Making the Greatest Sauerkraut on Earth in 4 Easy Steps

Make your individual scrumptious, wholesome, probiotic sauerkraut! 4 simple steps are all that you must flip recent backyard veggies right into a long-lasting, tangy, pungent condiment.

The next excerpt is from The Artwork of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. It has been tailored for the net.

4 Easy Steps to Making Sauerkraut

The English language doesn’t have its personal phrase for fermented greens. It might not be inaccurate to explain fermented greens as “pickled,” however pickling covers a lot floor past fermentation.

Pickles are something preserved by acidity. Most modern pickles are usually not fermented in any respect; as an alternative they depend upon extremely acidic vinegar (a product of fermentation), normally heated with a view to sterilize greens, preserving them by destroying reasonably than cultivating microorganisms.

“For pickles, fermentation was the first technique of preservation till the Forties, when direct acidification and pasteurization of cucumber pickles was launched,” writes Fred Breidt of the USDA.

Vegetable Ferments

sauerkraut My vegetable ferments are normally concoctions that don’t match any homogeneous conventional supreme of both German sauerkraut or Korean kimchi.

However in fact, all the pieces I’ve realized about sauerkraut and kimchi reveal that neither of them constitutes a homogeneous custom.

They’re extremely diversified, from regional specialties to household secrets and techniques.

Nonetheless, sure methods underlie each (and plenty of different associated) traditions, and my follow is a reasonably free-form utility of those primary methods reasonably than an try to breed any specific notion of authenticity.

Steps for Fermenting Greens

In a nutshell, the steps I usually comply with after I ferment greens are:

  1. Chop or grate greens.
  2. Frivolously salt the chopped veggies (add extra as essential to style), and pound or squeeze till moist; alternatively, soak the veggies in a brine answer for a couple of hours.
  3. Pack the greens right into a jar or different vessel, tightly, in order that they’re compelled under the liquid. Add water, if essential.
  4. Wait, style ceaselessly, and luxuriate in!

After all, there may be extra data and nuance, however actually, “Chop, Salt, Pack, Wait” is what most of it quantities to.

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