Each Approach For How To Propagate An Arrowhead Plant

The 5-lobed leaf form of the Arrowhead plant makes it a superb alternative for residence growers who wish to incorporate constructive, balanced Chi into their indoor gardens. With its stunning design and low-maintenance care necessities, many growers wish to learn to propagate an Arrowhead plant to develop their assortment for enhanced magnificence and aesthetic enchantment. 

Learn on to find out about the perfect Arrowhead propagation strategies and our skilled insights for plant care as soon as the method is accomplished.

How To Propagate an Arrowhead Plant: What You’ll Want

Wholesome mom plant with mature stems.

While you propagate an Arrowhead plant, you have to to start with some instruments. An Arrowhead plant is able to propagate when it has developed just a few stems, nodes, and leaves. You’ll want to chop a number of inches, so make certain the plant is giant sufficient to help the method. Moreover, you must select a plant that’s in good well being and freed from illnesses or pests.

Clear pruning shears.

Be certain your shears are clear and sharp earlier than beginning the propagation course of to stop any potential harm or infections to the crops.

Appropriate Container

Smaller containers or glass vessels are perfect for Arrowhead propagation. Search for containers with a slim opening, as it’ll assist stabilize the reducing and promote root progress.

Potting Combine

A well-draining indoor potting soil combine is good for Arrowhead plant propagation. Should you resolve to propagate in water, keep away from faucet water, as it might include chemical compounds and pollution that may hurt the plant.

How To Propagate Anthurium Anthurium is simple to propagate, but having a guide to help you through it makes it so much better!

Propagation Promoter & Rooting Hormone 

Assure the success of your propagation course of through the use of a propagation promoter and rooting hormone. These merchandise are extremely really helpful as they assist stimulate root progress, improve water absorption, and supply important vitamins for the cuttings to thrive. 

How To Propagate an Arrowhead Plant From Stem Cuttings

How To Take A Stem Slicing

The vine-like stems of the Arrowhead plant are excellent for propagation – assuming you make the suitable cuts. To pick out the perfect stem to propagate, search for a powerful, mature vine that has the next:

  • One or two leaves on it
  • Seen nodes or progress factors
  • Sufficient size to chop 4 to six inches (10 to 15cm)

While you’ve discovered the right stem(s), reduce it slightly below a node utilizing clear and sharp pruning shears. The reduce needs to be at a 45-degree angle to maximise the floor space and facilitate higher nutrient absorption.

As a result of the plant grows higher when compact, you may take multiple stem from a mom Arrowhead, however not more than three or 4 at a time in order that it doesn’t put an excessive amount of pressure on the plant. 

Professional Tip: Dip the underside finish of the reducing in a root hormone or propagation promoter to encourage sooner root progress and general propagation success.

Rooting Stem Cuttings in Soil


It’s a good suggestion to prep your pots earlier than starting the propagation course of so that you just don’t go away the reducing uncovered to air for too lengthy. Sanitize the within of the pot with a weak water and bleach answer of 1:20. Make certain it’s utterly dry earlier than placing something in it.

As soon as your sanitized pot is able to go, place a small quantity of potting combine into it, roughly half full, then give it a spritz of water in order that it’s barely moist. 


Place the reducing into the pot, low sufficient that the soil touches the primary node. Cowl frivolously with extra potting combine, then spray it gently to moisten. 

If, after planting, you could have decrease leaves touching the soil, you may be happy to chop them off, as these will usually die off in the course of the propagation course of.

As soon as the reducing is snug in its new residence, place the pot in a heat, well-lit spot and maintain the soil barely moist utilizing a watering can or spray bottle. 

Monitoring Improvement

Verify the cuttings every day, in search of any change within the plant’s well being. A wholesome propagation course of will present new leaf progress inside 4 to six weeks. Should you discover that the leaves are yellowing or wilting, it’s a signal that the reducing shouldn’t be getting sufficient water and should have to be misted extra usually. Watch out to not overwater, as soggy soil may cause rot and result in the reducing’s demise.

Potting Rooted Arrowhead Stem Cuttings

Wholesome root progress in soil generally is a little tougher to watch, however the indicators that your plant is able to be potted are comparatively simple to identify. Mostly, the expansion of recent leaves on the nodes or the looks of recent roots via the drain holes on the backside of your pot are good indicators that it’s prepared for transplanting.

To repot rooted cuttings:

  1. Put together a brand new pot barely bigger than the present one and fill it with potting soil combine.
  2. After you have eliminated the reducing from its authentic pot, place it within the new one, filling round it with extra soil as wanted.
  3. Press down gently to make sure agency contact between roots and soil.In contrast to different frequent houseplants, Arrowheads don’t wish to be root-bound, so select a pot that may give the plant area to develop. 

You’ll know your plant isn’t joyful and wishes repotting while you see the roots popping out of the drainage holes or the plant turns into top-heavy and begins to lean.

Rooting in Water


Like soil propagation, it would be best to begin with a clear, sanitized container. Moreover, the container needs to be clear to permit gentle to enter and help the expansion of the roots.


After you have taken your reducing, place it within the container and fill it two thirds to midway with room temperature, filtered water. It’s important to not submerge the leaves within the water as this will result in rot. As soon as contained in the vessel, place it in a shiny, heat location.

Monitoring Improvement

Happily, water propagation is quick, so you may count on to see roots forming ahead of with soil propagation. Wholesome root progress takes 2 to three weeks with barely any upkeep exterior of normal water adjustments at any time when it seems cloudy or murky.

Potting Rooted Arrowhead Stem Cuttings After Water Propagation

As soon as the roots have grown a few inches, it’s time to switch your plant utilizing the identical course of for soil-propagated cuttings. 

