Arrowhead Plant Care- An Final Information To To Take Care Of Your Arrowhead Plant.

Arrowhead Plant Care- An Ultimate Guide to To Take Care of Your Arrowhead Plant.

The arrowhead plant, additionally recognized by its botanical time period, Syngonium podophyllum or Syngonium, is a well-known houseplant resident of the tropical rainforests of America. 

Its acquainted identify, Arrowhead Plant, originated from the arrow-like construct of its leaves. Speedy-growing and leafy, the Arrowhead is at all times spreading new foliage, in sorts various from deep inexperienced with white variegation to shades of lime and light-weight pink. Because the Arrowhead grows, it may well create trailing or climbing limbs and greater leaves. 

The plant does fairly okay if left comparatively unaided, making it a beautiful alternative for rookie gardeners or those that simply overlook to oversee their in-home backyard typically. However nonetheless, nourishing your arrowhead plant with the right rising situations will provide you with a lush and wholesome plant. Let’s talk about how one can convey the very best out of your plant. 

Fast reality desk at a look:

Truth Description
Scientific Identify Syngonium podophyllum
Household Arums
Native to Latin America, Mexico
Plant kind Perennial herbs with fleshy rhizomes
Frequent Identify  arrowhead vine, arrowhead philodendron, goosefoot, and American evergreen.
Peak 3 to six toes tall
Width One to 2 toes large
Lifespan As much as ten years.
Leaves Multi-colored arrow-shaped leaves.
Flowers Tiny inexperienced or white flowers
Fruits Achene fruits
Increase time Summer time
Hardiness Zone USDA zone 10-12
Toxicity  Toxic to cats and canine.
Symbolism Steady enchancment
Upkeep degree Simple

Primary care tip of arrowhead crops:

The essential care information for arrowhead crops includes offering a wholesome surroundings to allow them to develop freely. By matching the soil, mild, water, temperature, and placement wants with its native surroundings you may efficiently obtain the right environment for them. Let’s see what their fundamental wants are. 

Water Wants:

Arrowhead plant’s water requirement is medium and it’s essential to maintain the soil evenly moist. The soil seems like a well-wrung-out sponge. 

Many elements like soil, air circulation, and temperature have an effect on the frequency of water necessities. So as a substitute of getting a set watering routine, it’s higher to make use of your commentary. 

Use your finger and insert it within the soil to really feel the dryness. When the higher floor is dry to the contact, they’re prepared for a drink. For forgetful and new plant homeowners, a moisture meter will do the job in seconds. Examine the soil each 4 to 5 days. 

It doesn’t matter what by no means overwater your plant. Arrowhead crops are hardy however root rot can simply finish them in a span of few days. 

Be sure that the pot you might be utilizing has drainage holes and the holes ought to operate correctly. Water the plant and look at how a lot time it’s taking to empty out extra water. 

Throughout winter the arrowhead plant goes via dormancy. The entire tree shouldn’t be absolutely lively throughout this time. Clearly, the water wants are much less as effectively. However by no means ever let the soil dry out fully. One efficient and fast option to decide that is by observing the state of the leaves. Water-thirsty crops present indicators via droopy leaves, when you apply water they are going to achieve their power again to rise. 

Perfect Soil:

You possibly can plant your arrowhead plant in an everyday soil combine accessible out there. However one factor you’ve got to remember is that these crops can undergo from root rot very simply, so despite the fact that they don’t seem to be demanding in regards to the soil contained the soil should drain effectively. 

Peat, perlite, and compost combined in high-quality potting combine will give that posh surroundings on your plant. One factor you want to remember in no matter soil you utilize, the soil particles will break down and make it compact so re-potting with contemporary soil will give a contemporary root zone. 

If you’re feeling a bit artistic, you may combine your individual soil by taking common potting soil and mixing it with perlite and orchid bark as drainage elements. This explicit combine lasts longer.

As drainage is essential for arrowhead crops, attempt to use terracotta or clay vessels as they’re recognized to be probably the most drainage-friendly pot choices. 

Perfect Temperature:

Arrowhead crops develop fairly effectively within the similar temperatures that people choose, it’s also possible to say they’re okay with room temperatures. The best temperature for an arrowhead plant is anyplace between 65 and 75 levels Fahrenheit. Should you don’t stay in a area like this you may set your thermostat to that degree and your plant will thrive. Should you place your arrowhead plant outdoor through the summer season months, it should do effectively with none complaints. Solely make sure to carry it in earlier than the in a single day temperatures fall into the 50s and attempt to maintain it out of direct solar. 

