How one can Plant, Develop, and Look after ‘Solar Gold’ Tomatoes

It’s no marvel ‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes are some of the common cherry tomatoes for the backyard. This early-maturing hybrid selection is beloved as a gardener favourite for its bountiful fruits, cheery yellow-orange colour, and deliciously candy taste like a style of summer season squeezed into juicy, bite-sized fruits.

‘Solar Gold’ glows within the backyard with full clusters of completely spherical, golden tomatoes. Vegetation are high-yielding and disease-resistant, including to the benefits and ease of rising ‘Solar Gold’. They’ll develop and produce the tender orb fruits from early summer season till frost for an ongoing harvest.

Brighten the backyard and the salad bowl with ‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes. Right here, we’ll discover how you can simply incorporate these favourite cherry tomatoes into our gardens this season.


Solar Gold Pole Cherry Tomato Seeds


A bunch of sunlit 'Sungold' tomatoes in varying hues bask in the light, showcasing their glossy, smooth skins.
The ‘Sungold’ tomato is an annual vegetable belonging to the Solanaceae household.

Plant Sort

Annual vegetable

Native Space

Central America, South America

Watering Necessities


Pests and Ailments

Aphids, flea beetles, hornworms, leaf spot

What are ‘Solar Gold’ Tomatoes?

‘These cherry tomatoes boast an exceptionally candy taste in considerable, bite-sized fruits. Indeterminate crops yield clusters of tangerine-orange tomatoes all through the rising season. The juicy, tender fruits are among the many tastiest of the cherries

‘Solar Gold’ is a hybrid cherry tomato whose dad and mom are a commerce secret. Tokita Seed Firm of Japan launched the golden hybrid in 1992. Some growers speculate the prized heirloom beefsteak-type tomato ‘Brandywine’ is without doubt one of the dad and mom, favored for superior taste and backyard efficiency. We’ll simply need to be content material with realizing hardy inventory led to a powerful backyard performer and glorious taste.

Past its flavorful fruits, this selection is noteworthy for its illness resistance. Vegetation resist fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus, two frequent tomato fungal issues. ‘Solar Gold’s’ excessive yields, vigor, illness resistance, and high quality fruits earned it the Royal Horticulture Society’s prestigious Award of Backyard Benefit


A cluster of ripe orange and green 'Sungold' tomatoes nestled among green vines, showcasing a rich and healthy garden scene.
They produce lengthy vines that profit from staking or trellising.

‘Solar Gold’ is an early producer, with fruit maturing round 57 days after transplanting. The productive crops bear clusters of 8 to 14 fruits, with every petite globe weighing about one to at least one and a half ounces. Every plant produces about 120 fruits. The fruits have a low acid content material and a candy taste with citrus notes.

Cherry tomato clusters start to ripen on the base (stem) and progress to the fruits on the guidelines. The ripening phases stagger the harvest over a number of days and create a beautiful look to the plant with bunches of inexperienced, yellow, and wealthy gold tomatoes. As soon as the fruit will get going, the harvests proceed weekly all through the summer season and into fall. 

As an indeterminate plant, it has six-foot-long or longer vines, however four-to-five-foot vines are extra possible. Indeterminate tomato crops develop and produce fruit all season till frost. The lengthy vining stems profit from staking, caging, or trellising to take care of manufacturing and well being.

The fruits are tender and thin-walled, making them fragile for industrial transport to grocery shops however excellent for the native grower’s market or dwelling backyard. As fruits ripen and turn into filled with juice, they often crack or cut up (particularly following rain, water fluctuations, or intense solar publicity when ripe). 

An possibility to stop cracking is to select fruits a number of days early to allow them to absolutely ripen indoors. Fruits are flavorful even earlier than they’re absolutely golden, and early choosing gained’t compromise taste. It additionally protects the thin-walled fruits from the solar, backyard pests, and birds, who discover them tasty, too.

Native Space

Clusters of 'Sungold' tomatoes, a blend of brown and green hues, dangle amidst lush foliage.
Tomatoes had been unfold to Central and South America by people and wildlife.

All tomatoes originate from wild, tropical ancestors in South America, with a slender rising vary alongside the coast and bordered by the Andes Mountains from Ecuador to Chile. The unique cherry tomato, a wild, weedy plant with small fruits, dates to Ecuador some 80,000 years in the past.

People cultivated this small-fruited plant, spreading its vary to Central America and additional into South America by means of folks and wildlife. The fruits that turned the idea for the fashionable tomato got here into cultivation in Meso-America 7,000 years in the past.

