Methods to Plant, Develop, and Take care of Statice

In the event you’re a fan of dried flowers, it’s possible that you simply’ve already heard about statice. In the event you haven’t, you’re in for an actual deal with! That is probably the most glorious flowers for drying and utilizing in preparations, and it’s really easy to develop!

Statice Overview

Clusters of yellow statice flowers and leaves illuminated by bright sunlight.
The statice is a perennial in zones 8-11 and an annual elsewhere.

Native Space

Mediterranean Area, Asia, Africa, Canary Islands, North America

Watering Necessities

Low to average

Pests and Ailments

Spider mites, slugs and snails, cucumber beetles, mealybugs, fungal ailments, viruses

Soil Kind

Fertile, sandy loam

What’s Statice?

Statice is a splendidly easy-to-grow flowering plant that’s good for the chopping backyard. Its lengthy, sturdy stems and brightly coloured clusters of papery blooms have an distinctive vase life. This are one of many only a few flowers to retain nearly all of its coloration whenever you dry it. 

Sometimes called eternal flowers, these crops go by many widespread names, together with sea lavender and sea pink. These sturdy, drought and deer-resistant crops make fantastic filler within the backyard and minimize preparations. Let’s check out this beautiful, nostalgic plant and the way simply you possibly can develop it in your individual flower backyard. 

Historical past

A close-up of purple and white statice flowers in full bloom, showcasing delicate petals and vibrant colors.
These might be included in preparations to have a good time achievements.

Statice has an extended historical past of symbolism as a minimize flower. Remembrance is the primary commonest symbolic software, as statice really does final a lifetime. Memorial wreaths and preparations usually include this flower.

They’ve widespread use as a logo of success, as effectively. They are often added to an association celebrating a brand new job or commencement. For essentially the most half, they’ve an extended historical past of representing good emotions and effectively needs. 

Native Space

A statice plant displaying white flowers at its apex, surrounded by additional plants in the background.
This plant thrives in high-salinity coastal gardens.

The Limonium genus is a big one. Comprising near 120 hundred species, they’re native to many areas of the world. The majority of species are native to a smaller space, together with the Mediterranean Basin, the Canary Islands, and components of Central Asia. 

They’re small, perennial shrubs which have woody stems and are well-adapted to areas of excessive salinity. Salt in your soil gained’t hassle these one bit, making them glorious for the coastal backyard. One can find this plant rising in alkaline, sandy soil.


A colorful bouquet featuring statice flowers in hues of purple, pink, white, and yellow.
The principle attraction is the colourful papery bracts.

Statice are semi-woody, perennial flowering crops. They develop between 4 inches and 7 ft tall, with lengthy, sturdy, winged stems. Most backyard varieties develop between one and three ft. There are only a few leaves on these stiff stems. The leaves that exist develop outward, coming to some extent on the finish, which faces upward. 

With so many alternative species and much more varieties, the flowers differ all through the genus. Essentially the most noteworthy trait is that they bloom inside papery, colourful bracts or calyxes. Inside the bracts, the flowers are small and white or yellow. The bracts might be purple, pink, apricot, grey, lavender, white, or yellow.

These crops are heat climate bloomers and are perennial in delicate local weather Zones 4-9. Many gardeners develop these crops as annuals. They’re quick rising and bloom of their first 12 months. Additionally they reseed themselves freely, so that you may see them popping up once more subsequent 12 months, even in cooler climates. 

Makes use of

 Bouquets of purple and lavender statice flowers wrapped elegantly in brown papers.
Statice is famend for its long-lasting retention of vibrant blue and purple colours.

Traditionally, this plant has many medicinal functions, however none are nonetheless in use modern-day. Within the backyard, statice is a decorative plant. Its long-lasting blooms add a lot of coloration to the flower mattress. This plant may be very versatile and tolerant, so it finds quite a lot of use in gardens with poor, rocky soil and excessive salinity. 

