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A earlier weblog submit addressed sculpture as an artwork kind and the way it pertains to Bonsai (https://bonsaiplace.internet/2021/03/28/bonsai-as-sculpture-an-art-form/). This weblog submit will take an extra sensible strategy by making use of pictures to explain the method.

The beginning.

Carving is often finished to create or improve jin, uro (holes), shari (stripped bark) or eliminating areas the place giant branches have been eliminated. On this case a big department, about one inch thickness, needed to be eliminated and it was determined to go away a 15cm piece of it and sculpt a jin (deadwood) out of it.

I take advantage of a die grinder with a carving bit to take away materials quick and to roughly form the useless straight department by making grooves in curves and alternating the depth of the grooves. As soon as that is finished I burn the jin to do away with wooden fibres after which repeat the method with the trusted Dremel and a smaller carving bit.

As talked about, burning the jin with a butane torch removes the unfastened fibres, nevertheless it additionally helps to do away with sharp edges and gear marks. After a heavy torching, the jin is brushed with a copper brush after which with a nylon brush. Sand paper can be utilized to clean areas that wants it, however I discover that the brushing works properly by itself.

To protect the newly carved jin, I wash the entire tree off after which let it dry and relaxation for a couple of days. Lime sulphur or a wooden hardener can then be utilized. For a darker end, combine some ash (burnt paper) in water and paint on. A few of the grooves can be painted by making use of black ink. All fluids must be diluted. Lime sulphur is often diluted with water 50/50%.

Security points:

  • Put on security glasses in the course of the carving section.
  • Use gloves when utilizing the ability instruments.
  • When utilizing the torch, shield the remainder of the tree from the flame by utilizing aluminium foil or a moist material round foliage and close by components.

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