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STRELITZIA Bird of Paradise Flower (Strelit'zia)

STRELITZIA — Hen of Paradise Flower 

A bunch of tender perennial crops, solely one in all which is usually grown. That is Strelitzia Reginae, which has massive decorative leaves on lengthy robust petioles (leafstalks), and bears good orange and purple flowers, a number of collectively inside a big bract, on stems 3 ft. or extra excessive in spring. It’s a native of South Africa and belongs to the Banana household, Musaceae. The title commemorates Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

This is without doubt one of the most exceptional unique flowering crops and is magnificent in full bloom. It thrives in a greenhouse the place a minimal temperature of 50-55 levels is maintained and will both be grown in massive flowerpots or in a ready mattress of soil on the greenhouse flooring. The crops should be uncovered to the sunshine and free air flow is required throughout heat summer time climate. At that season, the crops require a great deal of water, and the soil should be saved moist; in winter, the soil ought to be watered solely when it’s pretty dry.

Planting could also be finished in autumn or early spring. Probably the most appropriate soil consists of loam, two-thirds, with one-third of peat and leaf mildew and a free scattering of sand. If Strelitzia is grown in a mattress of soil, care should be taken that it’s properly drained. If the crops are grown in pots, these 7, 8 or 9 inches huge are appropriate. Early spring is the perfect time to repot these crops which want this consideration.

Outside Tradition

In climates with little or no frost, as in California and Florida, Strelitzias could also be grown outdoor. They thrive in any good soil and wish liberal quantities of water throughout their energetic development season. Established crops profit from an annual utility of fertilizer. Mulch from compost or different natural materials is of profit.

Propagation and Varieties

The only method of accelerating the inventory of Strelitzia is to detach the small aspect shoots or offsets when the crops are repotted. If seeds may be obtained, they need to be sown in a heat greenhouse in pots of sandy soil in February or March.

  • Along with
  • Strelitzia Reginae the next sorts are typically cultivated: Strelitzia augusta, which has a definite trunk and attains a top of 18 ft., flowers white;
  • Strelitzia kewensis, a hybrid between Strelitzia Reginae and Strelitzia augusta that’s intermediate in look between its mother and father and has pale yellow flowers with lilac-pink markings on the bottoms of its petals;
  • Strelitzia Nicolai, much like Strelitzia augusta however often bigger and with the internal segments of the flowers blue as a substitute of white;
  • Strelitzia parvifolia, like Strelitzia Reginae a trunkless type, 3-4 ft. tall, flowers purple and yellow. All, besides the artificially produced hybrid, Strelitzia kewensis, are natives of South Africa.

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