Statice is most well-known for its use as a minimize and a dried flower. It retains its coloration for a really very long time, together with the extreme blue and purple shades. The bracts fade little or no over time.

The place to Purchase

Young statice seedlings feature fuzzy green leaves growing under soft sunlight.
Its seeds are readily accessible from nurseries and on-line retailers.

From seed is the commonest option to domesticate statice. The seeds are broadly accessible at nurseries and thru on-line retailers


A brown butterfly perches gracefully on lavender statice flowers, showcasing delicate wings and intricate patterns.
Plant statice seeds in teams of three.

Begin statice indoors 8 to 10 weeks earlier than your final frost in peat pots that may be planted immediately within the backyard. This plant is delicate to root disturbance. In the event you’d prefer to sow them outdoor, wait till the soil is workable, and sow teams of three seeds two to 4 week after your final frost.

The seeds want gentle to germinate. Whether or not immediately sowing them or beginning them in cells, ensure that to press them frivolously into the soil, quite than masking them. 

Plant seeds in teams of three, 12 inches aside. When the seedlings are two inches tall, skinny them to at least one each 12 inches. It takes between one and two weeks for seeds to germinate. Hold them moist throughout germination and till they set up roots and harden off. 

Methods to Develop

These crops are hardy and straightforward to develop. They tolerate a variety of soil varieties, together with poor and sandy. They’re drought-tolerant as soon as established and require little or no care. Merely minimize the flowers and watch your crops develop extra. 


 Purple statice flowers bathed in gentle, ethereal light, casting a serene and soothing glow over their delicate petals.
Present six to eight hours of morning solar and partial afternoon shade.

Statice crops like quite a lot of daylight. They want gentle to germinate, they usually want loads of it to supply their colourful blooms. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of intense solar within the afternoon may cause the colours to lose a few of their vividness. 

The most effective situation for this plant is full solar. In the event you may give them six to eight hours of solar early within the day, that is greatest. Some shelter from the afternoon solar goes a good distance, particularly in hotter climates. 


A brown butterfly rests gracefully on a cluster of vibrant pink statice flowers in full bloom.
Younger seedlings want watering each two to 3 days.

As soon as established, these crops are drought tolerant and needs to be superb so long as they get about an inch of rain weekly. Seedlings are a unique story, although. Whereas your crops are younger, ensure that to water them each two to 3 days. As soon as they harden off and set up within the panorama, you possibly can taper off to once-weekly waterings. 


A close-up of thriving statice seedlings in rich, dark soil, showcasing green leaves and delicate stems.
These crops tolerate salt and alkaline soil effectively.

This isn’t a plant that likes to be root-bound. In a container or in any other case, statice crops prefer to stretch out their roots. Due to this, one of the best sort of soil for this plant is unfastened and aerated. Soil that compacts simply will crush the roots and hold your plant from reaching its full potential.

The perfect soil for this plant is fertile, sandy loam. In case you are beginning out with sandy soil, amend it with some compost or topsoil. Salinity just isn’t vital. These crops tolerate salt very effectively. The perfect pH for the soil is between 6.0-7.0, so barely acidic to impartial. Alkaline soil isn’t often a problem, although. 

Temperature and Humidity

Clusters of pink statice flowers bathed in radiant sunlight, creating a striking floral display.
Plant in a heat, dry space with good air circulation.

Statice prefers the nice and cozy temperatures of its native local weather. Its roots will face up to the winters of Zone 8, however the foliage will die again in a freeze. As a perennial, give your plant’s roots some safety in winter by laying down a layer of mulch. As an annual, this plant will die again in winter. 

Whereas it’s tolerant of some humidity, its native local weather is heat and dry. In areas with excessive humidity, ensure that to plant this one the place it is going to get loads of air circulation. Hold the inside of the plant thinned out. 


Hand holding clumped slow-release osmocote fertilizer granules against a blurred green backdrop.
They profit from month-to-month fertilizing with a excessive potassium and phosphorus system.

