Planting a Develop Bag Texas Mountain Laurel





MEASURE from the underside of the bag to the highest of the soil. (NOT to the highest of the bag)








DIG a gap that’s about two inches shallower than the measurement of the soil depth.







TURN the bag on its aspect and lower the underside off the bag with a pointy knife.









PLACE the develop bag within the ready gap. The highest of the soil within the bag needs to be about two inches above the soil line.





ROTATE the plant to the specified orientation whereas the develop bag continues to be on the basis ball.




CUT the aspect of the develop bag and take away it gently from the basis ball.







FILL in across the root ball with a combination of native soil combined with a small quantity of compost.








BUILD  a berm across the exterior of the planting gap with the leftover soil.








MULCH the berm and the highest of the basis ball. Don’t enable the mulch to the touch the trunks of the tree.

WATER the tree in.

Good Job! You might be finished!

Thanks, Rick Halsell for exhibiting us the correct planting technique!