7 Distinctive and Uncommon Tomatoes That Wow within the Backyard

In the event you’re uninterested in common ole’ crimson tomatoes, boost this season’s backyard with a uncommon choice. There are over 10,000 varieties grown globally, but most of us are solely uncovered to a dozen or so differing kinds. Commercially grown tomatoes usually lack taste as a result of breeding for top yields and lengthy storage. Backyard retailer sorts might have extra aroma, however they nonetheless cater to mainstream tastes. 

Whereas there’s nothing incorrect with a scrumptious traditional crimson slicer, experimental gardeners and cooks are looking for one thing extra extravagant and unusual. These 7 distinctive and strange tomatoes are positive to wow your backyard this season!

‘Inexperienced Zebra’

Inexperienced Zebra Pole Tomato Seeds

‘Artisan Tiger Stripes’

Artisan Tiger Stripes Mix Pole Cherry Tomato Seeds

‘Black Krim’

Black Krim Pole Tomato Seeds

7 Uncommon Tomatoes to Wow in Your Backyard

A variety of tomatoes ranges in shades from deep crimson to vibrant red, resting under the warm sunlight.
Totally different sorts of tomatoes are bred for particular traits.

Plant breeding can produce some extremely unusual and delightful specimens. Fortuitously, it doesn’t require genetic modification (GMOs). Whereas genetic modification makes use of high-tech lab gear to splice genes from one species into one other, conventional plant breeding merely crosses collectively totally different crops to decide on fascinating traits. 

Similar to canine breeds are bred and raised for sure functions, like greyhounds for racing or shepherds for herding, totally different varieties are crossed and chosen for distinctive attributes.  These uncommon tomatoes add a aptitude of colour, sudden taste profiles, and hanging varieties that may enhance the range of your summer season backyard and meals.

‘Inexperienced Zebra’

A close-up of 'Green Zebra' tomatoes hanging elegantly from the vine.
This indeterminate tomato selection was launched in 1983.

Golden inexperienced tomatoes with forest inexperienced stripes are unknown to most gardeners. How might a tomato embody the unusual aesthetic of a backyard zebra but retain the ultra-sweet taste of old-time slicers? ‘Inexperienced Zebra’ finds a steadiness between the 2.

This indeterminate (vining) selection was developed by natural plant breeder Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington. Although the seeds weren’t launched till 1983, he first got here up with the concept within the Nineteen Fifties when he questioned if a inexperienced tomato may very well be developed for ripe consuming. Most inexperienced tomatoes are unripe and left for frying or tossing within the compost pile. This cultivar proves that inexperienced and yellow hues can nonetheless yield juicy, candy fruits.

Wagner took a number of heirloom dad and mom and crossed them collectively for candy, low-acidity, well-balanced taste. When ripe, the enchanting colours glow yellowish-green with an amber blush. The sleek skins are extremely crack-resistant, making this selection splendid for areas with summer season rains.


Fresh 'Green Zebra' tomatoes, striped with green and yellow hues, cradled among lush foliage.
These crops mix hybrid resilience with heirloom taste and texture.

‘Inexperienced Zebra’ is a fast-maturing small slicer that begins fruiting about 75 days after transplanting. They common two to 3 inches in measurement and develop from vigorous vines that attain as much as 6 ft or extra. Trellising or help is required. An A-frame, T-post, or cattle panel trellis works properly. Remember to set up the trellis on the time of transplanting so you possibly can start coaching the crops whereas younger. ‘Inexperienced Zebra’ requires a minimal of six to eight hours of full sunshine.

The crops are remarkably warmth and drought-tolerant, providing the resilience of a hybrid blended with the traditional taste and texture of an heirloom. Nonetheless, constant moisture is useful for sustaining steady harvests all through the frost-free season.

Harvest and Cooking

A cluster of 'Green Zebra' tomatoes, their striped green skins catching the light in a vibrant display of colors.
‘Inexperienced Zebra’ tomatoes are perfect for candy and tangy salads.

We most frequently establish inexperienced tomatoes as unripe, so how will you understand when ‘Inexperienced Zebra’ is able to harvest? The zebra-striped fruits flip from gentle inexperienced to a deeper golden-chartreuse with distinctive stripes. The blossom ends blush reddish-amber, and the feel turns softer with a slight give. 

