Marble Queen Pothos Care Information: A Vibrant Trailing Houseplant

A small Marble Queen Pothos growing in a plant nursery in a gold pot.

You’re most likely accustomed to the extensively identified pothos plant, however do you know there are lots of varieties? The Marble Pothos stands out with its white and cream variegated heart-shaped leaves, setting it other than the stable inexperienced Pothos or the highly regarded Golden Pothos. Whereas Marble Queen Pothos care is much like most different Pothos varieties, its publicity necessities differ; extra beneath.

Managing Pothos crops is mostly hassle-free. Over time, I’ve amassed a group, and so they’ve thrived in my varied properties throughout totally different local weather zones. These crops are undemanding and resilient, requiring minimal consideration, making them a wonderful selection for these venturing into indoor gardening.

Right here’s a fast information to Marble Queen Pothos plant care, overlaying gentle wants, watering, propagation methods, soil preferences, and extra. Let’s delve into the small print and discover how easy it’s to develop a Marble Pothos!

Botanic title: Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’ Frequent title: Marble Queen, Satan’s Ivy

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Marble Queen Pothos Plant Traits

Close up of the foliage on a marble queen Pothos text on the photo reads marble queen pothos plant care

Find out how to Use Marble Pothos

Marble Pothos are trailing crops and nice to make use of in a dangling container. This plant likes to have its trails dangling, so don’t be afraid to hold your Marble Pothos or place it on high of a bookshelf for those who’d prefer it to path down gracefully.

This hanging shelf, this hanging shelf, and this hanging basket are nice choices for displaying your Marble Pothos. I’ve all three of them!

I’ve seen Pothos educated to develop upwards, cascading over hoops, on tall items of wooden or bark, adorning trellises, wrapping round moss poles, clinging to partitions by way of clips, and enhancing dish gardens and dwelling partitions.


They’re usually bought in nurseries and massive field shops ranging in pot measurement from 4″ to 10″; the 6″ to 10″ pots typically have hooked up hangers, that are simply detachable if desired. 

When grown indoors, they usually attain 8′ to 10′ in size.

Progress Price

Nearly all of pothos varieties have a reasonable to quick progress charge, particularly in hotter temperatures. In winter, the expansion of many houseplants tends to decelerate, and it’s widespread to not get substantial progress throughout the cooler months.

Pothos in low-light circumstances can have a slower progress charge. You probably have the area to supply larger gentle, make the most of the chance to advertise quicker progress, elevated fullness, and enhanced variegation.

Pothos Varieties

Quite a few forms of Pothos varieties can be found, together with Golden Pothos, Pothos N Pleasure, Jade Pothos, Neon Pothos, Pothos Pearls and Jade, Glacier Pothos, Snow Queen Pothos, Jessenia Pothos, Blue Pothos, and Silver or Satin Pothos. It’s value noting that the Silver or Satin Pothos, though belonging to a unique genus, is usually grouped with the opposite pothos due to its widespread title.

These pothos crops are cultivated by growers throughout varied areas, primarily in Florida, California, Texas, and Hawaii.

Marble Queen Pothos Plant Care And Rising Information 

Marble Pothos Gentle Necessities

With their closely variegated leaves, Marble Queen Pothos crops require brighter gentle than stable inexperienced Pothos to keep up that variegation. Your Marble Pothos needs to be grown in medium to excessive vibrant gentle, with reasonable or vibrant oblique gentle supreme.

When rising in excessive gentle, keep a distance of 5′ or extra from a west or south-facing window to stop potential burning from direct, intense daylight. In case your plant grows up towards sizzling glass, it’ll burn very quickly.

In low-light settings, these crops develop at a slower tempo, and exhibit a leggy, sparse look and smaller leaves. Variegated varieties like Marble Pothos will lose their variegation and revert to stable inexperienced leaves in the event that they don’t get sufficient gentle. Many present a mixture of inexperienced and variegated leaves, relying on the publicity.

Periodically rotate the plant when the leaves are leaning in the direction of the sunshine supply. If gentle ranges considerably lower in winter, contemplate relocating the plant to an space with extra gentle. Get extra recommendations on winter houseplant care right here.

I’ve carried out a put up & video answering your FAQs About Pothos Crops that you just’ll discover useful.

Marble Queen Pothos Watering

Water your Marble Pothos plant when the soil is on the verge of drying out. Sustaining the soil on the marginally drier aspect, as a substitute of persistently moist, will assist forestall root rot.

