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Veronica - Perennial Plant, How to grow

Origin uncertain, probably named after St Veronica (Scrophulariaceae). Speedwell. A genus of some 300 species ‘ of hardy perennials, annuals and sub-shrubs, primarily from northern temperate areas. These described are hardy perennials, their flowers usually borne in spikes. Dwarf sorts are appropriate for the rock backyard.

Species Grown At the moment

  • Veronica agrestis, procumbent speedwell, prostrate, flowers pink, annual weed, Europe together with Britain.
  • Veronica chamaedrys, germander speedwell, 1-1.5 toes, brilliant blue, Could onwards, Europe together with Britain.
  • Veronica cinerea, 6 inches, leaves gray, flowers pale blue, early summer season.
  • Veronica exaltata, 5 toes, mauve in tall spikes, late summer season.
  • Veronica. fruticans (syn. V. saxatilis), rock speedwell, 3 inches, sub-shrub, deep blue with crimson eye, late summer season.
  • Veronica geritianoides, 2 toes, pale blue in slender spikes, Could—June; vars. nana, 1 foot; variegata, leaves variegated,, flowers deeper blue.
  • Veronica x guthrieana, 3 inches, flowers giant, blue, hybrid.
  • Veronica hederifolia, ivy-leaved speedwell, much like V. agrestis, Europe together with Britain.
  • Veronica. incana, 1-2 toes, leaves gray, flowers darkish blue, summer season; var. rosea, pink
  • Veronica longifolia, 2-4 toes, lilac-blue, late summer season; var. subsessilis, royal blue.
  • Veronica pectinata, 3 inches, mat-forming, leaves gray, flowers deep blue with white eye, Could; var. rosea, pink.
  • Veronica prostrate, 6 inches, creeping, blue, summer season; vars, ‘Mrs Holt’, pink; rosea, rosy-pink; ‘Shirley Blue‘, deep blue; Trehane’, leaves golden, flowers mild blue.
  • Veronica spicata, 2 toes, brilliant blue, late summer season; vars. alba, white; many sorts in blue, purple, and pink.
  • Veronica scutellata, marsh speedwell, creeping, flowers pale blue, pink or white, Europe, North America.
  • Veronica teucrium, 1-2 toes, lavender-blue, late summer season; vars. ‘Blue Fountain’, 2 toes, intense blue; ‘Royal Blue’, 11 toes.
  • Veronica virginica, 4-5 toes, mild blue, late summer season; var. alba, white.
  • Veronica whitleyi, 3-4 inches, tufted, blue with white eye, June to August.

The place to plant and learn how to propagate

Veronicas develop in strange soil and a sunny place. They’re propagated by division in August or in spring or by seed sown within the open in spring in mild soil and half shade.

Methods to Develop Veronica

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