It might take a couple of harvests to establish the right ripeness window. Don’t be afraid to chop one open and provides it a style. Candy taste and reasonably juicy insides are nice indicators of ripeness. 

Within the kitchen, ‘Inexperienced Zebra’ is greatest suited to recent consuming in candy and tangy salads. The petite fruits are barely bigger than cherries however a lot smaller than customary heirloom slicers. They style decadent in salsas, caprese, or cheese boards. Salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sharp cheeses are the right complement to the flavour of ‘Inexperienced Zebra’.

‘Artisan Tiger Stripes’

Smooth-skinned 'Artisan Tiger Stripes' tomatoes, each adorned with vibrant stripes that catch the light beautifully.
This was developed for taste and heirloom-like attributes.

Most cherry tomatoes are rounded and spherical, however ‘Artisan Tiger Stripes’ are tear-dropped and elongated. This distinctive mix of bizarre tomatoes affords striped, colourful, crack-resistant fruits in a rainbow of hues. Every two inch fruit shows a novel sample of vibrant crimson splashed with yellow, orange striped with gold, or inexperienced splattered with pink and blush.

This cultivar was developed for tantalizing taste and attention-grabbing aesthetics. Like ‘Inexperienced Zebra,’ it has many attributes of heirloom crops with the vigorous progress of hybrids

The seeds arrive in a blended packet, with every sort color-coded utilizing natural meals colorings. The uncolored pure seed yields green-striped fruits. The red-hued seeds ripen to pink fruits, and the yellow-dyed seeds yield orangish-blush fruits. For the most effective outcomes, plant all three sorts in the identical mattress so you possibly can harvest a medley of colours without delay. 


Pale green and orange 'Artisan Tiger Stripes' tomatoes hang from a vine, soaking up sunlight.
Guarantee soil temperatures attain 70°F earlier than planting open air.

‘Artisan Tiger Stripes’ is an indeterminate pole selection. The vines can develop six ft or extra and wish help to maintain them upright. Trellising and pruning are very useful for making certain wholesome, disease-free crops. Intention to take away suckers as usually as attainable as a result of aspect shoots detract from fruit manufacturing. In the event you snap off the suckers as they seem, the plant can funnel most of its vitality to 1 or two central vines that can fill with flowers and fruit.

This eclectic cherry tomato mix may be very frost-sensitive and shouldn’t be planted open air till soil temperatures are at the least 70°F (21°C). Northern growers can begin inside 4 to 6 weeks earlier than transplanting, then transfer outdoors one to 2 weeks after the typical final frost date. A warmth mat is beneficial for germination in cell trays. Southern growers can direct seed so long as ambient temperatures are above 45°F (7°C) and soil temperatures are between 70-90°F (21-32°C). 

Seeds take 5-10 days to emerge and 70-80 days to start fruiting. Guarantee crops have at the least 24-36 inches of house between them. Overcrowding may cause decreased vigor and issues with foliar ailments. 

Harvest and Cooking

Ripe 'Artisan Tiger Stripes' tomatoes arranged on a wooden surface, showcasing hues of orange and green.
Refrigerating tomatoes received’t wreck their taste in the event that they begin to blush on the vine.

These blended inexperienced, pink, and gold-striped cherry tomatoes are pretty simple to reap. The fruits change to deeper hues of their respective colours when ripe. The skins are crack-resistant however will barely soften as soon as they’re prepared to reap. You’ll be able to simply pluck every cherry from the vine and retailer on the countertop or within the fridge till you’re prepared to make use of. 

Opposite to city myths, refrigerating is not going to destroy their taste. So long as the fruits start blushing on the vine, they’ll have a focus of vine-ripened sugars. Refrigeration can shield them from over-ripening with out decreasing the general style. Nevertheless, many cooks want to deliver the tomatoes again to room temperature earlier than consuming. 

Salt will improve the sweetness and aroma of ‘Artisan Tiger Stripes.’ Toss the sliced cherries in a colander with salt and allow them to sit for a couple of minutes earlier than incorporating them into salads, sauces, pastas, or aspect dishes.