Residing within the heat and sunny atmosphere of Tucson, AZ, right here within the desert, I usually water mine each 6-7 days within the hotter months and fewer incessantly, round each 9-14 days, throughout the winter.

Offering a precise watering schedule for you is difficult as a consequence of various elements such because the plant’s location, dwelling atmosphere, soil combine, time of yr, and pot measurement.

It’s finest to have drainage holes on the backside of the pot to let extra water circulate out freely. You’ll wish to forestall the buildup of an excessive amount of water within the saucer if one is positioned beneath the pot.

Throughout winter, a Marble Pothos requires much less water and advantages from a break in fertilizing and pruning.

I’ve written a information to Watering Indoor Crops that you could be discover useful.

A variety of white & green variegated pothos. top left: Pothos Marble Queen / top right: Pothos Snow Queen / bottom left: Pothos N'Joy / bottom right: Pothos Pearls & Jade.
Quite a lot of white & inexperienced variegated pothos varieties. high left: Pothos Marble Queen / high proper: Pothos Snow Queen / backside left: Pothos N’Pleasure / backside proper: Pothos Pearls & Jade


Sustaining the best temperature for Marble Pothos care isn’t sophisticated. They’ve a broad temperature tolerance, and if your own home is snug for you, it’ll be snug to your Marble Pothos and different houseplants.

It’s finest to keep away from inserting them close to chilly drafts or in proximity to heating or air-con vents.


Marble Pothos is a tropical plant and is accustomed to excessive humidity; nevertheless, they appear to thrive in our properties’ decrease humidity ranges.

When you discover occasional brown recommendations on the leaves, it’s possible a response to the dry air. Mine has some tiny brown suggestions, however you might want to get near see them.

For these searching for to extend humidity of their properties, right here’s a suggestion:

I’ve a humidity meter in my eating room that’s each cheap and efficient, nonetheless working nice after a couple of years. I exploit Cover humidifiers at evening when the humidity readings are low, which is particularly welcome within the dry local weather of the Arizona desert!

Misting the leaves a few instances every week or including a pebble tray may also be helpful. I’ve used this mister for a couple of years, and it’s nonetheless going sturdy.

Marble Pothos Fertilizing 

The perfect time for fertilizing your crops is throughout spring and summer time, with the opportunity of extending into early fall for those who reside in a temperate local weather.

In Tucson, we take pleasure in a protracted rising season from mid-February by October. I feed my crops seven to eight instances (as soon as per thirty days) throughout the rising season. That is the routine for all my tropical crops.

I presently use Maxsea or Sea Develop, and Develop Huge to feed my crops. I alternate utilizing these fertilizers individually with out mixing them.

Relying in your local weather, rising zone, and what fertilizer you employ, offering vitamins two or 3 times a yr could also be ample to your indoor crops.

Marble Queen Pothos plant care doesn’t demand a lot consideration relating to fertilizing. You wish to keep away from over-fertilizing, which could be extra dangerous than helpful.

Whatever the chosen houseplant meals, it’s important to not exceed the beneficial quantity or frequency, as the buildup of salts can result in root burns. Indicators of overfertilization typically manifest as brown spots or massive brown recommendations on the leaves.

Chorus from fertilizing in late fall and winter, as these usually are not lively rising seasons for houseplants. Moreover, it’s finest to keep away from fertilizing careworn houseplants, whether or not bone dry or excessively moist, to make sure their well-being throughout diminished exercise or stress intervals.

Soil For Marble Pothos

For my Marble Pothos, I all the time use good high quality potting soil formulated for houseplants, which is peat-based, well-nourished, aerated, and has good drainage.

These are the potting soils I alternate between utilizing: Ocean Forest and Comfortable Frog. I additionally add a couple of amendments to the potting combine when planting. You’ll be able to learn extra about my soil mix by clicking the hyperlink within the “Repotting” part beneath.


Spring and summer time are the optimum seasons for repotting your Marble Pothos, whereas these in hotter climates can proceed into early fall.

When repotting, I usually transition to a bigger pot measurement, corresponding to upgrading from a 4″ to a 6″ pot. In case your 6″ Marble Pothos is massive and tightly packed, you would possibly contemplate repotting it into a ten″ pot, making certain that the pot measurement aligns with the plant’s dimensions and rootball measurement.

