Philodendron Birkin Care & Rising Information: A Putting Houseplant

Close-up photo of the variegated leaves on a philodendron Birkin house plant.

Would you like a beautiful but low-maintenance addition to your houseplant assortment? You’ve discovered it. This plant has shortly turn out to be a favourite amongst indoor gardeners with its gorgeous, distinctive variegated leaves and easy-care nature. This particulars Philodendron Birkin care and what it is advisable to know to maintain it thriving.

I’ve learn that it’s a hybrid, a cultivar, and a mutation. Who is aware of, however this one didn’t originate within the wild. The historical past of this lovely houseplant has a couple of theories, nevertheless it’s clearly named after Jane Birkin and the Birkin purse. Anyway, it’s a heck of loads cheaper than the Hermes bag!

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Philodendron Birkin Plant Traits

Nell foster stands outside holding a philodendron Birkin with lovely variegated leaves on this indoor plant.
My Philodendron Birkin. I dwell within the Arizona desert & have been rising this plant for nearly 2 years. It’s trying good!


This isn’t a climbing philodendron, it’s self supporting and gained’t want a moss pole or trellis. Mine grows in a 6″ pot and is 20″ tall by 22″ vast. They in the end attain 3′.

Makes use of

Proper now, mine is a tabletop plant. It’ll ultimately turn out to be a low, vast ground plant because it grows. Mature crops would look pretty in a plant stand. I’ve a Philodendron Congo in that plant stand, and it seems to be nice!

Philodendron Birkine Progress Price

Sluggish to average. Mine places out quite a lot of new leaves, nevertheless it has a dense development behavior. It doesn’t develop quickly like many philodendrons.

What Makes This Plant Distinctive

It’s apparent – the spectacular foliage! Every heart-shaped leaf is exclusive. Some are lovely white variegated leaves, some are darkish inexperienced leaves, and the remainder run the gamut in between.

It grows in a contained method, holding its form superbly. 

Philodendron Birkin Care and Rising Suggestions

Philodendron Birkin Mild Necessities

It wants a medium to excessive gentle spot to maintain the foliage vibrant. The best situation is average gentle or shiny oblique daylight. Mine sits on a espresso desk 6′ away from a north-facing image window and 17′ away from a trio of south-facing home windows on the opposite facet. I dwell in Arizona, and the solar shines loads right here!

Excessive gentle is suitable for a Birkin plant. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep up a distance of no less than 6-10′ from a west or south-facing window to stop potential burning in direct, intense daylight.

These crops develop even slower in low-light settings, resulting in a leggy, sparse look and smaller leaves. You might even must stake it. Like different crops, they’ll lose variegation in such circumstances.

To make sure even publicity to gentle, it’s a good suggestion to rotate the plant sometimes in the event you observe the leaves leaning towards the sunshine supply. If the sunshine diminishes considerably through the winter months, contemplate relocating the plant to a spot with extra gentle. Extra on winter houseplant care right here.

Philodendron Birkin Watering

I completely water my Birkin when the soil virtually dries (1/2 – 3/4 of the way in which).

Right here in heat, sunny Tucson, AZ, I water mine each 6-7 days within the hotter months. It’s much less usually within the winter, possibly each 10-14 days. 

Offering an actual watering schedule is difficult because the watering wants of Birkins depend upon components like the placement it’s rising in, your private home’s setting, the soil combine used, and the scale of the pot.

Faucet water will be damaging to houseplants over time. The injury begins as brown leaf ideas and will get worse. Think about using distilled water in case your faucet water is excessive in salts or different minerals. I’ve this tankless r/o water filtration system within the kitchen with a cartridge that places the nice minerals again in.

Maintaining the soil considerably dry slightly than persistently moist is finest to stop root rot. Be sure that the pot has no less than one drainage gap on the backside, permitting extra water to empty freely.

Care must be taken to stop an excessive amount of water from increase within the saucer if one is positioned beneath the pot. Right here’s extra information on watering indoor crops for you.

Philodendron Birkin in a mango wood pot sits atop a kitchen counter in a room with alot of natual light that supports the healthy growth of philodendron birkin care.
I advised you … take a look at this beautiful foliage!


Sustaining the best temperature for Philodendron Birkin care isn’t difficult. It prefers heat temperatures, but when your private home is snug for you, it’ll be snug in your Birkin and different houseplants.

You should definitely hold yours away from drafty home windows and doorways, in addition to air-con and heating vents.


Like different tropical crops, this one prefers excessive humidity. That being mentioned, I dwell within the desert, the place the humidity ranges are low, and mine is doing nice. Small brown leaf ideas will seem if there’s a scarcity of humidity. Mine has a couple of, however you need to get near see them.

I’ve this humidity meter in my eating room. It’s cheap however will get the job carried out and nonetheless works wonderful after a couple of years. I run my Cover humidifiers at night time when the humidity reads low, usually right here in Arizona! Any small humidifier positioned close by ought to assist.