Gentle and Humidity:

Develop an arrowhead plant in an space with medium daylight. Indoor areas with east-facing or south-facing home windows can often feed tons of wanted mild for this plant. They will deal with shiny oblique daylight however be certain it’s just for just a few hours. In case your window is south going through, put the plant again just a few toes so the plant shouldn’t be get revealed to intense direct daylight, which may be difficult notably through the excessive level of the summer season. Should you left the plant within the direct solar for too lengthy, the arrowhead plant can get sunburn and spot burns. 

Humidity could also be a bit extra complicated to keep up since these crops like a little bit moistness within the air. Cultivating them in a toilet or kitchen can assist. Or, you should utilize a drip or pebble tray to extend the ambient humidity within the space close to the plant. Use an enormous plant saucer with 1/2-inch gravel, load it halfway with water, and set the potted plant on high. Don’t put the plant round a heating or air con vent.

The place to position arrowhead crops?

Locations the place you may put your arrowhead plant:

  • You possibly can place your plant close to a window, however place it just a few toes away, or use a curtain to filter direct daylight.
  • Arrowhead crops can keep in your bed room if the situations match their fatherland. Be sure that the temperature and light-weight necessities are on level.
  • If you’re planning to make use of it as an outside plant, discover a shaded space or present shade the place it may well get sufficient daylight however filtered. 
  • Should you don’t have entry to pure mild, you should utilize develop mild or synthetic mild to fill your wants.
  • In case your rest room or kitchen has an enormous window, it might be a perfect place for them, as these crops will get humidity and light-weight on the identical time. 

Locations the place you may’t put your arrowhead plant:

  • Don’t place the tree close to an AC or heated space. 
  • Keep away from inserting the arrowhead plant outdoors throughout mid-summer. 
  • Keep away from inserting them outdoors when the temperature drops drastically as effectively. 
  • Maintain the tree out of pets’ and youngsters’s attain as they’re confirmed to be poisonous. 

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Advance care tip of arrowhead crops:

Advance care suggestions primarily give attention to excessive care that helps to make the tree extra ornamentally interesting. ALL these additional care like fertilizing, pruning, re-potting, and eliminating pests will give an additional increase for development whereas making the tree extra lush. 


Arrowhead crops don’t should be fed, however they revenue from common fertilization. Unfold general-purpose houseplant fertilizer, with a proportional combine corresponding to 10-10-10 or 20-20-20, in keeping with the model’s steering. 

One of the vital simple modes to offer arrowhead crops the fertilizer they require is by utilizing a time-release fertilizer three or 4 instances yearly. In contrast to conventional granular fertilizer, time-release plant meals turns into useful for crops slowly to feed them over the interval of a number of months. Novices can use this with none fear.

One other appropriate possibility is liquid fertilizer. Combine the answer up in keeping with the model’s directions. 


When the roots get tighter within the pot it must be re-potted instantly. 

Arrowhead plant’s roots are vigorous. So, usually, they wanted new soil and pots each two to 5 years. 

Irrespective of wherein area you reside, attempt to be performed with the transplanting course of a minimum of 6 weeks earlier than winter.

The pot measurement must be barely bigger than the tree itself. Suppose the tree is 4 inches then it is best to use a pot with 6 inch depth.

For the perfect soil combine for re-potting use potting soil, coco coir, pumice, and compost. 

Now let’s transfer on to the method;

Maintain the plant sideways, purpose for the drainage holes, and use some objects like a pen or pencil which might simply go into the drainage holes. Press the foundation ball with a view to take the tree out. There are different strategies to take the tree out of the pot. One of the vital efficient is soaking the soil in water for an hour and taking the tree out when the soil is mild sufficient to be disturbed. 

Gently massaged or teased the roots. The tangle-free roots might be free to develop in a brand new larger pot. 

Within the new develop pot, use a sheer fabric to cowl the drainage holes and apply the soil combination you made earlier. Because the tree wants good drainage, you may make use of an additional layer of gravel proper on the backside.

