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IT WAS ONE OF THOSE “dwell and be taught” moments, and I did, final 12 months: Onions, it seems, are straightforward to develop from seed. No extra $20-a-bunch natural mail-order seedlings (50ish younger crops) for me, when a packet of someplace from 300-500 natural onion seeds is perhaps $4.

Right here’s the factor: At that value distinction, even when you have barely reasonable success along with your seedlings, it’s to your benefit to attempt. What I discovered was that similar to in these bundles of seedlings by mail, a number of the transplants I grew myself have been puny; others, although, received chunky and robust-looking.

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At just a few {dollars} a packet, who cares in regards to the runts? Toss them, or separate them out and plant a bunch of them to make use of as scallion substitutes. In my first-year experiment, I wasn’t ruthless like that, as a result of I wished to see what occurred. The larger begins mainly had the most effective outcomes, so this time I’ll be brutal in culling earlier than transplanting.

I received my onion-growing lesson final winter from onion breeder and seed farmer Don Tipping of Siskiyou Seeds, whose knowledge included sowing thickly into open flats (no cellpacks). Right here’s his detailed course of.

With any onions that also had inexperienced necks, and wouldn’t treatment nicely or retailer very lengthy as harvest time: I used them up first, particularly in my favourite recipe for onion soup, which promptly went into the freezer.

Learn to make Paris-based David Lebovitz’s straightforward onion soup my approach (vegetarian-style).

david lebovitz onion soup

when to sow onions

NOTE: Onions (and their cousins like shallots and leeks) are one of many earliest issues to begin from seed indoors. I do mine in early-ish February. My Seed-Beginning Calculator can let you know when to sow what. And with onions: All the time begin with contemporary seed. Except saved beneath perfect circumstances, it doesn’t final nicely 12 months to 12 months.

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