Some growers go away the plant in water longer than the recommended 2-3 weeks. That is okay, however make certain to not let the roots get too lengthy, as they’ll begin to present indicators of stress and should have a more durable time adapting to the soil as soon as they’re lastly potted.  

What is the best way to propagate an Arrowhead plant? Read our guide for to make the process easy and guarantee stunning results.

How To Propagate an Arrowhead Plant Utilizing Root Division

As a result of Arrowhead crops don’t wish to be root-bound, you might discover that your plant has outgrown its pot and is beginning to present indicators of misery. On this case, root division could also be essential to maintain the plant wholesome and thriving whereas getting just a few further crops out of the method. To divide your Arrowhead plant:

  1. Take away the plant from its pot
  2. Rinse off as a lot soil from the roots as doable
  3. Determine pure divisions within the root system – these can be the place you make your cuts
  4. Utilizing a pointy, sterilized knife or pruners, rigorously reduce via the roots to separate sections 

of the plant 

  1. Repot every part into a brand new pot utilizing contemporary potting combine 
  2. Water and monitor for any indicators of stress or points with root progress 

Make sure to reduce away any broken or rotting roots earlier than propagating utilizing root division to keep away from transferring any points to the brand new crops. Moreover, understand that root division generally is a demanding course of for older crops with tangled root methods, so be cautious and mild when separating the sections. 

Professional Tip: Use a root complement to assist promote new progress and reduce stress in the course of the root division course of.

Care After Propagating

Mild & Place

Mild is significant to a profitable propagation course of because it helps stimulate progress and growth. For Arrowhead crops, shiny oblique gentle is good, so place your cuttings or newly potted crops in a spot with sufficient gentle however not direct daylight.

These hardy houseplants can even develop properly in medium gentle, however they could not develop as rapidly or have as vibrant of colours. Keep away from putting them in low-light areas, which might result in leggy progress and a weakened plant.

Temperature & Humidity

Native to the tropical areas of Central and South America, Arrowhead crops thrive in heat, humid environments. For profitable propagation and progress, maintain the temperature between 65-75 levels Fahrenheit (18-24 levels Celsius) and humidity ranges between 40% to 60%. 

In case you are in a chilly, dry local weather, you may improve humidity ranges by putting your crops on a tray crammed with pebbles and water, utilizing a humidifier, or frivolously misting them a number of occasions per week. In on-line houseplant fanatic communities, many growers have discovered controlling humidity higher when putting a bag or plastic tent over the plant whereas propagating it. 

Soil Sort

Nicely-draining soil is good for the Arrowhead, however there’s extra to it than simply that. This plant thrives in a mixture of peat moss, pine bark, and perlite or vermiculite. Moreover, indoor potting soil formulation incorporating inexperienced waste, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and different micronutrients will assist promote wholesome progress and growth. 


A watering routine as soon as each 10 to 14 days needs to be adequate to your Arrowhead plant, offering sufficient moisture to maintain the soil hydrated with out inflicting root rot. Generally, this watering routine might have to be adjusted when the climate is especially sizzling and dry. 

You also needs to pour your watering can slowly excessive of the plant, as pouring too rapidly can wash away any vitamins within the prime layers of soil. You may proceed pouring till water begins to empty via the underside of the pot.

Widespread Issues After Propagating an Arrowhead Plant

No propagation course of is foolproof, and you might encounter a number of of the next challenges throughout or after the method:

  • Root Rot: That is sometimes brought on by overwatering or poor drainage and might result in a decline in general plant well being. To keep away from root rot, use well-draining soil and solely water when the topsoil feels dry.
  • Stunted Development: In case your newly propagated plant appears to be struggling or not rising as anticipated, it might want extra vitamins. Think about using a fertilizer designed explicitly for houseplants to advertise progress and growth.
  • Pests: Some pests like fungus gnats and spider mites may cause points for Arrowhead crops. Hold a watch out for any indicators of infestation, akin to tiny bugs crawling on leaves or webs forming between stems. Deal with with pure pest management strategies like wipes or natural sprays.

Professional Tip: Order a houseplant care bundle for all of the objects wanted to maintain your newly propagated Arrowhead plant wholesome and thriving, together with fertilizer, root complement, and leaf armor.

FAQ: How To Propagate Arrowhead Plant 

  1. When is the perfect time to propagate an Arrowhead plant? 

The perfect time to propagate an Arrowhead plant is in the course of the spring and summer time months when it’s in its lively progress part. This may give your cuttings or divided sections the perfect likelihood of taking root and thriving.

  1. Can I exploit distilled water to propagate an Arrowhead plant? 

Sure, distilled water is a wonderful possibility for propagating crops because it often doesn’t include any dangerous chemical compounds or mineral deposits that may have an effect on plant progress. However you might want so as to add a propagation promoter, root complement, or plant meals to make sure cuttings have the mandatory vitamins to develop.

  1. Ought to I propagate an Arrowhead plant from cuttings or root division? 

Cuttings are a lot simpler to carry out and fewer demanding for the plant than root division. Nonetheless, root division could be an effective way to get extra crops out of 1, particularly in case your Arrowhead is giant and beginning to present indicators of misery. 

Propagate Arrowhead Crops for a House Crammed With Good Power

While you learn to propagate an arrowhead plant you not solely provides extra greenery to your property but it surely additionally brings constructive power and vitality. By following the following pointers and strategies, you may efficiently propagate this stunning and versatile houseplant, making a balanced and harmonious ambiance in your residing area. 

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Extra Houseplant Sources

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