Explorers from Spain introduced domesticated tomatoes to Europe within the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, however they had been gradual to enter delicacies. Tomatoes are a part of the nightshade household, Solanaceae, with peppers, eggplants, tobacco, and lots of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and bushes. Nightshades had a status for toxicity, so plant collectors gave warning to tomatoes.


Gardener's hands gently planting a tomato seedling into nutrient-rich brown soil, bathed in warm sunlight.
House rows three to 4 toes aside for optimum progress.

Tomatoes are frost-sensitive crops, requiring heat air and soil temperatures for greatest progress. They develop simply from seed. Begin seeds indoors 5 to 6 weeks earlier than the anticipated closing frost date. Transplant seedlings open air one to 2 weeks after the final anticipated frost has handed and as nighttime temperatures are above 55°F (13°C).

Greens within the nightshade household profit from crop rotation yearly as a result of they’re prone to transmitting illnesses. In the event you’re rising tomatoes within the floor, select a spot the place you haven’t grown different nightshades (eggplants, tomatillos, potatoes, peppers, and different tomatoes) prior to now 12 months for a clear plot.

Indeterminate cherry tomatoes like ‘Solar Gold’ want a two- to three-foot spacing between crops. If planting in rows, house rows three to 4 toes aside to provide the vining stems loads of rising room and circulation. 

Plant tomato stems deep; every hair on the stem has the potential to set a root. You may plant as deep as leaving just one or two higher leaf units uncovered. Some gardeners lay crops horizontally in a buried trench, leaving one or two units of leaves above floor for optimum rooting. A vigorous root system results in sturdy, steady crops with elevated nutrient and water absorption for greatest fruiting.

The lengthy vines want a assist construction for greatest progress. Set up the assist construction at planting time to keep away from disturbing roots and foliage later. A big cage offers ample house.

‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes develop in containers as lengthy the pot is giant sufficient to accommodate mature crops with loads of soil quantity for a sturdy root system. A 15 to 20-gallon container provides indeterminate tomatoes room to develop. ‘Solar Gold’ could get a bit tall and rangy in containers because the season wears on, however the bounty of golden orb tomatoes is well worth the house allotted.


A person wearing white gloves carefully plants young tomato seedlings into a raised garden bed, ensuring each one is gently settled into the rich soil.
Regularly expose seedlings to out of doors situations in a sheltered space for a few week.

After beginning seeds indoors, tomato seedlings ought to expertise a hardening-off interval earlier than being transplanted into the backyard. As frost passes and temperatures heat, regularly expose the seedlings to out of doors backyard situations. 

Place seedlings exterior in a protected space (out of direct daylight and winds) and regularly transfer the crops to situations mirroring their new backyard location. This hardening-off interval takes a few week to 10 days (and generally as much as two weeks), giving seedlings an opportunity to acclimate to exterior rising situations.

How one can Develop

Whereas ‘Solar Gold’ is a comparatively carefree tomato plant, it advantages from particular cultural situations for the most effective progress and vigor. Loads of daylight, constant water, and air circulation are key to tomato plant well being.


A lush 'Sungold' tomato vine laden with both ripe and unripe fruits, glistening under the warm rays of the sun.
They profit from dappled mild or afternoon shade in scorching, sunny areas.

Like different tomatoes, this selection grows greatest in full-sun backyard areas. Vegetation thrive with at the least six hours or extra of daylight. Tomatoes can develop in partial shade with at the least 4 to 6 hours of solar, however flowering, fruiting, and progress lower with extra shade.

In areas with intense solar on summer season afternoons, the plant appreciates dappled mild or afternoon shade to guard foliage and fruits from scorching. 


Juicy 'Sungold' tomatoes gleam with fresh raindrops, displaying a spectrum of hues from green to warm orange-red.
Keep constant soil moisture ranges with out overwatering.

‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes require one to 2 inches of water per week. In delicate temperatures, soaking twice per week is adequate. Because the season warms and in scorching or dry spells, improve irrigation to 3 instances per week or as a lot as each different day.

Constant water and even moisture forestall plant stress and physiological issues like blossom finish rot and illness susceptibility. Moist, however not soggy, soils are greatest since overly moist situations result in illness issues.

When watering tomatoes, keep away from splashing the leaves at any time when doable. Floor irrigation and watering on the base of the plant is good. Watering on the soil degree permits water to penetrate the roots with out spreading fungus or micro organism among the many leaves. If sprinklers or overhead sprays are your watering possibility, water within the early morning so foliage can dry out within the day’s solar.

For ‘tomatoes in containers, present drainage holes and a well-draining potting combine suited to greens. Examine the soil moisture in containers usually, as they dry out rapidly in the summertime warmth.


Two hands cradle rich, brown soil, ready for planting seeds and nurturing growth in a garden.
Improve soil richness by generously topdressing with compost at planting time.

