Growers Information for Dichorisandra – Blue ginger

Growing Dichorisandra - Blue ginger

A genus of herbaceous perennial crops from tropical America, grown primarily for his or her decorative foliage, although some even have showy flowers. They want heat greenhouse therapy in cooler areas. From the Greek dis, twice, chorizo, to half, aner, anther, referring to the 2-valved anthers (Commelinaceae).

Species grown as we speak

  • Dichorisandra mosaica, 2 toes, leaves inexperienced with white veins and different marks, reddish-purple on the undersides, flowers shiny blue, autumn, Peru.
  • Dichorisandra pubescens, 2 toes, flowers blue; var. taeniensis, leaves striped with white, flowers blue and white, Brazil.
  • Dichorisandra thyrsiflora, 4 toes or extra, leaves darkish inexperienced, flowers 1 darkish blue in a 6 inch lengthy spike, summer season to autumn, Brazil.
  • Dichorisandra vittata, 6-12 inches, leaves purplish-green with white stripes, Brazil.

The place to Plant and Develop Dichorisandra

These crops are potted up in March in a compost consisting of loam, leafmould and peat in equal components, plus slightly silver sand. The pots needs to be within the warmest a part of the greenhouse, the place a winter temperature of 55-65°F (13-18°C) may be maintained, rising in summer season to 75-85°F (24-29°C), when shading from daylight needs to be supplied.

Water freely from spring to autumn, reasonably solely in winter and keep away from draughts always. Propagation is by seeds sown in warmth in spring, by division of the crops in March or by cuttings taken at virtually any time, rooted in a propagating case with backside warmth.


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