Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy: The Final Information

Welcome to my Philodendron Burle Marx care information! If you happen to’re a fan of tropical vegetation and indoor greenery, you’re in for a deal with. Philodendron Burle Marx, also called Philodendron imbe ‘Burle Marx’ or Philodendron burle-marxii G.M.Barroso. And after this text – take a look at the 76 Sorts of Philodendron (with images).

Key Takeaways:

  • Philodendron Burle Marx is a gorgeous tropical houseplant that requires correct care to thrive.
  • Examine the soil moisture usually and water the plant when the highest few inches of soil are dry.
  • Place the plant in a well-lit space with brilliant, oblique daylight.

Philodendron Burle Marx Plant Care

In relation to caring on your Philodendron Burle Marx, there are a number of key issues to bear in mind. By following these care ideas, you’ll be sure that your indoor plant thrives and stays wholesome.


Correct watering is essential for the well-being of your Philodendron Burle Marx. It’s necessary to verify the soil moisture usually and water the plant when the soil is dry about two inches deep. Throughout the fall and winter months, water your plant a couple of times per thirty days, whereas within the hotter months of fast progress, enhance watering to 3-4 instances month-to-month. Keep away from over-watering to stop root rot, and make sure the soil has correct drainage.

Gentle Necessities

Your Philodendron Burle Marx thrives in well-lit areas with brilliant oblique daylight. Positioning the plant close to a north-facing window with filtered gentle is good. Whereas it may possibly adapt to medium to low gentle situations, keep away from putting it in areas with out pure daylight. Sheer curtains may help filter the daylight and shield the leaves from scorching. For extra data on indoor plant lighting, confer with our complete lighting information.


Common pruning is a vital a part of Philodendron Burle Marx care. By pruning the plant periodically, you possibly can keep its form and top. Moreover, dusting the leaves usually and rotating the pot by 1 / 4 flip every month promotes even progress. Think about using totems or moss poles to help the plant’s progress and create a sexy show.

Side of Care Ideas
Watering Examine soil moisture usually; water when the soil is dry about two inches deep
Gentle Necessities Shiny oblique daylight; place close to a north-facing window; use sheer curtains to filter daylight
Pruning Preserve form and top by common pruning; mud leaves and rotate pot for even progress

Watering Philodendron Burle Marx

Over-watering can result in root rot, whereas under-watering could cause the plant to change into dehydrated. Observe these watering pointers to maintain your Philodendron thriving.

Watering Schedule

To find out when to water your Philodendron Burle Marx, verify the moisture stage of the soil usually. Stick your finger about two inches deep into the soil, and if it feels dry, it’s time to water. Throughout the fall and winter months, when the plant goes right into a dormant section, water it a couple of times a month. Within the hotter months of energetic progress, enhance the watering frequency to 3-4 instances per thirty days.

Correct Drainage

Correct drainage is crucial to stop waterlogged soil and root rot. Be sure that your plant’s pot has drainage holes on the backside to permit extra water to flee. You too can add a layer of pebbles or small rocks on the backside of the pot to additional improve drainage. If you happen to discover any standing water within the pot’s saucer, take away it to stop the roots from sitting in moisture.

Indicators of Over-Watering

Over-watering could be detrimental to the well being of your Philodendron Burle Marx. Indicators of over-watering embrace yellowing or wilting leaves, mushy or blackened roots, and a foul odor emanating from the soil. If you happen to suspect over-watering, enable the soil to dry out fully earlier than watering once more and modify your watering schedule accordingly.

Watering Ideas Frequency
Examine soil moisture usually When soil is dry about two inches deep
Water a couple of times per thirty days throughout fall and winter Throughout dormant section
Water 3-4 instances per thirty days throughout energetic progress Hotter months
Guarantee correct drainage to stop root rot Use a pot with drainage holes
Take away extra water from the saucer Keep away from waterlogged soil

Gentle Necessities for Philodendron Burle Marx

Correct lighting is essential for the well being and progress of your Philodendron Burle Marx. This tropical plant thrives in well-lit areas with brilliant direct or oblique daylight. Whereas it may possibly adapt to medium to low gentle situations, it shouldn’t be positioned in areas with out pure daylight. To offer the perfect lighting situations on your Philodendron Burle Marx, place it close to a north-facing window with brilliant, oblique gentle. This may enable the plant to obtain the optimum quantity of daylight with out the chance of direct publicity, which might trigger leaf scorching and discoloration. If needed, you should utilize sheer curtains to filter the daylight and create a extra favorable surroundings on your plant.

