Pomegranate Flowering Bonsai Timber For Sale

Vibrant crimson flowers, small leaves, and tight progress make Pomegranates an incredible selection for bonsai. Here’s a peek on the pomegranate flowering bonsai timber on the market right here at All Issues Bonsai with free UK supply.

The right way to develop pomegranate bonsai timber

The Pomegranate flowering bonsai timber on the market develop finest outside. They profit from safety in winter, as they don’t like our moist British winters. A chilly greenhouse or conservatory is ideal for this. Though they’re sun-loving timber, a little bit shade in summer season is really helpful for smaller bonsai.


Web site outside in full solar.  Maybe partial shade in summer season. The roots of Pomegranates can endure in our moist winters, so safety from rain helps preserve the tree wholesome right now of yr.

Will also be saved indoors, in a vivid sunny location away from sources of warmth equivalent to radiators. That is not so good as preserving it outside. The tree is deciduous. Preserving it indoors impacts its pure cycle. It does nevertheless develop additionally develop in heat climates, the place is stays evergreen.

We suggest: Preserving the tree outside throughout hotter climate and transferring it indoors in autumn. Conservatories, effectively lit porches and greenhouses are glorious for winter. The Pomegranate is a solar loving plant, so do give them loads of direct pure mild.


Goal to maintain the soil evenly moist, like a moist fabric feels throughout winter. Water day by day throughout rising season in sizzling climate. The tree doesn’t wish to be continually soaking moist in winter which might be difficult within the UK.


Trim new shoots again to 2 units of leaves throughout rising season.  Flowers develop on the finish of the shoots, so you’re going to get extra flowers in case you go away among the much less vigorous shoots to develop throughout summer season.

Flowers swell to change into fruit over the course of the summer season. It’s a good suggestion to skinny out the fruit over the yr, because the tree will spend vitality rising them. Go away a pair on if you want for impact, then trim off the remaining Pomegranates within the autumn.


Be careful for greenfly, whitefly & blackfly. Aphids of assorted varieties love feasting on the brand new shoots. Hold a watch out for them and spray with an insecticide equivalent to Provardo or use pure remedies aimed to combating sap sucking bugs.

Pomegranates are vigorous timber and might be maintained just by pruning. They can be wired in case you select to.


Repot each couple of years.

Additional Data

For additional bonsai info, take a look on the bonsai tree care pages of our web site. We additionally working to supply different bonsai tree species guides right here.

Please additionally take a look at our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/AllThingsBonsaiSheffield

Additional info on rising Pomegranates within the UK might be discovered at Gardeners World: https://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/grow-plants/how-to-grow-pomegranate-tree/

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