‘Black Krim’

'Black Krim' tomatoes with a red hue and a glossy sheen, catching the light beautifully.
Its distinctive taste makes it prized by gardeners and cooks globally.

An iconic Russian heirloom, ‘Black Krim’ is without doubt one of the most uncommon tomato varieties you possibly can develop. The indeterminate vining crops yield baseball-sized dense fruit with ultra-rich flavors and hints of pure saltiness. The virtually-black tomato reliably produces in excessive warmth and fruits repeatedly from summer season till the primary frost of fall. 

Like many heirloom seeds, ‘Black Krim’ has fuzzy origins. Some say it got here from Krymsk, a metropolis within the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains alongside Russia’s Black Sea. Others insist that it was bred in Southwestern Ukraine, and the seeds had been delivered to Russia in the course of the Crimean Conflict of the early nineteenth century when troopers returned house with seeds for his or her wives to develop. 

No matter its historical past, ‘Black Krim’ stays a uncommon but extremely coveted tomato selection for gardeners and cooks worldwide. The balanced earthy, smoky, and candy taste is certain to wow you within the backyard and kitchen.


 A close-up of 'Black Krim' tomatoes, varying in shades from green to deep crimson, hang gracefully among foliage.
Regularly introduce heat-tolerant crops to cooler nights open air utilizing row cloth.

Sturdy help is important for this rambling indeterminate selection. The massive 10-12 ounce fruits dangle on heavy vines by the handfuls, which implies you can not accept a weak trellis. ‘Black Krim’ additionally requires constant moisture and full daylight. With out the right circumstances, this heirloom might wrestle to provide its giant, fragrant fruits.

It’s greatest to begin ‘Black Krim’ indoors two to 4 weeks earlier than your anticipated final frost date within the spring. Use a heating mat to make sure the soil combine is at the least 70-90°F (21-32°C) for correct germination. Sow seeds ¼ inch deep and skinny to 1 plant per cell. Plan to transplant about one to 2 weeks after the final frost date when the climate has totally settled. 

It is vitally vital to harden off these crops by step by step introducing them to cooler nights open air. ‘Black Krim’ may be very warmth tolerant however extra delicate to the chilly. Row cloth is useful in northern climates to assist the crops set up in outside beds. Nevertheless, don’t neglect to take away the covers as soon as the crops start flowering. 

Harvest and Cooking

Hands carefully picking 'Black Krim' tomatoes from the vine, with leaves surrounding the harvest scene.
These tomatoes ripen to a brownish-burgundy hue with inexperienced shoulders.

‘Black Krim’ clearly communicates when it is able to be harvested. The marginally flattened fruits will flip near-black in heat climate, however you possibly can decide them whereas they’re nonetheless half inexperienced and agency. So long as the bottom-half of the fruit has began to blush, the fruits are nonetheless vine-ripened. They will proceed ripening in your counter and nonetheless attain their full flavorful glory. They could even have tones of crimson and orange. 

Cool-climate growers might discover that ‘Black Krim’ doesn’t flip as “black” when ripe. The fruits flip extra brownish-burgundy with hints of inexperienced on their shoulders. 

This heirloom is notorious for its ultra-rich taste profile. Many even want ‘Black Krim’ over the enduring ‘Cherokee Purple.’ This tomato is good for having fun with recent on sandwiches, burgers, caprese, or just sprinkled with salt. It has a low acid content material and plenty of candy smokiness. The brownish-red flesh provides a hanging distinction to yellow and orange tomatoes.

‘Pineapple Pole’

Ripe red ‘Pineapple Pole’ tomatoes nestled among green leaves, showcasing their glossy texture.
This tomato is prized for its rareness and meaty texture.

Tropical flavors are pretty uncommon in temperate local weather gardens. Apart from prolific ‘Pineapple Floor Cherries,’ the ‘Pineapple Pole’ tomato is without doubt one of the solely annual fruits with a particular pineapple fruitiness. This beefsteak-style selection is a daily winner of style check trials. The large fruits have only a few seeds and a fancy, low-acid taste that balances sweetness with tang.