If you happen to’re not sure in regards to the lighting situations in your area, think about using a lightweight meter to measure the depth of sunshine. A studying of 1000-2000 foot-candles is advisable for Philodendron Burle Marx. Moreover, understand that lighting necessities could differ relying on the season and the particular wants of your plant.

Gentle Degree Description
Excessive Gentle Direct daylight or brilliant, oblique gentle for 4-6 hours per day.
Medium Gentle Shiny, oblique gentle for 2-4 hours per day.
Low Gentle Oblique gentle or filtered gentle for lower than 2 hours per day.

Development and Dimension of Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx is a reasonably fast-growing plant, including roughly 2 to 4 inches in top per week throughout its energetic season in spring and summer season.

When cultivated indoors, it may possibly attain a top of about two toes and unfold as much as 4 toes huge. Because the plant matures, it constantly produces new leaves to exchange older ones. It’s regular for a number of decrease leaves to shed whereas new progress seems on the prime. If you happen to discover sluggish progress or a lack of vibrancy, it might point out over-watering, extreme daylight, or the necessity for repotting into a bigger container.

For example the expansion charge of Philodendron Burle Marx in comparison with different standard indoor vegetation, confer with the desk beneath.

Plant Development Charge (inches per week)
Philodendron Burle Marx 2-4
Monstera Deliciosa 3-5
Pothos 1-2
Fiddle Leaf Fig 2-3

As proven within the desk, Philodendron Burle Marx has an analogous progress charge to different standard indoor vegetation like Monstera Deliciosa and Fiddle Leaf Fig. Nevertheless, it is very important be aware that progress charges could differ relying on varied elements resembling gentle depth, temperature, humidity, and general plant care.

Temperature and Humidity for Philodendron Burle Marx

In relation to offering the perfect surroundings on your Philodendron Burle Marx, temperature and humidity play essential roles. Sustaining the fitting situations will make sure the plant’s well being and vitality. Let’s discover the advisable temperature vary and humidity ranges for this gorgeous tropical plant.


Philodendron Burle Marx thrives in temperatures between 60-75°F (15-24°C). It’s important to keep away from exposing the plant to excessive chilly, resembling close to drafty home windows or out of doors frost, as it might trigger misery and hinder progress. Maintaining indoor temperatures above 55°F (12°C) for extended durations is critical to stop leaf drop and different issues.


Excessive humidity ranges of round 80% are optimum for Philodendron Burle Marx. This tropical plant originates from areas with humid climates, and offering ample moisture within the air will promote wholesome progress. Nevertheless, it may possibly tolerate humidity ranges of 30-50%, making it a flexible houseplant. Throughout drier seasons or durations of low humidity, think about using a humidifier or putting a pebble tray crammed with water close to the plant to extend moisture within the air.

Temperature Humidity
60-75°F (15-24°C) 80% (most popular), 30-50% (tolerated)

Toxicity and Widespread Issues of Philodendron Burle Marx

In relation to Philodendron Burle Marx, it’s necessary to concentrate on its potential toxicity. The plant accommodates calcium oxalate crystals, which might trigger pores and skin irritation, a burning sensation within the throat, vomiting, and problem swallowing if ingested by people or pets. To maintain everybody protected, it’s essential to maintain this beautiful houseplant out of attain of youngsters and pets.

Along with its toxicity, Philodendron Burle Marx can encounter some widespread issues. Extreme daylight can result in scorched or brown leaves, whereas over-watering could cause wilting or drooping and doubtlessly end in root rot. Commonly examine your plant for indicators of pests resembling thrips and mealybugs, as they will infest your Philodendron Burle Marx. If you happen to spot any pests, it’s necessary to take motion promptly and deal with them with acceptable measures, resembling utilizing neem oil or insecticidal cleaning soap.

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