Place the plant and canopy the gaps with extra soil combine. Press the soil together with your hand and take away air pockets. 


Be sure that your arrowhead plant is free from stress earlier than re-potting.

Soil performs an essential position within the development of the roots and tree as a result of the roots additionally want air to breathe and the soil combine we talked about earlier can present it. 


Arrowhead Plant Care- An Ultimate Guide to To Take Care of Your Arrowhead Plant.

Pruning is a distinguished a part of Arrowhead Plant upkeep. It eliminates skinny enlargement and encourages new development. For higher outcomes, prune your arrowhead plant through the rising season, which means in spring or summer season. Fall pruning is suitable, too, primarily for those who’re dwelling in a extra average temperature.

Prune the elongated and leggy branches, taking a few of them off altogether. You should do this someplace when the plant is giant and droopy. This isn’t artistic pruning, and since these crops develop quick, it’s powerful to mess it up.

Carry out tip pruning or pinching on the opposite stems. This can be a distinguished follow to maintain crops from getting too droopy and increase them to develop thicker. That is the place you’re taking 2-5 leaves off the backs of the first stems. 

Minimize off some older stems. These lengthy limbs that have been naked of leaves on the high actually gave the plant an unattractive look.

Eliminating potential pests and ailments:

Naturally, the arrowhead plant doesn’t have any issues with pests or ailments. If they’re co-residing with different crops, they may get attacked by crossover infestation of widespread pests corresponding to aphids, mealybugs, or spider mites.

Study your crops regularly and deal with them accordingly if signs of pest points seem. Take away pests by hand manually and wipe down branches and leafage with a rubbing alcohol-soaked towel. Trim out harshly injured plant elements. Sprinkle with an accurate insecticide corresponding to a combination of insecticidal cleaning soap or neem oil. 

Tips on how to propagate the arrowhead plant?

Propagation of the arrowhead plant ought to place on the finish of April. Spring, summer season & fall are appropriate instances to domesticate as a result of the roots develop faster within the hotter local weather. I’ll present you 3 ways of propagation- propagation in soil, propagation in water, and division methodology. 

Soil propagation:

Soil propagation is a simple option to propagate this plant. 

Take a pointy chopping object and trim out some wholesome cuttings from the mom plant. It’s higher to go away two or three nodes and some leaves on the high for greatest outcomes.

Be sure that the underside half of the chopping is clear from leaves. It ought to have a clear follow get into the soil. 

Dip the cuttings within the rooting hormone. This step is completely optionally available however many gardeners love to incorporate this step as they provide an additional kick for root development. 

Make a soil combine with sphagnum moss, orchid bark, and potting soil fill it in a container. The pot and the soil each ought to have a very good drainage system.

Moist the soil, make holes within the soil with a pen or pencil and insert the cuttings. 

Maintain the container in a shaded space and moisten the soil on occasion. 


You received’t be capable to see the foundation development on this course of, so tug the cuttings flippantly to watch how a lot the roots have established. 

Water propagation:

Arrowhead Plant Care- An Ultimate Guide to To Take Care of Your Arrowhead Plant.

Water propagation follows comparable guidelines with only a few completely different steps.

Place the ready cuttings in a jar or container of water and place it close to the window in a heat place. Be sure that the plant shouldn’t be getting direct daylight.

Change the water each different week and clear the container on occasion if wanted.

On this case, it is possible for you to to obviously witness the foundation development. 

As soon as roots begin to present up, plant them of their everlasting pot. 

Division methodology:

You too can multiply arrowhead crops by using the division technique, which begins by drawing the crops and pruning via the foundation system.

This isn’t probably the most favored various as a result of mature crops are often so large and entangled that it’s simply extra labor than it’s price, notably when it’s a lot extra simple to propagate with stem cuttings.

Should you’re re-potting your arrowhead plant anyway and discover that it’s getting a bit too massive, division is usually a handy methodology. Simply take a clear knife and break up the cluster into items. All that you must do is plant these up and proceed caring as traditional, since they’ll have already got their root techniques established. 


Caring for an arrowhead plant means offering the proper high quality soil, sustaining the precise temperature, taking good care of its water wants, and inspiring its development with fertilizer. Aside from that pruning, re-potting, and making them pest and disease-free additionally play an essential position. When you perceive all of those, maintaining a wholesome plant round your home could be simple. 

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