Is Bat Guano Protected to Use within the Backyard?

We gardeners are at all times in search of pure sources of pest management and fertility to assist our gardens thrive. Bat guano has gained a lot recognition as an natural fertilizer due to its potent nitrogen and phosphorus focus. However is it secure?

This pure useful resource has many security and moral considerations to think about earlier than including it to your backyard beds. We should contemplate the endangerment of bats, how guano might probably hurt human well being, and why you would possibly wish to keep away from store-bought guano fertilizer and go for private bat containers as a substitute.

Let’s dig into the whole lot it is advisable learn about utilizing bat guano in your backyard with out harming your self, your crops, or the ecosystem as a complete.

What’s Bat Guano?

Close-up of Bat dung, guano, poop, droppings, feces, and excrement on the ground. It looks like a dry, crumbly substance of brown-black color.
This potent natural fertilizer is excessive in nitrogen and phosphorus and boosts plant development.

Bat guano is a nutrient-rich manure harvested from insectivorous and fruit-eating bats. This excrement is an natural fertilizer as a result of it’s significantly excessive in available nitrogen and phosphorus, serving to crops develop stronger and greener to provide increased yields.

In contrast to hen or cow manure, guano is low-odor, fast-acting, and secure to use on to crops with out as a lot threat of fertilizer burn.

The Quick Reply: Bat Guano is Protected When Dealt with Like Any Different Manure

The prevailing professional opinion is that bat guano is secure for people and backyard crops however will not be ecologically “secure” for bats themselves. Like most manures, it’s best to take fundamental precautions when dealing with guano. Gloves and correct sanitation are important to forestall the unfold of pathogens. Whether or not you might be making use of store-bought fertilizer or amassing guano from beneath your personal bat containers (extra on this beneath), it’s important to completely wash your arms and keep away from consuming or ingesting whereas dealing with it. In any case, it’s nonetheless poop!

The Lengthy Reply: There are Nuances to Protected and Moral Use in The Backyard

The security of merchandise utilized in our houses and gardens is commonly much more nuanced than a label like “secure” or “harmful.” Some pesticides had been thought of secure in keeping with authorities regulation within the Nineteen Sixties however later grew to become outlawed as a consequence of new science that they trigger most cancers or delivery defects.

Some crops are thought of secure to deal with however might trigger rashes or issues for people with sure well being circumstances. Sure backyard inputs are secure for people however might hurt bees and butterflies. 

Security happens on a spectrum and requires zooming out to see the massive image of how our choices have an effect on us, our gardens, and the world round us. To know how bat guano matches on this image, let’s look at its security from three angles:

  1. Human Security
  2. Plant Security
  3. Environmental (Bat) Security

It’s (Principally) Protected for People

lose-up of a man's hand holding bat guano organic fertilizer over a fertilizer bag. Organic fertilizer bat guano is a natural and nutrient-rich plant amendment derived from the accumulated droppings of bats. It presents as a granular or powdery substance with a dark brown to black color
Bats, typically misunderstood, pose minimal security dangers. Using their droppings is secure with precautions.

Whereas many individuals affiliate bats with vampires and rabies, these nocturnal mammals don’t pose a lot threat to human security. Actually, they can assist forestall many human ailments by devouring hundreds of mosquitoes per night time, together with people who harbor the West Nile virus.

In terms of dealing with bat guano within the backyard, the security dangers are about the identical as spreading hen manure or dealing with canine poop. After all, all types of animal excrement comprise probably dangerous pathogens, however so long as you put on gloves and completely wash your arms, they’re unlikely to trigger main well being issues.

Key Caveat for Dried Guano: You could contemplate carrying a masks when making use of dried guano because of the potential contamination with the spores of a fungus referred to as Histoplasma capsulatum, typically discovered within the mud of dry bat manure. If inhaled, these spores might trigger a critical human respiratory illness referred to as histoplasmosis. Nonetheless, bat consultants assert that this illness may be very uncommon, and the danger of transmission by means of guano may be very low. Nonetheless, it’s greatest to do your personal analysis and stop contamination in a approach that feels best for you.

In my humble opinion, as a novice bat researcher and an skilled natural farmer/gardener, I keep away from shopping for dried guano altogether. I don’t wish to threat my lungs or contribute to declining bat populations.

