How To Choose Bonsai Accent Crops- An Final Information To Bonsai Accent Crops

bonsai accent plants

Deciding on the best bonsai accent vegetation is essential for displaying your bonsai and making a fascinating look. For many who are questioning what an accent plant is-it’s principally a low-maintenance plant that accompanies bonsai and on the similar time helps to intensify the look of the bonsai. Consider them as a supporting character in your bonsai journey. However choosing the proper one to your tree could be exhausting and that is the place this text will assist. On this article, I will provide you with a short guideline on how one can select your accent vegetation and the right way to maintain them alive. 

Key takeaways:

  • Consider the seasonal results on the accent plant. Observe the outlook of the tree in several seasons. 
  • Contemplate the scale of the tree to verify it doesn’t overshine the bonsai itself.
  • The container of the accent plant ought to complement the plant and the bonsai. 
  • The plant ought to complement the behavior of the bonsai tree.

By contemplating the components and following the rules you’ll purchase sufficient data to pick an appropriate accent plant to your bonsai so as to add that additional oomph in your bonsai journey. 

What are accent vegetation?

accent plant

Accent or ‘companion’ plantings as they’re popularly identified are cultivated to enhance bonsai bushes when being displayed. They’re seated close to the bonsai and normally replicate the tree’s character, including real looking element to the exhibition.

Accent vegetation are extraordinarily quick to develop and easy to make. It will add one other dimension to your pastime. Being pretty tiny, in addition they have the additional advantage of being comparatively low-cost (you may even get a few of them free of charge). 

Nevertheless, a great way to get quick outcomes is to purchase or get a minimum of three small vegetation and plant them multi functional container. This ensures the formation of a longtime plant very quickly.

Any vegetation with small leaves could be candidates for bonsai accent vegetation. Some species like diminutive irises and small ferns mirror the traits of a bonsai and assist to create the phantasm of scale. 

Side Description 
Goal Improve the aesthetic of bonsai.
Traits Small, distinctive, and complementary to the bonsai tree.
Placement Positioned in the identical container or close to the bonsai.
Scale and steadiness Provides a way of realism to the show.
Care Minimal care.
Conventional artwork An integral a part of bonsai artwork.
Cultural significance In some cultures, particular accent vegetation maintain cultural significance. 

Elements to think about when choosing bonsai accent vegetation:

When selecting a bonsai accent plant to your bonsai, listed here are a number of the components it’s best to take into account and observe. 


Seasonal results in bonsai accent vegetation are necessary. For instance, flowering accent vegetation possess totally different traits in summer time, winter, fall, or spring. This attribute can be utilized to create seasonal characters in bonsai exhibitions. Particularly with evergreen bushes, accent vegetation present their seasonality. 

The colour of leaf, flowers, and fruits are necessary so it’s best when the accent plant matches the present season. 

Typical traits of vegetation in several seasons:

Season  Traits
Summer season Lush foliage, shiny blossoms
Spring  New development, vibrant flowers
Fall Colourful foliage, altering leaves
Winter Evergreen foliage, cold-hardy

Dimension and scale:

The smaller the scale of the bonsai, the accent plant ought to be even smaller. The bonsai accent plant ought to by no means compete with the bonsai by way of dimension. It ought to keep harmoniously compacted close to the bonsai and will by no means compete and overshadow. 


  • The peak of the plant shouldn’t surpass the peak of the bonsai. 
  • Skinny or too-small vegetation subsequent to a bushy bonsai tree will entice consideration, so it shouldn’t be too brief or lengthy. 


The POT ought to complement the bonsai in its total look. 

Accent plantings could be established in tiny glazed or unglazed containers. Slate and tiles are different well-liked selections for planting and In that case, moss ought to be cultivated close to the soil to kind a mature-looking plant.

One other important complementary issue is that the containers ought to be of varied shapes – if the bonsai is in a spherical container, the accent plant’s container ought to be something however spherical.

The fabric of the pot ought to be totally different as nicely. If a ceramic container has been employed for bonsai, one would place the accent plant on a wood base, not a ceramic tile.

Moreover, the path of the tree ought to be thought-about when deciding on placement within the show, the tree and plant ought to ‘face’ one another.

Useful suggestions:

  • The ceramic and wood containers go nicely with one another.
  • The dimensions of the pot ought to be smaller than the bonsai pot.
  • Mismatched containers of bonsai and accent vegetation create an excellent show.


The bonsai accent plant choice ought to be related by way of the habitat by which the tree originated. This fashion it is going to develop and create a extra naturalistic essence of its place in nature. 

For instance, grass that’s from a mountain local weather would match nicely with a bonsai tree from the precise local weather. 

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How To Select Bonsai Accent Plants- an ultimate guide to bonsai accent plants

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How To Select Bonsai Accent Plants- an ultimate guide to bonsai accent plants
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A Scots pine may function properly being paired with an accent plant like wild thyme. It received’t go nicely with a tropical orchid, or succulents which can be from deserts. 

