Outdated Research Suggests Plastic Wrap Closes Wounds

Passing on right here a examine of wound closure from the 1970’s by one of many nice arboriculturists, Alex Shigo. I want to thank native arborist Rick Until for bringing it to my consideration. 


Alex Shigo

Shigo utilized each clear and black plastic wraps—with no wraps because the management—round wounds. He concluded that black plastic wrap closed wounds quicker than clear wrap, though clear was more practical than leaving it unwrapped. Additionally of be aware, a lot much less decay was observed in wrapped wounds than unwrapped, and right here once more black plastic outperformed clear. The examine was finished with giant wounds.

We’ve got some intelligent liquid and putty wound sealants that seem to stimulate wound closure on onerous to shut crops, like shrubs. However this previous examine is value passing on, as an possibility. 

Wraps for wounds have been utilized in bonsai—I’ve used them myself—however it’s good to have supporting information. Up to now I’ve tried inexperienced plastic nursery tape and seen good closure.

Shigo’s full examine, co-authored by Walter Shortle: 

Impact of Plastic Wrap on Wound Closure, Shortle and Shigo 1978

For additional studying a few tree’s physiologic response to wounding, Rick recommends The CODIT Precept, by Dirk Dujesiefken and Walter Liese. 

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