A few clear indications that it’s time for repotting is when roots emerge from the underside of the pot or the soil seems to be depleted. Typically, I repot my Pothos crops each 5 years, permitting the roots extra space to develop and refreshing the soil.

For Marble Pothos with longer trails, there’s potential for tangling when repotting. I loosely tie the paths collectively to maintain them manageable and out of the way in which throughout repotting. I liken it to tying a really lengthy ponytail!

As for the kind of pot, the fabric doesn’t considerably affect the plant’s well-being. I’ve efficiently grown pothos in plastic, terra cotta, fiberglass, resin, and ceramic pots—all serving the plant equally properly.

Your pot ought to have a minimum of one drainage gap on the backside to stop extra water from build up and inflicting root rot. 

This put up on Pothos Repotting particulars tips on how to repot pothos plus the soil combine to make use of.

A Marble queen Pothos growing in a plant nursery in a clay pot.

Marble Pothos Pruning

Pruning performs an vital position in Marble Queen Pothos plant care.

You’ll be able to prune your pothos to handle the size by making a straight reduce throughout the stem just under a node. This controls the size and stimulates new progress on the high.

Related results could be achieved by pinching or tip pruning the paths (1-4 nodes again on the ends of the paths). It will assist restore your Pothos’ fullness if it has gotten leggy.

Trails with leafless sections could be trimmed off and propagated, as leaves received’t regrow on these naked elements of the stems.

Identical to fertilizing and repotting, it’s finest to do pruning throughout the spring and summer time months. 

Propagating Marble Pothos

Marble Pothos propagation is uncomplicated, significantly when utilizing the stem cuttings in water methodology. I’ve discovered this to be the best and finest method to propagate pothos. By doing this, I can see the rooting motion!

The stems naturally develop aerial roots from the nodes (they’re dried-looking brown nubs that seem on the leaf nodes), making the propagation course of a breeze.

When you’ve taken the cuttings, begin the method by eradicating an sufficient variety of leaves from the stems (normally 1-4, relying on the chopping’s size). Fill your glass or jar with sufficient water to cowl one to 2 nodes, making certain that any foliage stays above the water stage.

Keep the water at this stage, replenishing it as vital. Usually, roots will start to emerge inside seven to 10 days.

I’ve stored Marble Pothos stem cuttings in water for eight months, and so they’ve remained wholesome.

It’s also possible to propagate pothos by stem cuttings in soil combine or by division.

This put up and video on Pothos Propagation will provide you with extra particulars on propagating and pruning.


Whereas dwelling in Santa Barbara, one in every of my pothos confronted a mealybug infestation, which I promptly recognized and addressed. Right here’s tips on how to eliminate mealybugs on crops.

Whereas working as an inside landscaper, I encountered pothos crops suffering from spider mites and scale.

On condition that pests typically migrate from one houseplant to a different, taking swift motion upon detecting plant pests is essential.

Neem oil or insecticidal cleaning soap is efficient for managing most pest infestations. I’ve been utilizing this insecticidal cleaning soap for 2 years, and it has confirmed to be fairly efficient.

Yellow Leaves On Marble Pothos Crops

Encountering the occasional yellow leaf is a traditional a part of a  plant’s progress cycle, and I recurrently prune or pinch off one or two yellow leaves from my pothos each few months.

Nonetheless, an extra of yellow leaves signifies an underlying concern. A number of elements, together with overwatering, underwatering, extreme fertilizer, insufficient or extreme gentle publicity, pest infestation, and poor soil drainage, might contribute to this drawback, with overwatering being a very prevalent trigger. Pothos don’t wish to have moist soil 24/7!

You’ll be able to trim away any yellow leaves to keep up the plant’s aesthetic.

Poisonous To Cats & Canine

Pothos crops are acknowledged as poisonous to pets. To collect data on the precise nature of the toxicity, I seek advice from the ASPCA web site.

For pet house owners whose animals are inclined to chew on crops, I like to recommend both elevating the pothos or hanging them out of attain. This makes it tough for pets to entry the crops and helps forestall the chance of potential hurt.

Right here’s a listing of 11 Pet-Pleasant Houseplants to your reference.

Conclusion: Marble Queen Pothos care is exceptionally easy, and their prolonged and plentiful trails add to their attraction. These houseplants are low-maintenance and versatile. Plus, their full of life and vibrant foliage brightens up any room!

Comfortable Gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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