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Geum - Perennial Plant, How to grow

A genus of hardy herbaceous perennials, a few of that are helpful border vegetation, the dwarf species are good rock backyard vegetation. A number of are natives of the British Isles however these valued for gardens are from Europe, South America, and the Close to East.

From the Greek geno, to impart an agreeable taste, referring to the fragrant roots of some species (Rosaceae). Avens.

Species Grown Right this moment

  • Geum x borisii, 1 foot, vivid orange flowers, Could to August, hybrid.
  • Geum bulgaricum, 1-1.5 ft, yellow flowers, summer time.
  • Geum chiloense (syn. G. coccineum in some catalogs), 2 ft, scarlet flowers, summer time. The species itself is never cultivated, however from it many cultivars, principally with double flowers, have been produced. They embody ‘Dolly North’, orange; `Fireplace Opal’, single orange overlaid with crimson; ‘Girl Stratheden’, golden-yellow; ‘Prince of Orange’, brilliant orange; ‘Princess Juliana’, golden-orange; ‘Mrs Bradshaw’, pillarbox crimson; ‘Crimson Wings’, semi-double, brilliant scarlet, late flowering.
  • Geum x heldreichii 9-12 inches, orange-red, summer time, hybrid.
  • Geum montanum, 6-12 inches, yellow flowers, Could.
  • Geum. reptans, 6 inches, yellow, late summer time.
  • Geum rivale, water avens, 1 foot, reddish, Could and June, a local; ‘Leonard’s Selection’, with pink and orange flowers, is a cultivar.
  • Geum triflorum, 9-12 inches, smooth pink, July.

The place to plant and propagate

Geums are simply grown in any good, well-drained backyard soil. They respect the sunshine, however the border sorts tolerate shade and damp circumstances. Propagation is by division in spring or autumn or from seed sown outdoor in April or Could, or in a chilly body or greenhouse in March or April.

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