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One of many basic bonsai tree species, Junipers are evergreen timber with foliage which is ideally suited to bonsai cultivation attributable to its potential to provide the picture of a big tree on a small scale. Here’s a have a look at the Juniper bonsai timber on the market at All Issues Bonsai.

The way to develop Juniper bonsai timber


Junipers like loads of solar. A location in full solar is right for a lot of the yr, maybe with somewhat shade in highly regarded summer season climate. Junipers are frost hardy and capable of keep out in most winters. Some growers will transfer them right into a greenhouse for the winter. That is helpful, as you’ll be capable of management how a lot water they obtain. Junipers that are protected against frost will preserve their inexperienced color higher and look extra wholesome, although Junipers saved outdoors will inexperienced again up as we transfer into spring.

They can’t be saved indoors for very lengthy with out dying.


Goal to maintain the soil evenly moist, like a moist material feels throughout winter. Water day by day throughout rising season in scorching climate. Its good to permit the soil on Junipers to dry out barely between watering – not an excessive amount of although!

Pruning and Styling

Through the rising season, finger prune Junipers by pinching the expansion suggestions. You search for the small shoots which develop little spikes and simply nip off the guidelines. This has the impact of encouraging the tree to place extra effort into the weaker elements of the foliage. This balances the vitality throughout the tree.

If you wish to take away development which is thicker and extra coarse, this may be trimmed with scissors.

Please do not forget that Junipers usually don’t back-bud very effectively – they don’t chuck out new shoots on outdated wooden simply. As a result of this, it is very important just remember to go away some foliage on every department, should you reduce them again too arduous in a single go, the department can die.

Junipers might be wired simply. Newer development could be very pliable. Older wooden might be fairly brittle.


Juniper bonsai timber don’t endure from many pests. Spider Mites is usually a downside in scorching, dry climate.


Chinese language Junipers are tolerant of tight root lots. The tree can deal with a dense root ball and doesn’t should be repotted very incessantly. In truth retaining the tree virtually pot sure helps to maintain development very tight. Please don’t take this recommendation as a advice to neglect the roots, we’re simply saying that junipers might be grown slight extra tightly than different bonsai timber.

Youthful bonsai needs to be repotted each three to 5 years. For mature specimens, repotting is much less frequent and solely takes place when mandatory.

After we repot them, we use a free-draining soil combination, normally Kiryuzuna, kyodama, pumice, grit. Typically the junipers are available a extra compost wealthy combination.

When repotting, take away about 30% of the foundation mass. Repotting might be finished at any time of yr other than in freezing winter circumstances. I might additionally keep away from scorching summer season climate. Most bonsai timber are repotted in early spring. Mid-spring is an effective time.

It’s thought of unwise to completely bare-root Junipers when repotting. Naked-rooting works on deciduous timber and whereas some folks declare it’s positive, different folks say that they’ve broken their Junipers by totally bare-rooting when repotting.

Additional Data

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