All Concerning the Wintergreen Plant

‘Berry Cascade’: A trademarked productive selection that produces fruits alongside your complete stem of the vine, as an alternative of simply on the ends of stems.

‘Cherry Berries’: A cultivar chosen for extra-large, showy wintergreen berries.

‘Winter Fiesta’: A more recent cultivar that was chosen for its vibrant white wintergreen berries with a pink blush.

Associated Species

The wintergreen genus consists of 4 different vegetation which can be native to america: Gaultheria humifusa (Alpine wintergreen), G. ovatifolia (Oregon spicy wintergreen), G. hispidula (creeping snowberry), and G. shallon (salal).

These are all a part of the Ericaceae household, which incorporates over 4 thousand species distributed all around the world. Wintergreen is said to a various group of vegetation resembling cranberry, rhododendron, manzanita, heather, and mountain laurel.

Wintergreen Propagation


Berries in late fall frost.

Wintergreen may be grown from seeds which can be potted up in soil and cold-stratified (uncovered to chilly) for 2 to 3 months to induce them to germinate.

The simplest technique to generate new vegetation is to divide previous, established wintergreen colonies by gently digging up a small part of the shrub that has some roots connected to it, and potting it up with acidic, well-drained soil for just a few sea- sons till it has grown a bigger root system for transplanting.

One other simple technique for propagating vegetation is to layer a bit of the department underneath a small mound of soil to encourage roots to kind; after a season or two, this half may be minimize away from the mom plant and potted up.

Pests and Issues

The vegetation are usually not bothered by many pests, however the berries do sometimes get taken by wildlife.


Wintergreen was used as a pure type of ache reduction as a result of all the elements of the vegetation comprise methyl salicylate, which is a pure aspirin-like chemical.

Utilizing small quantities of the leaves and berries for brewing drinks is protected, however individuals who have an allergic response to aspirin ought to train warning when utilizing the leaves.

Wintergreen Oil

Commercially produced wintergreen oil is a typical natural medical product used as a pure treatment for sore muscular tissues due to its helpful anti-inflammatory properties.

However such a oil accommodates chemically distilled oils whose methyl salicylate is far stronger than the leaves of the plant.

It may be used solely as a topical pores and skin cream, and is taken into account extremely poisonous and harmful to ingest in any kind!


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