Burn Herbs In Your Campfire to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Whether or not you’re tenting or having fun with slightly yard entertaining round a fireplace pit, you’ll be able to simply repel mosquitoes by tossing in just a few herb branches. Burning herbs is a pure and protected approach to hold mosquitoes from making you their subsequent meal. Learn on to seek out out which contemporary crops and herbs repel mosquitoes and how you can use them.

Garden Sage

Spending time outdoors is considered one of my favorite issues to do. I can backyard virtually all day and never be in the slightest degree bothered by bugs. Then, the night comes, and the mosquitoes come out. UGH! My least favorite insect of all of them! 

With none mosquito intervention, I develop into the meal du jour, and my pretty day turns into a night of waving fingers and smacking myself in an erratic and awkward dance to forestall the inevitable itchy welts which might be certain to comply with.

As I’ve realized extra about crops over time, one of many issues I’ve found is strategies for utilizing crops to naturally repel mosquitoes.

This permits me to understand the pure advantages of crops whereas additionally avoiding the usage of probably damaging chemical compounds in business bug sprays.

Over time, I developed my pure bug spray which is made with important oils and has labored wonders when it’s mosquito season.

One other methodology that I exploit to discourage mosquitoes is burning branches of herbs over the fireplace pit (or campfire). And I’m going to inform you how one can too!

Drying herbs to repel mosquitoes
Most herbs will work with this trick, some higher than others.

Historical past of Burning Herbs

Indigenous Peoples, healers, herbalists, spiritual leaders, and the spiritually devoted from everywhere in the world have burned herbs as part of their spiritual and cultural traditions for hundreds of years.

Indigenous Peoples sustainably harvest sacred crops native to the land with appreciating and reverence. Drying and bundling them, and burning them in a cleaning follow referred to as smudging. Smudge sticks are used for ceremonial and purification functions.

These practices are steeped with custom and deep religious that means. With all that has been taken from Indigenous Peoples, non-native of us have to keep away from culturally appropriating these rituals. 

dried herbs lying side by side on a table
Burning herbs has a protracted and vital historical past for a lot of cultures and religions.

Burn Herbs With Appreciation For Different Cultures

In fashionable herbalism, a lot of what we use right this moment is predicated on the practices of many cultures. There’s a deep appreciation for the historical past of utilizing (and burning) herbs and permitting natural research to incorporate each the previous and the current.

Burning herbs over a fireplace for his or her natural properties is a respectfully totally different follow than the usage of smudge sticks for ceremonial or spiritual functions. Smoke cleaning is the act of burning herbs with out the cultural or religious, and is an fulfilling approach to expertise the helpful natural properties.

Once I burn herbs over a fireplace to repel mosquitoes, I achieve this with appreciation and gratitude for each the traditional data of herbs in addition to the usage of natural crops (not sacred crops) to securely and successfully hold bugs at bay.

fresh lavender bundles from the garden
We will use and admire the traditional data of herbs handed down.

Which Vegetation Repel Mosquitoes?

To place it mildly, I hate getting mosquito bites. My immune system reacts very strongly to their saliva, which suggests I find yourself with giant, itchy, welt bites that hassle me for days. I used to make use of giant quantities of bug spray to save lots of myself from mosquito bites, however the spray bothered me, too.

Luckily, there are pure methods to efficiently deter these pesky bugs!

Mosquitoes hate strong-smelling herbs like:

We will use these herbs in a number of methods to assist ship the one-two punch that may hold pesky bugs away so we will get pleasure from evenings outdoors.

A software in your mosquito-repelling software belt is to toss just a few branches of herbs (contemporary or dried) into the fireplace. Fortunately, what smells heavenly to you’ll ship bugs packing. Let’s dive slightly deeper into every herb to seek out out why.

Fresh herbs to repel mosquitoes
You need to use contemporary or dried herbs for this trick.


Lavender has a well known and extensively used nice scent that, thankfully, folks love and mosquitoes hate. Burning lavender is extremely efficient at repelling flying bugs.

Enjoyable reality: you can even rub the plant straight in your pores and skin to launch its oils as one other approach to deal with pest management.

bunches of dried lavender
Lavender is finest harvested simply earlier than the buds open.


Members of the mint household (peppermint, and so forth) all have a robust, nice scent that flying bugs hate. Mint can also be extraordinarily prolific, so it’s simple to have a giant bundle on the prepared while you develop it in containers in your backyard.

Mint plant with variegated leaves growing in a garden
Pineapple mint.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a part of the mint household that has nice white flowers and a gentle lemony perfume. It really works effectively to maintain mosquitoes away.

Nonetheless, lemon balm’s potential draw back is that it grows quick and might shortly take over your backyard. To maintain it from operating wild, it’s finest to plant lemon balm in a container or different contained area.

Lemon Balm to repel mosquitoes
This may be an effective way to maintain your lemon balm in management.


Burning sage emits nice aromatherapy that makes a night outdoors even higher. The opposite profit is that the identical scent deters mosquitoes and different flying pests.

Ornamental Edibles Garden Sage
Culinary sage is a perennial, so you’ll be able to harvest from it yearly for this trick.


One very well-known and customary ingredient in mosquito-repelling candles is citronella. Its sturdy scent does an awesome job of masking the very features that entice mosquitoes to us. Luckily for us, citronella is simple to develop.

burning herbs in a campfire
There are additionally citronella-scented crops, akin to this geranium.

Burn Herbs in a Campfire

Burning these herbs is as simple as tossing them proper into the fireplace. Place the herb bundle to the facet relatively than straight within the middle of the fireplace so it doesn’t burn down too quick.

The smoke will carry the scent, so so long as they’re burning, the mosquitoes ought to depart you alone. Relying on the dimensions of your hearth, you need to use slightly or giant bundle of herbs. Maintain just a few bundles useful to repeatedly toss into the fireplace as wanted.

Use contemporary or dried herbs. Contemporary herbs usually have a stronger scent than dried.

After all, simply the smoke from the fireplace helps hold bugs away. However, by including in some herbs that hold mosquitoes and biting bugs away, they assist to masks your scent. So, in the event you’re like me and appear to draw biting bugs away from different folks, the addition of herbs to your hearth might probably be that further step you might want to REALLY hold the bugs away.

Dried Sage on outdoor herb rack
I usually use dried herbs, as I dry them all through the season and have them available.

Repel Mosquitoes And not using a Hearth

You’ll be able to nonetheless create bug-repelling smoke even in the event you don’t have a firepit. Making your individual citronella candles is simple and cheap in the event you use recycled supplies. See how you can make these Citronella Candles or these Terracotta Pot Citronella Candles to have all through your backyard.

DIY Citronella candle as a way to get rid of bugs naturally
I hate the scent of citronella within the store-bought candles and discover these way more fulfilling.

For an additional line of defence, don’t overlook to spritz on this all-natural bug repellent that basically works (and I might know as a result of regardless that I don’t love mosquitoes, they LOVE me)!

All natural bug spray to repel mosquitoes
This bug spray solely takes a couple of minutes to make.

I’ve additionally been dabbling and planting just a few mosquito-repelling container gardens to have across the areas I are likely to ceaselessly be in and I’ve to say, they’ve been serving to tremendously.

Between burning herb bundles and utilizing these different DIY strategies, you’ll be able to lastly (and safely) say “buzz off!” to pesky mosquitoes and get again to having fun with your night outdoors. 

Attempt These Different Pest-Repelling Ideas

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