As an annual, you don’t need to fertilize. Nevertheless, if you would like additional flower energy, give your plant a dose of slow-release fertilizer about one month after planting. A balanced system is ok. Perennial crops will profit from as soon as month-to-month fertilizing with the identical sort of system. Cease fertilizing within the fall. 


 Green and peach statice flowers, illuminated by warm sunlight, create a vibrant display of contrasting colors.
Take away lifeless parts in spring for brand spanking new development.

It is a cut-and-come-again plant, which is what makes it so nice for the chopping backyard. The extra you chop the flowers, the higher the plant can give attention to producing new ones. All through the rising season, for those who select to not minimize the plant whereas in bloom, take away the spent blooms. This gives you the utmost blooming impression for the season. 

When coping with it as a perennial, comply with the identical pointers. Be happy to trim off any lifeless or broken stems and foliage. The plant will die again in winter, go away it intact till spring after which take away the lifeless parts for those who desire. It won’t intervene with new development. 

Rising in Containers

An orange cup holding a statice plant with feathery foliage, placed on a round table.
Use a well-draining potting medium for potted crops.

Statice grows effectively in containers, offered the container is giant sufficient and has correct drainage. Select a 9-12″ pot at minimal. Terracotta pots are nice for this plant as they wick water away from the roots. Use a potting medium that drains effectively, and ensure that your chosen container has drainage holes within the backside. Your potted plant would require extra frequent watering than these within the floor.


You possibly can propagate statice crops by seeds or cuttings. It’s commonest to develop these crops from seeds. However, for those who want to carry over your annual crops to the subsequent season, you possibly can take cuttings within the fall and propagate them indoors. 


Statice seedlings flourish in rich, dark soil; their green leaves and stems emerging from the earth.
Sow seeds outdoor after frost hazard or indoors as much as 12 weeks earlier.

To propagate from seeds, you’ll have to buy or harvest the seeds out of your plant. Buying seeds is straightforward; one can find them at most seed retailers. Harvesting them requires extra endurance, but it surely isn’t troublesome. Permit the seed heads to dry on the plant, or minimize them and grasp them to dry. Acquire the seeds and retailer them in a cool, dry location till you’re able to germinate them. 

You possibly can immediately sow the seeds after the specter of frost has handed or begin them indoors as much as 12 weeks forward of time. Begin your seeds in a unfastened, well-draining potting combine, urgent them frivolously into the floor. They require gentle for germination, so don’t cowl them, and set them in a sunny spot. Hold them moist. Germination can take as much as two weeks. Harden off your seedlings earlier than transplanting them. 


White statice flowers in full bloom contrast beautifully with a soft, blurred backdrop of lush green foliage.
Retailer cuttings in unfastened, moist potting combine and anticipate roots to develop.

To propagate from stem cuttings, select a powerful stem and minimize just under a node. Strip any leaves from the underside of the chopping and dip the tip in rooting hormone. Rooting hormone is non-compulsory, however it is going to pace up the method. Plant your cuttings in a unfastened potting combine and hold the soil moist. It will possibly take a while for this plant to root from cuttings, so be patient- it is going to occur!

Pink Poker

Long clusters of 'Pink Poker' statice flowers, vibrant and radiant, bask in the sunlight.
This plant options whimsical stems with pale pink spikes.

You’ll love the whimsical stems on this plant! Often known as Russian statice, this species has a unique look and is earlier to bloom than different varieties.

The lengthy, sleek stems sport tons of pale pink flowers and can produce two or three flushes over a season. They’ve solely basal leaves and only a few, so they’re fantastic for chopping, they usually dry fantastically. 

Seeker Blue

Purple and white Statice flowers growing lushly in the garden.
The ‘Seeker Blue’ cultivar is prized by florists for its lengthy, robust stems.

‘Seeker Blue’ is a florist staple. The lengthy, robust stems and fascinating branching behavior make these unbelievable for chopping and drying. Bluish-purple blooms are brilliant and crowd pleasing. These will retain their coloration when dried, and make beautiful additions to the dried floral association as effectively. 

