Develop Flame of the Woods Flowers in a Pot

Botanical Identify: Ixora coccinea 

Huge, brilliant flower clusters give this beautiful tropical shrub a pair widespread names: Flame-of-the-Woods and Jungle Geranium.

Uncover tips on how to develop Ixoras in containers, learn how a lot sunshine and water they need year-round, when to repot, and tips on how to make these beauties bloom. (It is easy!)

ixora coccinea, ixora flowersClusters of vibrant blooms make Ixora a sought-after tropical plant.

Get to Know Ixora Coccinea

This magnificent perennial prefers sunshine, heat temps and excessive humidity, like in its native tropical habitat of India and Sri Lanka.

Now yow will discover cultivars obtainable with blooms in shades of pinks, yellows, oranges and reds. Every star-like flower has 4 petals and may develop as much as 1-in (2.5 cm) huge. Not that spectacular, however put dozens of blooms collectively and people flower heads pack numerous scorching shade on this compact shrub.

Even younger crops are wanting to bloom. You will not wait lengthy for barely rooted cuttings to flower. 

Many Ixora flowers are additionally delightfully aromatic, attracting butterflies in the event you select to maneuver your plant to the patio for the summer time. 

Shiny, oval leaves develop in reverse pairs on upright stems. Prune Ixora coccinea again after flowering is over to maintain it compact. Shrubs that are not pruned will look leggy and might have staking. 

How huge do Ixoras get? These woody shrubs will finally attain 2-4 ft tall, and unfold about as huge, in order that they want some room. Search for dwarf varieties — they develop as much as 2 ft (30 cm) and are perfect for rising in small containers.

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Ixora is a genus within the Rubiaceae household, that spans about 600 species of shrubs, bushes and herbs. Coffea and gardenia are on this household of splendidly scented crops.

Ixora CoccineaPhotograph credit score

Learn how to Make Ixora Coccinea Flower and Different Particular Helps

No blooms? Ixoras that do not bloom do not get sufficient gentle. Put it in a heat greenhouse or sunroom to give your plant the daylight it needs. Relying on the place you reside, shifting Ixora coccinea to your patio for the summer time could also be excellent.

Deadhead spent blooms for a greater wanting plant and to encourage extra flowers.

Fertilize I. coccinea through the rising season to present it extra blooming energy. (See “Fertilizer” under.)

Repot in spring, shifting up 1 pot dimension to present this lovely flowering plant extra room to develop. Use a pot with drainage holes to forestall soggy soil.

Overwinter Ixora indoors. This perennial evergreen would not just like the chilly in any respect. Should you set your potted shrub outdoors for the summer time, deliver it in when the temperature drops under 60°F/16°C at night time. This sudden change to low gentle ranges shall be a shock to the plant and it’ll seemingly drop numerous leaves. Don’t fret, it is regular. Cut back watering and cease fertilizing until spring.

One thing bugging your plant? Not many pests will trouble Ixora indoors, however look ahead to aphids and scale bugs that wish to nibble on new plant progress. Deal with an infested plant straight away to forestall harm, and to maintain pests from shifting on to close by crops.

ixora coccinea, jungle geraniumAttractive Ixora flowerheads blooming in greenhouse. Photograph ©Irina Opachevsky

Ixora Coccinea Plant Care

Gentle: Full solar to partial shade. Ixora coccinea wants loads of direct daylight to bloom. Scoot your plant outside for the summer time, if you would like, to present it the sunshine it wants.

Water: Water completely then enable the floor of the potting medium to dry out earlier than watering once more. Do not enable it to dry out an excessive amount of — Ixora will wilt and never bloom properly if the potting combine is dry. Use rainwater, permitting it to heat as much as room-temperature as a result of chilly water will shock this tropical native. Water much less in winter, when progress slows.

Humidity: Excessive humidity is a should. If relative humidity drops under 50%, place pot on a tray of moist pebbles or use a cool-mist room humidifier for Ixoras. If the leaf edges flip brown and flower buds shrivel with out opening, the air is just too dry.

Temperature: Maintain heat year-round (75°F/24°C) with a minimal temperature of 60°F/16°C. Keep in mind, this warm-natured, evergreen shrub would not just like the chilly. Shield plant from chilly blasts from home windows, entry methods and A/C vents. 

Soil: Acidic peat moss-based combine, comparable to African violet potting combine.

Fertilizer: Feed each 2 weeks in spring and summer time with an all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half. 

Propagation: Take 3-inch (8 cm) stem tip cuttings in spring or summer time. Dip the reduce finish in water, then hormone rooting powder. Put the stem in moist potting combine, then agency the combo across the stem in order that it stands up. Enclose the entire pot in plastic to take care of humidity. Roots ought to develop in a few month.

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