‘Pineapple Pole’ is an orangish-yellow heirloom with crimson streaks. It’s thought-about one of many rarest tomato varieties, however the seeds have just lately change into extra extensively out there. The luscious meaty texture is ideal for thick slices on a juicy burger or summer season sandwich. It isn’t as watery as different heirlooms, but tremendous fragrant. Better of all, this selection is outrageously high-yielding, so that you solely want a couple of crops to fulfill your tomato wants for the summer season.


Green and orange 'Pineapple Pole' tomatoes nestled among lush green leaves, showcasing their vibrant colors
Begin ‘Pineapple Pole’ cultivar indoors earlier than the final frost.

Regardless of its prolific progress, ‘Pineapple Pole’ is straightforward to have a tendency. The crops take longer to mature than different varieties—round 90 days from transplanting—however the additional giant beefy fruits are well worth the wait. This low-acid slicing tomato will reliably yield all summer season so long as nighttime temperatures stay above 45°F (7°C).

It’s greatest to begin this cultivar indoors two to 4 weeks earlier than your final frost date. Solely the warmest-climate gardeners ought to direct sow the seeds. ‘Pineapple Pole’ calls for heat soils, full sunshine, and a beneficiant dose of all-purpose fertilizer that’s excessive in potassium. Every plant wants 24-36 inches of house and a stable trellis. Sucker removing enhances total manufacturing.

Harvest and Cooking

Green 'Pineapple Pole' tomatoes arranged neatly on a rustic wooden surface.
Improve its meaty texture by salting slices briefly earlier than use.

The height of sun-ripened deliciousness happens when the yellowish-orange fruits deepen in colour. They could have crimson streaks on the pores and skin and a slight give when gently squeezed. You may as well harvest a bit earlier when the underside of the fruits begins to blush orange. 

As a result of this can be a large beefsteak sort, cracking is feasible. Keep away from over-watering in the course of the fruiting stage. You’ll be able to reduce on irrigation for a couple of days to per week earlier than an enormous harvest. Nevertheless, keep away from drought-stressing the crops.

‘Pineapple Pole’ wins many style trials for its fruitiness. Combine it with sharp cheeses, aged balsamic, or any traditional BLT recipe. This dazzling orange tomato can be included in salsas and sauces for a pleasant tangy taste. The meaty texture is accentuated while you flippantly salt the slices, allow them to sit for a couple of minutes, then pat dry with a paper towel. The salt sucks out extra moisture to boost the sugar focus of the fruit.

‘Indigo Rose’

A close-up of 'Indigo Rose' tomatoes, showcasing their unique round shape and deep purple hue.
This selection was bred for vitamin and candy taste.

One of many latest and most coveted uncommon tomatoes available on the market, ‘Indigo Rose’ is an ultra-nutritious and scrumptious cherry tomato. The ample clusters of purplish-brown cherry tomatoes include excessive quantities of anthocyanins, antioxidants identified to spice up human well being. 

One in all my faculty professors, Jim Myers of Oregon State College, bred this selection particularly for its vitamin and candy taste. It’s uncommon to discover a cherry tomato that’s so deeply saturated with vibrant purple hues. Once you minimize them open, they’ve vibrant crimson flesh. The beautiful fruits are as scrumptious as they’re enticing. If left on the vine to ripen, every cherry matures with a balanced taste profile of candy, acidic, and savory tastes.


'Indigo Rose’ tomatoes nestled among vibrant green leaves, showcasing their deep purple hue against a backdrop of lush foliage.
Begin seeds indoors 4 to six weeks earlier than transplanting.

‘Indigo Rose’ is a semi-determinate vining tomato rising about 5 ft in top. It wants a reasonably supportive trellis or tomato cage to carry the leafy vines and large clusters of six to eight fruits. That is an open-pollinated selection with very good resistance to early blight and powdery mildew. It’s significantly suited to humid climates just like the Northwest and Northeast. 

Begin ‘Indigo Rose’ seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks earlier than you propose to transplant. The crops require the identical heat soils and vibrant daylight as most different tomato varieties. They take 80-90 days after transplanting to mature the primary fruits.