Additionally, bonsai bushes that develop in rock resemble an indication of battle to outlive and that tree ought to be paired with a not-so-luxuriantly rising accent plant. 

Mixture accent vegetation vary from the straightforward, corresponding to a cluster of dwarf grass encircled by moss, to extra difficult plantings of a number of species. Grouping small vegetation of various sizes may end up in a really lovely set to make use of as an accent. 

However when incorporating a number of bonsai accent vegetation to assemble one accent plant, be certain that they’re from related origins so will probably be simpler to resemble nature.


  • Bonsai bushes with flowers or fruits ought to be contrasted by non-flowering bonsai accent vegetation, and vice-versa.
  • Keep away from tropical vegetation with mountain bonsai species. 
  • Taller sorts, just like the literati, could be paired with a tall grass selection. 

The place to buy bonsai accent plant:

In the case of shopping for bonsai accent vegetation, there are totally different choices you may take a look at and choose an ideal addition to your assortment. 

On-line buying: 

Many bonsai sellers supply an enormous choice of accent vegetation on-line. Web sites dedicated to bonsai cultivation supply accent vegetation as nicely. On-line shops cater to totally different ability ranges and preferences. You’ll be able to even discover bonsai accent plant sellers on on-line marketplaces like Amazon.

Offline buying: 

In case you are in search of a hands-on strategy, your native nursery will aid you out. Right here you may examine intently earlier than choosing a chunk. 

On-line choices Offline choices
Amazon  Native Nurseries
Etsy Backyard Facilities
TN Nursery Bonsai Golf equipment


When buying bonsai accent vegetation, make sure to test the hardiness zone for the species. In case you are protecting them inside, then it’s positive, or else be sure that the vegetation you might be getting are hardy to your local weather zone. 

Zero-cost accent vegetation:

If the bonsai you might be rising resembles your area’s environment, you need to use vegetation rising in your yard abundantly as your accent plant. Wildflowers and different native vegetation which can be visually interesting could be integrated effortlessly free of charge.

Bonsai and their appropriate accent vegetation:

Some accent vegetation and their traits:

Accent Plant Traits
Ferns A big-sized, woodland tree-shaped bonsai or any sort of massive woodland planting could be an appropriate spot for a number of the smallest fern species.
Lichen They’re extraordinarily choosy as to what they may develop upon and the place. Some connect to bark in moist darkish areas, others solely on fully uncovered and well-drained stones.
Mosses Decide the drought-resistant, sluggish, and short-growing varieties.
Succulents All of those are appreciated in well-drained situations. They’re the least choosy accent plant.
Herbs Dwarf forms of herbs kind a carpet of small deep inexperienced leaves with small purple blossoms in spring.

Caring for bonsai accent vegetation:

Correct care of bonsai accent vegetation is essential to make sure that they’re wholesome as a result of having yellow or deformed bushes will entice consideration. Normally, they observe related care suggestions because the bonsai, nonetheless listed here are some suggestions for caring for accent vegetation. 


Relying on the sort of plant, it might demand roughly frequent watering periods.

As a normal rule of thumb, water when the higher a part of the soil feels dry. 


Accent vegetation don’t require fertilizer usually and as they’re dwelling in a tiny pot, they have a tendency to get over-fertilized. However springtime slow-release fertilizer will reinforce their development. 


Useless leaves or yellow leaves ought to be trimmed as quickly as attainable, not solely they may divert consideration but in addition can kill the plant by overcrowding. Prune accent vegetation similar to another houseplants

Pest management:

Accent vegetation don’t normally get attacked by pests however should you discover any pests use neem oil or decide the insect out manually by hand. 


Bonsai accent vegetation are normally neglected for being small and fewer necessary within the gardening world, however when you implement them you’ll notice what was lacking out of your bonsai exhibition. After all, selecting one for your self is a private choice however I hope the article’s guideline will aid you to decide on one which fits your bonsai. Simply remember the water necessities of the vegetation, as a result of the small pots they’re dwelling in don’t maintain a lot soil. 


What are the opposite companions for the bonsai tree show?

Miniature bridges, birdhouses, tree logs, pagodas, lanterns, small statues, benches, and something that may go nicely with the aesthetic of the bonsai with out overpopulating or overshadowing it may be used as accents. 

What’s kusamono?

Kusamono is wildflowers and grass potted in distinctive pots and trays. These days kusamono is popularly used as an accent plant close to bonsai. It may be tall or brief, a mix of various vegetation. The gives the look of place and season.

What’s shitkusa?

Intently associated to kusamono, shitakusa is the correct time period for displaying bonsai or related displays. Exterior of Japan, you’ll sometimes hear the phrase companion or accent plant, nonetheless, these vegetation could also be most becoming as shitakusa.

What’s kokedama?

Kokedama or moss ball, is a ball of soil, encircled with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea originated in Japan and has been part of the observe of bonsai, however it has advanced into its personal artwork kind.

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