is the proper bamboo leaf rake extinct?

gloves, rake, clipperWANTED: Bamboo leaf rake that doesn’t lose enamel or deal with for a minimum of one season. Ideally with a padded sleeve to grip, moderately than only a skimpy, plain wooden rod. Is that an excessive amount of to ask? Apparently so; I worry my preferrred of the bamboo rake—a software I’ve all the time beloved for its gentle weight, simple on the raker and the residents of the mattress being raked—has gone extinct.

It has joined the proper long-handled shovel, one other software I simply can not appear to switch since mine broke years in the past. Sigh.

strap on bamboo rakeI’m not a bruiser, neither is the one that helps within the backyard part-time. We don’t attempt to rake gravel or too-heavy piles of moist, matted leaves, with a bamboo rake; we all know it’s not the correct software for these jobs. However one latest spring we busted three model new bamboo leaf rakes of their first month of use, raking borders and garden. The crappy steel strap (above) that holds the tines in place let go very quickly on all; on one, some enamel snapped, too.

One latest raking season we have been just about rakeless, right down to a few these terrible inexperienced plastic rakes which have turn out to be the style, bought in emergency mode the earlier fall when nothing else was obtainable close by.

vintage bamboo rake adTrying to find my dream rake, I discovered myself within the software aisle of the closest backyard middle speaking bamboo rakes. Three of us—the proprietor, a nursery worker and I—recollected the great outdated days when McGuire made them. No extra. (I did discover a classic newspaper advert for them, although, above.)

Of the present bamboo contenders, the enamel are sometimes too lengthy and too curved, however most essential: that rattling strap is insufficient to carry the fan of tines collectively.

yard butler rake detailNo bamboo sorts at any native outlet made the minimize, so I reluctantly took dwelling one thing known as a Yard Butler rake (mannequin LT-20). This uncommon steel spring rake violates my rule of by no means shopping for any software with a cute title. It’s very robust and versatile, in comparison with a typical steel spring rake, a software I by no means use. The tines form of float in a perforated steel strap that spans them (above), creating that mixture of sturdiness however additional flexibility.

The brand new rake value rather more and can presumably final for much longer than my coveted bamboo one. It has a barely too-small head and an unpadded deal with. However I had leaves to rake, miles and piles of them, so onward it and I am going collectively. To date, so good, I’ll reluctantly admit, although I confess to persevering with bamboo fantasies. A few manufacturers I can not discover domestically are on mail-order–simply in case they show any good.

yard butler rakeWhat software are you armed with as you deal with backyard cleanup? Metal spring garden rake? Or perhaps the telescoping, expandable steel type some associates favor, however I’ve by no means fallen for? If you happen to occur to know a supply for classic McGuire bamboo rakes or the equal, I’ll be ceaselessly grateful.

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