How Deep Ought to You Plant Tomatoes?

The primary time I planted tomatoes on a vegetable farm, I used to be a bit shocked. Rising up, I all the time dug a gap simply giant sufficient to accommodate the plant’s root ball, then tucked my seedlings into the soil. However these farmers did issues a bit otherwise.

We spent the morning laying out four-inch pots stuffed with 18-inch tall tomato seedlings, leaving two toes between every plant. Then, we dug holes giant sufficient to accommodate vegetation thrice the dimensions of those we had been planting. Every gap was a foot deep, regardless that the foundation balls had been solely 4 inches tall! Once we tucked every seedling into their new house, solely ten inches of the plant poked out of the bottom.

It seems these farmers had been onto one thing. Planting tomatoes deep within the floor permits them to develop intensive root programs that result in wholesome vegetation and enormous harvests. Maintain studying to study extra about how deep to plant your tomato vegetation.

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The Quick Reply

When it comes time to plant tomatoes in your backyard, you wish to be certain that the root ball is totally coated by soil. Which means in case your tomato seedling is rising in a four-inch-tall pot, you need to dig a four-inch gap, set the seedling inside, and canopy the highest of the foundation ball with soil.

When you don’t wish to plant your seedlings any shallower than this, I encourage you to plant them deeper! Tomato stems produce roots once they come into contact with soil, so any a part of the stem you bury will produce new roots. A great rule is to bury half of your tomato plant underground whereas leaving the opposite half uncovered. For instance, bury a 12-inch tall plant six inches below the soil floor.

The Lengthy Reply

Since tomato vegetation are frost-sensitive crops with a protracted rising season, individuals usually begin the seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings outdoor a couple of months later. Whereas many individuals know the significance of correct transplanting time, fewer know their perfect planting depth. Whereas there isn’t one greatest planting depth for all tomato vegetation, planting a few of the stem underground results in more healthy vegetation and bigger harvests.

Evaluating Tomatoes to Different Greens

Close-up of young seedlings in a garden bed. A young tomato seedling develops a sturdy central stem with branches of compound leaves. These leaves consist of oval green leaflets that feature a slightly fuzzy texture and serrated edges.
Planting seedlings on the soil degree prevents rot and promotes progress.

When you consider planting lettuce, kale, or peppers, you most likely think about digging a gap the dimensions of the plant’s root ball, tucking the seedling into the bottom, and overlaying the uncovered prime of the foundation ball with a dusting of soil. If you step again, the seedling seems the identical because it did within the pot, but it surely’s simply in a brand new house. There are two primary the reason why planting seedlings in step with the soil floor works properly for a lot of crops.

First, holding the plant’s leaves and stems above floor prevents them from rotting. In the event you’ve ever planted a cucumber seedling too deep, you understand how shortly a beforehand wholesome seedling can flip to mush. This planting depth additionally ensures that low-lying progress factors stay above the soil floor and proceed to develop.

With all this mentioned, tomatoes are a bit completely different. Their stems are hardy, so that they gained’t rot when positioned below the soil. As an alternative, they’ll develop extra roots! And since tomato vegetation develop from the apical meristem current on the prime of the plant, you don’t have to fret about staling plant progress by burying the underside of the stem below the soil floor.

Deeper Crops Equal Stronger Roots

Close-up of a male farmer planting a seedling in a deep dug trench in the soil. The plant boasts a robust central stem, characterized by its sturdy yet flexible nature, displaying a slight fuzziness. From this stem, lush green leaves emerge in alternating pairs, each leaf featuring a serrated edge and a vibrant hue. The seedling has a small root ball.
Planting tomatoes deep promotes sturdy root programs for more healthy vegetation.

Now that tomato vegetation can survive being planted deeper than many different veggies, let’s discover why you’d wish to plant your tomatoes deep within the floor. In any case, simply since you can do one thing it doesn’t imply you need to!

In the case of tomato transplanting depth, it’s all concerning the roots. When tomato stems are available contact with soil, they develop roots. That’s why you see poorly trellised tomato stems rooting into the soil. You should use this function to assist your tomato vegetation develop sturdy root programs.