As an alternative, I like to recommend amassing the droppings that fall naturally beneath eco-friendly bat containers you possibly can construct in your backyard. You get free manure fertilizer and pure pest management with out the security or moral considerations related to store-bought guano fertilizer!

It’s Protected for Vegetation

Close-up of organic fertilizer bat guano in spoon over young strawberry seedlings in black planting bags. Strawberry seedlings exhibit a distinctive appearance characterized by small, serrated, and tri-foliate leaves arranged in clusters on delicate stems.
Like worm castings, bat droppings are a mild and secure plant fertilizer.

This manure-based fertilizer is particularly well-liked due to its security for backyard crops. Because of the distinctive nutrient composition of bat guano, it’s delicate on crops and unlikely to trigger fertilizer burn.

It’s just like worm castings as a result of it may be utilized on to the backyard. Guano is light in your crops, in contrast to hen or cow manure, even in case you don’t compost it first. It’s wealthy in microorganisms that make the vitamins available to crops. 

Nonetheless, somewhat goes a good distance! The low utility fee of guano is one other profit to the plant. To extend plant development, you solely want about 1 half guano to twenty components soil. No have to dump it on!

Questionable Security for Bats 

Close-up of a fruit bat is hanging upside down on a blurred background. Fruit bats, also known as flying foxes, are characterized by their distinct appearance, combining features of both bats and mammals. They have large eyes, fox-like faces, and elongated snouts. Their wingspan has a leathery wing membrane.
Commercially harvested guano poses dangers, spreading White Nostril Syndrome and endangering bat populations.

When contemplating the security of this fertilizer for bats themselves, issues get a bit extra advanced. When the droppings are commercially harvested for fertilizer, collectors enter many caves to gather them. Within the course of, they might unfold a lethal fungal illness referred to as White Nostril Syndrome between bat colonies. Fertilizer assortment is the first cause for contamination of caves, resulting in main dangers for wild bat populations. 

Though this pathogen is transmitted from bat to bat, the U.S. Geological Survey highlights that people inadvertently contribute to quicker unfold as a result of the disease-causing spores connect to their clothes gear. Observe that these fungal spores differ from people who trigger human respiratory sickness. Nonetheless, it’s fairly fascinating (and unhappy) that guano fertilizer harvesting poses well being dangers to people and bats! 

The story’s ethical is that in case you care about saving bats, don’t purchase store-bought guano. You don’t know the way it’s being harvested, and it seemingly isn’t secure for endangered bats.

What’s the Drawback?

The primary issues come from two angles: environmental ethics and human well being.

Environmental Ethics

Close-up of Horseshoe bats hanging in a cave. Their medium-sized bodies are covered in fur that varies in color, ranging from brown to gray. They have dark brown, large, membranous wings.
Bat guano faces environmental and well being challenges regardless of its advantages, impacting bat populations worldwide.

Whereas bat poop is tremendously useful in gardens and on farms, it poses some environmental and well being security challenges. Bats are going through widespread decimation worldwide, with greater than half of the bat species within the U.S. listed as severely threatened or endangered

The causes for bat declines are multifaceted, together with pressures like:

  • Local weather change
  • Habitat destruction
  • Air pollution
  • Lack of meals (when pesticides and chemical compounds kill their insect meals sources)
  • Pesticide bioaccumulation (when bats eat quite a lot of bugs sprayed with pesticides, they’re uncovered to more and more excessive ranges of poisons)
  • Looking and poaching
  • White Nostril Syndrome (a fungal illness that disrupts bat’s pure hibernation cycles)
  • Industrial harvesting

These final two bullet factors are probably the most problematic for gardeners as a result of our fertilizer might come from unethical sources. You could marvel how amassing an animal’s poop might hurt them. The problem will not be associated to the poop assortment itself however the fungus which will unfold by way of the garments, footwear, and instruments of business guano harvesters.

White Nostril Syndrome and Fertilizer Harvesting

Top view, close-up of a glass bowl full of Bat manure on a white table with green leaves. Bat manure is in the form of round, black granules.
A deadly bat illness, White Nostril Syndrome spreads by means of business guano harvesting, endangering bat populations.