Your Birkin Philodendron will respect a misting two or 3 times every week. That is the mister I’ve used for 5 years, and it’s nonetheless going robust.


The optimum time for fertilizing your crops is throughout spring and summer season. You’ll be able to lengthen fertilization into early fall in the event you dwell in a temperate local weather like me.

We’ve got an extended rising season right here in Tucson from mid-February by way of October. I fertilize with Maxsea or Sea DevelopDevelop Large, and Liquid Kelp seven or eight instances (as soon as monthly) through the rising season. It’s how I feed all my tropical crops. I select two to make use of every season. I alternate utilizing these granular and liquid fertilizers individually and don’t combine them.

Relying in your local weather and rising zone, fertilizing two or 3 times a yr may suffice in your indoor crops.

This plant appreciates the vitamins, however It’s essential to keep away from over-fertilizing, as an excessive amount of fertilizer too usually is extra detrimental than useful. 

Philodendron Birkin Soil

For all of my philodendron crops, I at all times use a great high quality potting combine formulated for houseplants: peat-based, well-nourished, aerated, and good drainage.

Right here’s the mix: 1/2 potting soil and 1/2 coco coir (an environmentally pleasant various to peat moss).  I additionally throw in a couple of handfuls of coco chips, with compost and worm compost, so as to add vitamins. 

These are the potting soils I alternate between utilizing: Ocean Forest and Completely satisfied Frog. Each are top quality, formulated for houseplants, and have good things added in.

Four photo collage of the variagated leaves on a philodendron Birkin.
These are 4 leaves on my Philodendron Birkin. You’ll be able to see how every differs in colour & variegation.


That is additionally finest carried out in spring, summer season, and early fall. If it is advisable to repot in winter, no worries. Simply know that it’s not the optimum time.

Listed here are a couple of causes for repotting: the roots are popping out of the drain holes, or the plant is simply too tight in its pot and has issue taking over water and receiving sufficient oxygen to the roots. As well as, the soil can get outdated, lose nourishment, and wish a contemporary combine. Over time, the plant can develop out of proportion with the pot.

As for pot measurement, go up one. As an example, from a 6″ pot to an 8″ pot.  

Mine is in a 6″ develop pot with many drain holes on the underside; no roots are exhibiting. It’s trying good, so I gained’t repot it for no less than a yr.


This lovely plant is an efficient alternative in the event you’re not keen on pruning. Within the yr and a half I’ve had this plant, I haven’t needed to prune it even as soon as. I’ve seventy-plus houseplants, so I enormously respect this!

Propagating Philodendron Birkin

I’ve propagated a whole lot of crops, however by no means a Philodendron Birkin, so I’ve nothing to share on this topic.

I’ve heard they are often propagated by way of stem cuttings. I think about dividing this plant is likely to be tough as a result of it grows so densely.


Vegetation and pests go hand in hand, however a wholesome one is much less inclined, so it’s finest to maintain yours robust.

I’ve seven philodendrons, and solely certainly one of them (my Prince Of Orange) has gotten mealybugs. Hold your eyes out for spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids and scale.

Neem oil or insecticidal cleaning soap is efficient for managing most pest infestations. I’ve been utilizing this insecticidal cleaning soap for 2 years, and it’s confirmed to be fairly efficient.

Provided that pests usually journey from one houseplant to a different, taking swift motion and treating upon detecting plant pests is essential.

Poisonous For Pets

Philodendron crops are thought-about to be poisonous to pets. I seek the advice of the ASPCA web site for my information on this topic and see in what approach the plant is poisonous.

80% of the crops in my home are thought-about to be poisonous. I’ve two kitties; one sometimes chomps on a Spider Plant (it’s non-toxic). The opposite one might care much less about crops.

your pets. In the event that they’re vulnerable to chewing on crops, I like to recommend inserting your philodendron up excessive, making it troublesome for them to succeed in. 

Most houseplants are poisonous to pets someway, and I wish to share my ideas relating to this matter. Right here’s an inventory of 11 pet-friendly houseplants in your reference.

Frequent Points

One of many frequent issues with a Birkin Philodendron is yellow leaves. That is generally brought on by watering too usually. If the stems are mushy, that’s on account of moist soil.

One or two at times is okay; it’s a part of the expansion course of. Different causes of yellow leaves embody an excessive amount of fertilizer, low humidity ranges, too little water, an excessive amount of solar, and never sufficient gentle.

In case your plant has quite a lot of deep inexperienced leaves, it’s not getting sufficient gentle. It wants shiny gentle to deliver out that pleasant variegation. 

Philodendron Birkin Care Video Information

In conclusion, Keep in mind to maintain it in shiny, oblique gentle, present constant watering with out overdoing it, and sometimes mist its leaves to keep up the specified humidity degree. With just a bit consideration and love, your Philodendron Birkin will reward you with lovely leaves.

Philodendron Birkin care doesn’t need to be an intimidating process. By following these easy tips and offering the best circumstances, you possibly can be sure that your plant thrives and brings a contact of tropical magnificence into your private home.

Completely satisfied Gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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