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Gardening tasks to Do in July

Of all of the aromatic annuals, the petunia is one of the best identified and probably the most profuse flowering.

On the time we purchase vegetation within the spring, the moon vine is a poor-appear­ing plant; in any other case, extra folks would purchase them. How delicately fra­grant they’re, how fragile! Have you ever sown seeds of them? They’re arduous and must be soaked in water in a single day. One other pretty night annual is the Flowering Tobacco. It’s best planted amongst different quite tall flowers, which give it a background. In recent times charming deep rose and crimson kinds have been produced. They’re typically cataloged as Nicotiana sanderae hybrids.

After a refreshing bathe within the late afternoon, how nice is our stroll alongside the backyard paths, following the night meal; doubly so if now we have planted the Candy-briar Rose, the Eglantine of the British. This easy previous rose, delivered to America by the Pilgrims, has pleasant apple-scented leaves. Many different roses have bigger flowers and are extra lovely in colour, however then, they don’t have aromatic leaves.

The North

Tropical Fish. Tropical fish, resembling guppies and swordtails, could also be put within the lily pool to manage mosquitoes, instead of goldfish. Greater than probably if they’re in pairs, they may breed professional­fusely, producing a amount of younger, which, by the way in which, are born alive quite than hatched from an egg deposited on vegetation or on the pool backside, as is finished by most different fish.

The West Coast

Roses ought to have a relaxation interval from early July to late August. Domesticate nicely at first of the interval, then don’t give them any water till the top.

The beautiful Montbretias, coming in­to bloom now, thrive on about the identical cultural therapy as gladiolus.

Water chrysanthemums about as soon as every week and completely domesticate as quickly as the bottom might be labored. The identical applies to gladiolus and dahlia.

Mountain Journeys. In upland and mountain journeys, word the stunning native shrubbery. Many of those species might be obtained from nurseries in appropriate planting sizes.

Lilies require an abundance of water when they’re in bloom, however after all, the water must be stored off the blos­soms.

Snapdragons. Many western gar­deners sow snapdragons in July, be­lieving that they’re much freer from rust all through the remainder of the yr.

Sow Seeds. This can be a good month for sowing seeds of seaholly (Eryngium amethystinum) in seed containers, and goldencup (Hunnemannia) in beds the place the bloom is needed.

The South

Rule 1: Water, domesticate, mulch.

Oriental Poppies might be moved this month. If they aren’t dug too deeply, the remainder of the roots will develop into new vegetation.

Peonies are gaining popularity annually with these residing as far north as Tennessee. That is the month to order among the varieties your backyard lacks.

Winter bouquets must be con­sidered now, for lots of the everlast­ings are at their finest. They must be minimize whereas they’re within the bud stage and hung the wrong way up to dry.

Most of the annuals are struggling just a little from the warmth. Minimize them again, quite severely and they’re going to recuperate by stopping seeding.

Many perennials could also be sown this month. Begin cuttings of many such vegetation as coleus, Hibiscus, jasmine, and begonias.

Give azaleas an software of cot­tonseed meal. Pinching out ideas of recent twigs on azaleas between now and August 15 will give elevated bloom subsequent winter.

Leafrollers. Florida gardeners word: If leafrollers make your cannas ugly, use a pyrethrum spray to manage them.

“Gophers” If Florida gardeners are bothered with “gophers,” that are actually land turtles, soak a wad of cotton in carbon bisulphide, stuff it in­to the holes they’ve made, and canopy the doorway to the holes directly.

Roses. Florida nurserymen can sup­ply some rose varieties out of containers or balls and burlapped if wanted for summer-planting work.

Replenish the hole in your flower border with   Plumbago or carnations now.

In Georgia, in case your garden will get so weedy as to seem hopeless, plow it up this month, then replant to Ber­muda Grass each time situations are proper, someday between now and winter.

Poinsettias.  Minimize them again now.

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