Crops with bigger root programs have a better time taking on water and vitamins. Sturdy root programs additionally assist tomatoes face up to drought, as they’ll attain water deep within the floor or a couple of toes away from the bottom of the plant. When tomatoes have entry to the water and vitamins they want, they’re higher capable of struggle illness, full photosynthesis, and produce new leaves and fruit. In brief, they’re more healthy.

Will Planting Tomatoes Deeper Stunt Their Development?

Close-up of a young seedling with stunted growth. The seedling has a vertical, short stem with several pairs of compound foliage. The leaves consist of oval leaflets with jagged edges. Some leaves are withered and drooping. The soil is wet.
Deeply planted tomato seedlings could seem shorter initially, however will lead to stronger progress.

Many individuals are apprehensive that planting tomatoes deep within the floor will lead to smaller vegetation and minuscule harvests. And this can be a affordable thought! I admit it’s a bit regarding to look at the bottom swallow up a beforehand 18-inch tall tomato seedling till it’s half its unique measurement. However the reality is that the tomato isn’t stunted; it’s solely disappeared so it will probably develop stronger.

Within the first few weeks after planting, deeply planted seedlings usually stay shorter than these you tucked just some inches below the bottom. However after a couple of weeks, the foundation programs on the deeply planted seedlings enable them to catch as much as and overtake their shallow counterparts.

Ideas for Planting Tomatoes Deep within the Floor

Close-up of a male gardener planting a seedling in the soil in the garden.
Use a full-size shovel for straightforward digging.

Even when you need to plant your tomatoes deeply, it may be tough to take action. In the event you’re in a rush, transplanting dozens of tomatoes, or coping with compacted soil, it’s rather a lot simpler to dig a six-inch gap than an 18-inch gap. Fortuitously, there are some ideas and tips for making digging deep holes simpler.

First, seize a shovel. Trowels are nice for small holes, however full-size shovels make digging deep holes a lot simpler. Not solely does their deep blade make it simpler to take away a lot of soil without delay, however steeping on the blade together with your foot is an environment friendly and easy-on-the-body strategy to break by compacted soil.

In the event you’re planting a lot of tomato seedlings, another choice is to make use of a hand-held auger. Many small-scale farmers use a drill-powered auger bit to shortly dig uniform, deep holes.

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Take away Leaves at or Beneath the Soil Floor

Close-up of a gardener's hands in blue gloves trimming the leaves of young tomato seedlings in a sunny garden bed. Tomato seedlings are characterized by robust stem, which supports a profusion of lush green foliage. The stems are sturdy yet flexible, bearing a slightly hairy texture. Arranged alternately along the stems are clusters of vibrant green leaves with serrated edges.
Trim or pinch off decrease leaves earlier than planting tomatoes.

Earlier than you plant your tomato seedlings within the floor. When buried, these leaves gained’t be capable to full photosynthesis and will likely be prone to rot. A pointy and sanitized pair of pruning shears makes it straightforward to trim the leaves the place they hook up with the stem, however you can even pinch off small leaves together with your fingers.

You also needs to take away any leaves that can come into contact with the bottom as soon as your seedlings are planted. Leaves that contact the soil are prone to growing soil-bourne illnesses like verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt.

Can You Bury a Tomato Plant Too Deep?

Close-up of man's elderly hands planting a tomato seedling deep into the soil. The tomato seedling has thin, slightly hairy stems with bright green oval leaves with jagged edges.
Plant tomatoes deeply, however keep away from burying the highest progress.

Sure, you’ll be able to plant a tomato plant too deep! Whereas deep planting encourages the plant to provide a wholesome root system, it will probably additionally result in points with plant well being and progress.

Since tomato vegetation produce new progress from the highest of the plant, it’s important to depart this portion of the plant above the bottom. You must by no means bury the highest two to 3 inches of your plant. I like to recommend leaving at the very least one set of true leaves above the bottom to make sure that the plant has sufficient tissue to photosynthesize.

Remaining Ideas

In the case of planting tomatoes, keep in mind that deeper planting equals wholesome vegetation! Burying half of the stem underground will enable the plant to develop a robust root system whereas leaving sufficient foliage above floor for continued photosynthesis and progress.

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