Tomatoes develop greatest in organically wealthy soils with good drainage. They like barely acidic soils with a pH between 6.0 and 6.8

Prime gown generously with compost at planting time to reinforce soil richness, aeration, and moisture retention. Evenly flip the soil and compost and dig in new crops.

Temperature and Humidity

Ripe 'Sungold' tomatoes dangling; their vibrant orange hue contrast against green vine.
Keep temperatures above 55°F (13°C) for seedlings and 55-60°F (13-16°C) for soil.

‘Solar Gold’ is an early producer tolerant of cool spring temperatures (however not frosty situations). It thrives within the warmth of summer season and lasts into fall till temperatures drop. Decide fruits till your first frost, even when unripe, and retailer them indoors to ripen or use in cooking.

Seedlings develop properly with temperatures above 55°F (13°C) and soil temperatures at 55-60°F (13-16°C). Heat temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C) are greatest

In humid situations, guarantee loads of air circulation between crops. Place containers in an space with airflow between different pots, partitions, and so forth.


A close-up of dark, fertile loam soil, showcasing its rich texture and earthy color.
Use a fertilizer with a better phosphorus content material.

These cherry tomatoes profit from the vitamins of compost and loamy soils. As quick-fruiting annuals, crops admire extra fertilizer to advertise vigor and fruiting. Guarantee you don’t overfertilize; an excessive amount of nitrogen results in stress and illness points. It additionally creates leafy, vigorous crops with few blooms or fruits. Use a balanced natural fertilizer at planting (like 5-5-5) and swap when crops set up. Functions of fish emulsion, kelp, and seaweed at planting and through progress add essential enrichment for rising, flowering, and fruiting.

For flowering and fruiting, we’ll need a fertilizer greater in phosphorous (the “P” within the N-P-Ok charge of fertilizers) and decrease in nitrogen (N). A 6-8-12, 8-32-16, or 6-24-24 ratio is common for tomatoes within the flowering part. A tomato-specific natural fertilizer is a superb possibility.


A gloved hand delicately pinches off small offshoots from a tomato plant, ensuring healthy growth.
Making use of mulch enhances plant progress by conserving moisture.

Indeterminate tomatoes develop tall and leggy by the season’s finish. Pruning isn’t essential with caged crops, neither is it important, however pinching off suckering offshoots will be helpful, particularly with staked or trellised crops. Pinching low offshoots, or at the least pinching off the ends when shoots are six to eight inches lengthy, directs vitality to the higher components of the plant and retains leaves and fruits off the soil degree.

Mulching is one other common upkeep apply at planting and as wanted through the rising season. Initially, let the solar heat plant roots for progress with out mulch. When stems attain 18-24 inches tall, layer two to 3 inches of weed-free straw round crops. Mulch aids moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil temperature regulation.

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Rising ‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes from seed is a simple option to incorporate this favourite into the backyard. Buy seeds yearly slightly than gathering them from an present plant. It is a hybrid cherry tomato, so collected seeds gained’t develop true to kind.

Rising From Seed

An open red tomato, its juicy interior exposed, rests on a white paper towel with seeds scattered around.
The tomato seeds normally germinate in 5-10 days.

Begin tomato seeds indoors in late winter and early spring or 4 to 6 weeks earlier than your anticipated closing frost date in chilly climates. Tomato seeds germinate rapidly, normally in 5-10 days.

  • Plant seeds ¼” deep in a light-weight potting medium in a tray, cell, or small pot with drainage.
  • Place seeds in a spot with temperatures close to 75°F (24°C) for germination.
  • Preserve potting media evenly moist.
  • When sprouts emerge, place them in a sunny location like a windowsill.
  • Step seedlings up from cell packs to a small pot when two to 3 units of true leaves seem.
  • When seedlings are beneath six inches tall and simply as full, harden them off to arrange for planting within the backyard.

Frequent Issues

Tomatoes are prone to pests and illnesses within the backyard. Happily, ‘Solar Gold’ is proof against the everyday tomato fungal issues of wilt and mosaic virus. 

Sustaining optimum cultural necessities, particularly constant watering, air circulation, soil well being, and crop rotation, is one of the simplest ways to stop tomato issues. Companion crops for tomatoes, like basil, marigolds, and dill, entice helpful bugs and promote plant well being.


Hands delicately grip a small magnifying glass, focused on examining a tiny worm crawling across the textured surface of a tomato leaf.
Early pest detection by means of common scouting is essential for minimizing harm.

Common scouting to identify pests early is the most effective management towards fast harm to tomatoes. Use natural and food-safe pest controls relating to meals crops, and comply with label directions to keep away from impacting wholesome crops, flowers, and pollinators.