White Nostril Syndrome is a extreme fungal illness that’s killing bats worldwide. It’s the most dire risk to bats as a result of it spreads quickly from bat to bat and severely disrupts their hibernation cycles, inflicting them to awaken in the midst of the winter, fly out of their caves, and starve or freeze to dying. 

How does that relate to gardening? Industrial harvesting is a key reason behind the unfold of White Nostril Syndrome. When people enter caves to gather the poop to promote as fertilizer, they will inadvertently unfold the fungus from cave to cave, inflicting increasingly bats to get contaminated. Very similar to a brilliant contagious human illness, when one member of a colony (household) of bats is uncovered to the fungus, it quickly spreads to the remaining.

Sadly, sanitation measures and tips have nonetheless been unsuccessful at slowing this unfold. If we wish to use this fertilizer within the backyard ethically, your best option is to set up our personal bat containers and gather the guano from beneath them, very like you’ll out of your hen coop.

Human Security Points

Close-up of a man's hands holding a bat in a cave. Bats are mammals with elongated fingers covered by a thin membrane of skin, forming wings that allow for flight. The body size of the bat is small, mouse-sized, covered entirely in grey-brown hairs and has large ears.
Histoplasmosis is a priority throughout cleanup.

A critical respiratory illness referred to as histoplasmosis is one other key concern when dealing with and utilizing guano within the backyard. The microscopic spores of a fungus referred to as Histoplasma capsulatum are typically present in dried bat guano and might hurt people if inhaled. This uncommon illness mostly happens when folks breathe in these spores whereas demolishing or cleansing up attics and homes the place bats have overwintered. 

Apparently, contemporary bat droppings don’t pose the identical threat. This harmful fungus prefers dried, aged guano. Along with the moral points talked about above, this key security concern could be mitigated by constructing bat containers close to your backyard and amassing guano your self slightly than shopping for it.

Amassing from Bat Bins

Close-up of bat houses hanging from a tree branch against the blue sky. A bat house is a wooden structure designed to provide a roosting habitat for bats. These houses are rectangular, featuring multiple chambers with internal partitions that mimic the crevices found in natural roosting spots such as tree bark or rock crevices. This bat house has a black engraving of the bat outline.
Set up bat containers for pest management and gather guano for an moral, plentiful backyard fertilizer.

Bat containers are an rising development that provides wonderful advantages for gardeners and bats! Official state governments even have conservation tasks to advertise constructing bat containers to help in ecological well being. Bats are a number of the greatest pest-control brokers you possibly can have in your backyard. Putting in a bat field in your yard can assist defend these threatened mammals whereas having fun with diminished insect pest strain to your crops. 

U.S.-native brown bats are significantly voracious predators of mosquitoes, cucumber beetles, and moths. When bats eat night-fluttering moths, they will dramatically cut back infestations of pests like cabbage loopers, tomato hornworms, and military cutworms, all of that are larval phases of grownup moths.

Higher but, you should use the droppings that accumulate underneath a bat field as contemporary fertilizer in your backyard! Very similar to roosting chickens, bats sleep on elevated stands inside bat homes. The underside of a bat field is open so the poop gained’t accumulate inside. 

Whereas they sleep, their guano drops to the bottom and could be collected by putting a bucket, saucer, or potted plant beneath the bat field. Instantly, you might have a free, plentiful, and moral provide to make use of in your backyard! Putting in bat containers and utilizing the guano from native bats is a far safer, eco-conscious choice for this nutrient-rich fertilizer

Do not forget that bats sleep throughout the day, so it’s vital to not disturb the field. This shouldn’t be a difficulty in case your bat field is put in on the advisable 20 toes or increased above the bottom. As we talked about above, take care to deal with the bat droppings similar to you’ll deal with any poop— with apparent sanitation measures! 

Closing Ideas

Bat guano is secure for people and crops, however store-bought guano could also be dangerous for threatened wild bats. Utilizing this fertilizer is nuanced, however the materials is secure in case you use sanitation precautions. If you wish to assist defend threatened bats and sluggish the unfold of White Nostril Syndrome, keep away from shopping for store-bought guano fertilizer. As an alternative, encourage them to go to your backyard and set up bat containers! You’ll be able to gather guano from beneath the field and likewise benefit from the main pest-prevention advantages of native bat populations.

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