Fortress Purple

A bouquet of deep purple 'Fortress Purple' statice flowers bathed in soft light.
These flowers are a rosier purple than ‘Seeker Blue’.

‘Fortress Purple’ is analogous in type to ‘Seeker Blue,’ however with a rosier purple hue. The lengthy, winged stems are engaging and department effectively towards the ends. A cluster of violet blooms sits atop every branched stem. They preserve their coloration effectively in drying and can final a very long time. 


A close-up of clustered blue 'Twilight' statice flowers, showcasing vibrant color.
This selection can final a number of weeks as minimize flowers.

‘Twilight’ is one of the best of each worlds. This selection blooms in a variety of shades of purple. Very similar to the sky at twilight, there are shades within the rose household and others with extra blue tones. As minimize flowers, they may final for a number of weeks to a month. They’ll final a lifetime dried with correct care. 

Frequent Issues

Statice crops are pretty carefree, as they’re immune to most pests and ailments. There are a number of environmental points which will crop up. Let’s cowl these in an effort to determine them in the event that they occur to your plant. 


A close-up of white mealybugs clustered on a green plant stem, affecting plant health.
Present pollen and nectar sources to draw helpful bugs.

Mealybugs and spider mites are the commonest pests to go after this plant. These can weaken the stems and go away you with floppy crops that aren’t superb for chopping and don’t look very good within the backyard. Thankfully, each of those pests have loads of pure predators. 

Ship them away with a powerful stream of water from a hose. Appeal to helpful bugs to the yard by offering sources of habitat with plantings. If this doesn’t work, an software of neem oil ought to do the trick. Apply it within the early morning in order that it dries in time for pollinators to go to. Nevertheless, pruning and cautious might rid your plant of pests with out the necessity for sprays.  


A statice plant features vivid purple flowers, standing against a leafy backdrop.
Guarantee wholesome plant development by planting in well-drained soil.

Many of the illness points that you simply’ll encounter with this plant are fungal in nature. Statice likes heat climate, but it surely’s not well-adjusted to humidity. An excessive amount of moisture as humidity or overwatering can result in fungal illness. 

Keep away from these points by planting in well-drained soil and solely watering when the soil is dry to keep away from root rot. Plant in an space with good air flow and air circulation to maintain away powdery mildew. 

Statice can also be topic to aster yellows and mosaic viruses. Each are lethal and extremely contagious. In the event you discover your crops rising deformed and barely reddened flowers and leaves, or for those who discover a mosaic of inexperienced and yellow on the leaves, take away the crops. Don’t compost them, and solely plant resistant crops in that space going ahead. Management bugs, that are vectors of those viruses to forestall them.

Solar Stress

A statice plant displaying clusters of purple and white flowers in full bloom atop slender stems.
Be certain your plant receives morning solar for optimum development and coloration.

An excessive amount of or not sufficient solar might be a problem for this plant. Too little solar will go away you with leggy development and pale or yellowing foliage. Plant your statice the place it is going to obtain six or extra hours of day by day solar.

Then again, an excessive amount of solar can bleach the flowers and foliage and trigger stress to the plant. Keep in mind that the morning solar is as efficient because the afternoon solar however a lot cooler. The extra solar you possibly can present within the morning, the higher. Some shade within the afternoon will assist protect the colour of your foliage and flowers. 

Often Requested Questions

No, this plant is protected for pets and folks. Don’t fear about curious animals or kids with this one, it gained’t trigger any hurt.

No, wild animals should not interested in the plant. It’s not unimaginable, however most unlikely that rabbits or deer will munch on this plant.

Statice can bloom practically year-round in delicate climates. As an annual, it is going to bloom from early summer time via the autumn. It is a lengthy bloomer.

Closing Ideas

For the minimize flower gardener, this warm-weather flowering plant is essential so as to add to the chopping backyard. In case you are searching for a plant to offer a lot of long-lasting coloration, this one will do the trick in your flower beds. It dries fantastically and can final for a few years in dried preparations. 

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