Tomato Hornworm

A close-up of a green tomato hornworm, showcasing its intricate markings as it navigates a leafy stem.
Management strategies for hornworms on tomato crops embody handpicking.

Hornworms are juicy inexperienced caterpillars that improve rapidly because of their urge for food for destruction. They’re simply surviving, however they do fast harm in a brief period of time by stripping tomato crops of their leaves. 

Controls for hornworms embody handpicking them off crops and relocating them far out of your tomatoes. Organic controls like BT (Bacillus thuringiensis), parasitic wasps, and diatomaceous earth are strategies to rid tomato crops of those caterpillars. Neem oil (or different horticultural oil) gives one other therapy in case your crops are in bother.

In the event you’d prefer to reap the advantages of nocturnal pollination that the grownup type of this caterpillar brings to your backyard, merely relocate the worms to different nightshade crops. Permitting some black nightshade, horsenettle, and datura to develop round your yard will offer you various host crops.

Flea Beetles

Flea beetles gather densely on a tomato leaf, illuminated by the warm rays of the sun.
Companion planting with catmints can repel bugs from tomatoes.

Flea beetles should not fleas however small bugs that hop from leaf to leaf, rapidly skeletonizing foliage as they go. They’re most energetic within the spring. Natural therapies embody spinosad or pyrethrin sprays and horticultural oils like Neem.

Interplant tomatoes and different vegetable crops with crops to repel bugs like catmints, basil, and marigolds. Coreopsis is a superb native host plant for ladybugs, which feed on flea beetles.


A close-up of a tomato plant showcasing yellow flowers alongside tiny aphids crawling on the stems.
Handle pests like aphids by utilizing water to dislodge them within the morning.

Aphids are frequent sap-sucking backyard bugs. They don’t usually pose a extreme menace to ‘Solar Gold’, however they’ll unfold illnesses amongst crops. Additionally they depart behind a sticky honeydew that may result in black, sooty mildew. 

In the event you discover curled leaves, stunted progress, or indicators of the insect, spray crops with a stream of water early within the day to knock them off the crops. A easy horticultural cleaning soap or Neem oil treats infestations.

Predatory bugs feed on aphids, so planting pollen—and nectar-rich crops close by advantages vegetable crops, rising biodiversity and pure pest management.


An unhealthy tomato plant showing symptoms of disease, with brown leaves and blemished fruits.
Early elimination of any severely pressured crops advantages your different crops.

Happily, this selection resists many illnesses, particularly fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus.  As with pests, the most effective illness management is prevention by means of cultural situations. Ailments unfold rapidly amongst tomatoes, so it’s greatest to catch them early and take away any crops in extreme stress or decline.

Leaf Spot

A hand carefully examines a tomato leaf covered in small, dark spots, indicative of a plant disease.
Take away and discard affected plant components to stop the unfold of leaf spot spores.

Septoria leaf spot is a fungal illness indicated by small brown spots between leaf veins. Leaves flip yellow and drop. Septoria leaf spot crops up after heavy rains and extended moisture and humidity intervals. The illness spreads rapidly; an outbreak can kill tomato crops at any progress stage.

Take away any plant components affected by leaf spot. Keep away from including the clippings to the compost pile, as spores can unfold.

Incessantly Requested Questions

These tomatoes are exceptionally candy, low-acid cherry sorts which might be scrumptious straight from the vine. These tangerine-orange globes are additionally tasty when roasted, grilled, stewed, and in sauces. The culinary makes use of for these petite, juicy, flavorful cherry tomatoes are limitless.

This selection is a vigorous grower and producer. It’s comparatively carefree to develop, particularly with its improved resistance to frequent tomato illnesses.

Ripe tomatoes could crack or cut up because the thin-walled fruits replenish with juice. Heavy rainfall, intense solar publicity, or harm from pests or birds contributes to the tender fruits’ splitting. In the event you discover the fruits cracking, harvest extra fruits a number of days earlier than absolutely ripe (they’ll present colour however gained’t be as tender) and allow them to ripen indoors. ‘Solar Gold’ tomatoes are ripe when golden and tender with a light-weight squeeze.

Last Ideas

These tomatoes are a gardener’s favourite for good causes. Their cheery yellow fruits, scrumptious taste, and ease of progress make them a prime backyard performer. 

Plentiful, flavorful, and tender, ‘Solar Gold’ has among the many greatest fruits of the cherry tomato bunch. In the event you can squeeze in yet one more indeterminate cherry tomato, add a bit summer season sunshine to the backyard with this tasty selection. The all-season bounty is properly value it.

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