contemporary on your Fortunate bamboo.


As beforehand talked about, Fortunate bamboo might be grown in soil or hydroponically. Hydroponic crops are forms of crops that may survive and develop with out the necessity for soil. That is attainable by using mineral nutrient water options. Normally, the plant and its roots are supported in some capability by pebbles, gravel or different comparable substrates. That is an advantageous rising type as you don’t have to make use of as a lot water, in addition to not needing to purchase or change your soil.

If you wish to develop your plant in soil, ensure you purchase well-draining, wealthy potting soil.


Being from moist tropical and hotter climates, it comes as no shock that the Fortunate bamboo prefers temperatures between 70-90 levels Fahrenheit. In contrast to some tropical crops, Fortunate bamboo doesn’t must be in extremely humid rooms, a mean humidity present in on a regular basis houses will suffice. Be cautious about leaving it close to window or door drafts through the colder months. This may forestall the plant from thriving to its fullest extent.

You may in fact spend money on a humidifier to regulate your inside to swimsuit the wants of your bamboo plant. We advocate the raydrop® Cool Mist Humidifier. The compact dimension, coupled with its extremely quiet expertise, make it the proper possibility for each room in your house.  

Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?

yellow bamboo

Yellowing of a Fortunate bamboo can imply your plant is unhealthy and you will need to study why sooner moderately than later. Supply

Fortunate bamboo crops can flip yellow on account of a number of causes. The most typical trigger is overwatering, resulting in root rot, which reduces the plant’s potential to soak up vitamins and causes yellowing. Insufficient mild, equivalent to inadequate oblique daylight, also can result in yellow leaves. On high of this, leaving your plant in direct daylight for too lengthy will lead to some leaf burn. Burnt leaves will must be trimmed or pruned, to keep away from damaging the plant additional. Bamboo doesn’t combine properly with the chemical substances in faucet water. For those who mist your bamboo plant with faucet water or fill its pot with it, the leaves will very possible flip yellow. Use distilled water or rain water to provide your plant the highest quality of water. Moreover, nutrient deficiencies or poor-quality soil can impression the plant’s well being, inflicting yellowing of leaves.

To stop yellowing, preserve correct watering, present enough mild, use filtered water, and sometimes fertilize your fortunate bamboo to make sure its well-being.

Do I Want To Prune My Fortunate Bamboo?

As might be the case with many crops, they may finally must be pruned or trimmed to keep up good total well being and form. The identical is true for the Fortunate bamboo. This species tends to develop quick, so it may well get a bit heavy and busy up high in the direction of the leaves. Too many leaves could make the plant appear unruly, untidy and may result in pointless stress being utilized to the stem and roots.

You may prune your Fortunate bamboo everytime you really feel prefer it, however very similar to a haircut, you’ll be able to at all times minimize extra off, you’ll be able to by no means put any again on. Be cautious along with your pruning instruments to not minimize off greater than you need. We propose slicing off any growths which might be very skinny, lengthy or wryly. You may then trim growths with leaves hooked up to round 1-2 inches from the stem. There are various alternative ways to go about pruning Fortunate bamboo, relying in your desired end result.

Styling Bamboo

s curve bamboo


The recognition of Fortunate bamboo isn’t just on account of its aesthetic enchantment but in addition its symbolism. In varied Asian cultures, the variety of stalks and association of the plant carry vital meanings:

Single stalk:

Symbolizes simplicity and a powerful, centered life.

Two stalks:

Represents love and a harmonious relationship. It is usually given as a marriage or anniversary present.

Three stalks:

Symbolize happiness, wealth, and longevity.

4 stalks:

Although unusual because of the superstition across the quantity 4 in some Asian cultures, it may well signify stability and stability.

5 stalks:

Signify the 5 parts of Chinese language philosophy – earth, water, hearth, wooden, and steel. It’s thought to convey stability and concord.

Six stalks:

Carry good luck and prosperity.

Seven stalks:

Related to good well being and wealth.

Eight stalks:

The quantity eight is taken into account extraordinarily fortunate in Chinese language tradition. It symbolizes wealth and abundance.

9 stalks:

Signify success and nice luck.

Ten or extra stalks:

Signify perfection and completeness.


Fortunate bamboo is usually organized in varied types, with every type representing totally different elements of life. The most typical preparations embrace the “S” form, the “spiral,” and the “tower.”


braided bamboo

One of many particular issues in regards to the Fortunate bamboo plant is that you’ll be able to braid and twist it. Very like the Cash Tree, the quantity and magnificence of braids the plant has signifies a degree of luck, success, gratitude and extra. As a way to braid your Fortunate bamboo, you’ll want to begin with thinner stalked crops to make sure they’re malleable.

As soon as they’re pruned and planted in a triangular form, take the left stalk and cross it over the center one. Carry the center stalk to the left after which convey the correct stalk over the brand new center. Repeat this crossing sample till you run out of crops to braid. Tie the tops along with a rubber band to make sure they keep braided and await them to develop. As soon as they develop absolutely, the stalks will strengthen and harden permitting you to take away the ties and let your Fortunate bamboo showcase its braids. You’ll be capable to buy Fortunate bamboo in native plant shops or on-line at locations like Amazon.

Getting Began with Fortunate Bamboo

Selecting the Proper Container:

bowl bamboo

When beginning with Fortunate bamboo, you will want to pick out an applicable container. Clear glass vases are standard selections as they help you see the roots and create a sublime look. Make sure that the container is clear and free from any residue.

Planting Your Fortunate Bamboo:

Positioning the Stalks:

Gently take away the plant from its unique container and look at the stalks. Place them as desired, retaining in thoughts the symbolism talked about earlier.

Including Water:

Fill the chosen container with sufficient water to submerge the roots, however depart a small portion of the stalks uncovered above the waterline.


Use ornamental stones, glass marbles, or small pebbles to assist the plant and maintain it in place. These additionally add aesthetic enchantment to your association.


Since Fortunate bamboo prefers oblique daylight, it’s best observe to put your container in a location with vibrant, filtered mild. Keep away from direct daylight, as it may well scorch the leaves.


sprouting bamboo

Fortunate bamboo just isn’t solely a simple to look after houseplant which can add magnificence and life to your private home, however it’s a plant which can help you get artistic with new methods together with braiding and pruning. Introduce this stunning image of excellent fortune into your life and watch because it provides to your day after day expertise in a large number of how!

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