The poinsettia (scientifically often known as Euphorbia pulcherrima) has claimed the title of the UK’s hottest houseplant throughout the Christmas season.

Recognised because the Christmas Star flower, this plant hails from Mexico and sees over eight million gross sales within the UK yearly. Blooming from mid-November to January, the poinsettia serves as an iconic festive adornment for properties, second solely to the Christmas tree.

Poinsettias are generally seen as difficult to take care of, but by adhering to some easy pointers, your plant can flourish all through the Christmas season and past.

High suggestions for caring to your poinsettia

Place poinsettias away from drafts to forestall leaf loss, favouring heat and light in sheltered spots.

Hold poinsettias in temperatures between 15-22°C, preferring mild over shade however tolerating winter daylight close to a south-facing window.

Use delicate rainwater for poinsettias; it’s finest. In any other case, scale back faucet water’s mineral content material by boiling, standing, utilizing distilled water, or a filter.

Make sure the plant’s root ball stays reasonably moist, avoiding overwatering to forestall water-logging and root rot.

Repeatedly examine leaves for yellowing or dropping, as overwatering could be a difficulty.

Water when the soil is dry, doubtlessly every day close to a radiator or each few days elsewhere. Verify by fingertip or weight, making certain soil saturation often.

At St Bridget this Christmas you’ll discover a wide array of Christmas houseplants, together with poinsettias, to purchase both as a present for somebody or to embellish your personal residence.


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