Corn Gluten Meal is a by-product of the corn milling course of.  It’s an Natural different to chemical pre-emergent, and doubles as a slow-release Nitrogen supply with about 10% N by weight. It’s your best option if you happen to dwell close to the lake or different water supply.

Once more, timing is essential with a view to notice the perfect outcomes attainable. With corn gluten meal, the moist/dry interval have to be managed fastidiously, AND, the product should even be utilized BEFORE the weed emerges from the seed!

Corn gluten meal works by inhibiting root formation in germinating seeds.  Weeds germinate and kind a brief, bent root. A brief drying interval is required after germination so the basis doesn’t develop after rising. An excessive amount of water following germination could enable the weed root to recuperate and develop once more.


IMPORTANT: You need to apply about 1/2” of water on the time of software to activate the Corn Gluten Meal. The garden MUST BE KEPT DRY for 4-5 days after software, so test the forecast and switch off the sprinklers. Any water utilized inside this time interval will negate the consequences of the corn gluten on rising seedlings.

Ideally, corn gluten meal needs to be utilized to lawns and beds in mid-September to early October in Central Texas. The really useful charge is 20#/ 1000 sq.ft. (Don’t use the advice of 10#/1000 sq. ft. that’s on the bag) Utilizing the product on the greater charge ensures higher management. Utilizing corn gluten for a number of seasons will give higher management in the long run.