Hoya Kerrii Plant Care – Develop this Valentine Hoya Indoors

Botanical Identify: Hoya Kerrii

This heart-shaped succulent is definitely a vining plant — when it grows up.

Sluggish-growing, it would take a number of years to turn out to be an extended vine studded with hearts. Mature vining crops will develop clusters of flowers in summer season, when given loads of daylight. Usually pink with purple star-shaped facilities, they resemble the blooms of the favored Hoya carnosa.

hoya kerrii, hoya plantsHoya kerrii crops are sometimes bought as single leafs in particular person pots.

Repot in spring, solely when wanted. This plant is so sluggish, it might keep in the identical pot for years. If you pot up, use one which’s solely 1-2 inches bigger. A container that is too giant for the plant will maintain an excessive amount of water, which can result in root rot. 

Make it bloom. Hoyas could not bloom for a number of years, so be affected person. You’ll be able to assist it, although, by retaining it root-bound in a smallish pot. Give it a number of hours of brilliant, oblique daylight every day in summer season. Cooler nighttime temperatures will help, too. Only a 10° drop at evening will do. After the flowers are spent, do not lower off the flower stem as a result of it would doubtless bloom once more.

Prepare your plant. Use florist wire or tender backyard ties to assist the vines on a trellis. You need to exhibit the charming coronary heart leaves, do not you? Or put them in a dangling basket to show them at eye-level. 

The reality about your heart-leaf Hoya plant.

Hoya kerrii is often bought as a single, potted leaf chopping. To develop right into a vine, it wants a part of a stem with a node connected. (A node is the place the leaf is connected to the stem. It comprises cells that can develop roots.)  In case your leaf chopping would not have the node connected, you will get pleasure from it for a number of years. Simply as it’s. A heart-shaped leaf. 

Shopping for Suggestions for Hoya Kerrii

Its distinctive coronary heart form makes it a well-liked novelty plant, bought as items for Valentine’s Day. It’s possible you’ll discover it on the market as Valentine Hoya or Sweetheart Hoya. Hoya kerrii ‘Variegata’ has inexperienced and creamy white- or yellow-edged leaves. Purchase one the scale you need, in any other case you might wait years for it to develop into a big, vining plant.

sweetheart vine, hoya kerriiUmbels of porcelain-like flowers are just like H. carnosa. Picture © Irina Borsuchenko

Caring for Hoya Kerrii Plant Indoors

Origin: Southeast Asia

Peak: Stems can develop to six ft (1.8 m)  or extra.

Mild: Vivid, oblique gentle year-round. Do not have a sunny spot? Synthetic develop lights work fantastically. Put your Hoya plant about 8 inches (20 cm) beneath the sunshine and maintain the lights on for about 14 hours a day. It is also essential to provide them darkness at evening. Crops want a relaxation, too. 

Water: Water totally spring by fall, permitting potting combine to dry out a bit between waterings. This succulent will not tolerate soggy soil. Be sure you use a pot with drainage holes and empty the drainage tray. Use room-temperature water on your houseplants; chilly water can shock them. In winter, water sparingly giving the plant simply sufficient to maintain the combo from drying out fully. Brown or wrinkled leaves point out the plant is simply too dry.

Humidity: Give this tropical evergreen plant a minimum of 40% relative humidity year-round. In case your indoor air is dry within the winter months, increase the humidity with a cool-mist room humidifier. Protecting a humidity gauge close to your houseplant will assist; indoor humidity can drop drastically in winter, with out our noticing it.

Temperature: Common to heat room temperatures (65-80°F/18-27°C) year-round. It should tolerate a minimal of fifty°F/10°C. Maintain Hoya kerrii out of drafts and away from warmth/AC vents.

Soil: Develop in a good-quality, all-purpose potting combine

Fertilizer: Feed month-to-month spring by fall with a water-soluble fertilizer specifically made for succulents, diluted by half.

Propagation: Take 3 in (7 cm) stem tip cuttings in spring. Minimize just under a node (the place the place a leaf is connected to the stem). The node comprises cells that can develop roots. Cuttings ought to embrace a minimum of 1 pair of leaves. They will root in moist potting combine. Bear in mind, Hoya kerrii is slow-growing, so be affected person.

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