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Humidifying Your Greenhouse

Misting Pointers

Apply mist solely throughout sunlight hours to keep away from extreme humidity at evening, which inspires illness. Bear in mind, when the greenhouse cools at evening, the relative humidity will rise even with the misting system off. Use a 24-hour timer to close off the misting system 2 hours earlier than sunset.


Shading and air flow are required throughout summer season to stop a greenhouse from significantly overheating, however it’s evaporative cooling from a misting system which may truly cool the greenhouse to a cushty stage.

Humidity Management

When a greenhouse warms up and venting begins, important moisture is misplaced with the vented air. Crops lose moisture extra quickly and start to wilt. A misting system can present wanted moisture to keep up a wholesome humidity stage of fifty to 70%.

Design for Cooling & Humidity Management

Use one 2 or 3 gph nozzle for each 12 to 14 sq. ft. of greenhouse ground. Set up nozzles underneath the benches to keep away from soaking vegetation on the benches. Nozzles will function pointed in any path – up, down, sideways or 45° angle. Management such a system with a humidistat.

Overhead Watering

Many foliage vegetation, tropicals and subtropicals might be watered and fertilized by an overhead misting system. Use 2 gph nozzles put in as excessive as attainable. Management this method with a short-cycle timer.

Propagation/Orchid Misting

Preserve a better stage of humidity (60 to 70%) for more healthy vegetation. Shield seedlings and cuttings from deadly water stress. Imitate orchid’s pure setting. Use 1 gph nozzles. Management with a short-cycle timer: 5 to 10 seconds of mist each 15 to half-hour.

Nice greenhouse ideas and helpful data to maintain your greenhouse working effectively.

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