Harvest and Cooking

Red and black 'Indigo Rose' tomatoes arranged alongside a pair of hands, resting casually on a wooden table.
Be cautious with their use in salsa as a result of potential colour points.

It is a selection price ready for; permit the fruits to totally ripen brownish-purple on the plant. Selecting too early might compromise the vitamin and taste. ‘Indigo Rose’ cherries are greatest loved recent, sliced, and blended with salt.

They style pretty alongside ultra-sweet ‘Solar Gold’ orange cherry tomatoes. You may as well roast them for a pop of deep reddish-purple colour. Whereas you should utilize them in salsa, the purple pores and skin hues might yield an unappetizing colour. 

‘Chocolate Cherry’

A close-up of 'Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes clustered on the vine, displaying their rich brown color.
Indeterminate ‘Chocolate Cherry’ tomatoes produce crack-resistant, flavorful fruits.

They don’t style like chocolate, however they do have a delectably candy taste. ‘Chocolate Cherry’ is a prolific vining tomato that yields burgundy crimson and purplish cherry tomatoes averaging one inch in diameter. This distinctive selection is thought for its ample yields. The seemingly limitless trusses of six to eight fruits guarantee steady harvests till the primary frosts of fall. 

‘Chocolate Cherry’ tomatoes are crack-resistant and good for snacking. They had been developed by Aaron Whaley, the founding father of Seed Savers Trade. This traditional heirloom is open-pollinated and might be replanted for true-to-type crops subsequent season. The fruits are extremely uniform and retain their darkish purple colour as soon as sliced.


A close-up of 'Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes showcases their glossy, dark skin, hinting at their rich flavor.
Use drip irrigation to take care of moisture and forestall foliar ailments.

You solely have to attend about 70 days from transplanting to begin snacking on these fruits. I like this selection as a result of it yields so persistently. As soon as flowers start forming, anticipate ripe cherries a number of instances per week, all summer season lengthy.

This indeterminate vining selection wants reasonable help from a trellis. Pruning is advisable as a result of the vines can get out of hand in optimum circumstances. You’ll be able to take away suckers a few times per week to coach the crops in a two-leader system. Two leaders imply two major vines which can be left to fruit. Eradicating the aspect shoots reduces the general foliage, which might help with illness prevention. It additionally enhances total flower and fruit manufacturing.

Remember to feed ‘Chocolate Cherry’ with numerous compost and balanced, slow-release fertilizer. The crops do properly with a layer of straw or leaf mulch and constant moisture from drip irrigation, soaker hoses, or an olla. Keep away from overhead irrigation, as this may result in foliar ailments like powdery mildew. Sprinklers additionally waste plenty of water as a result of a lot moisture is misplaced to evaporation earlier than it reaches the plant’s root zone. 

Harvest and Cooking

A cluster of chocolate cherry tomatoes are slightly dusty in the sun.
These tomatoes are good for snacking recent.

‘Chocolate Cherry’ tomatoes seem like chocolate-covered cherries once they’re ripe. The darkish purple skins flip nearly brownish-burgundy. Cherry tomato trusses ripen from the underside up, so wait till the higher fruits blush purple earlier than harvesting a full cluster. You may as well pull the decrease ones first to stop over-ripening.

Like many of the uncommon cultivars on this listing, ‘Chocolate Cherry’ fruits are greatest for recent snacking. I can’t assist however pop them in my mouth each time I move by the crops. They style distinctive in a recent salad with olive oil, sea salt, and cubes of sharp cheese. You’ll be able to mix them with different cherries on this listing for a spectacular aspect dish to deliver to summer season barbeques. 


3 orange almost ripe oxheart tomatoes grow on a plant.
‘Oxheart’ tomatoes are famend for his or her traditional tomatoey taste.

The distinctive form and taste of ‘Oxheart’ tomatoes have earned them a spot within the fanciest Italian kitchens. The identify comes from the heart-shaped, deeply ribbed fruits. Typically known as ‘Cuore Di Bue,’ Italian for ox coronary heart, or “pear of Liguria,” after the northern Italian area, this selection has an extended historical past of culinary use in sauces and roasts.

In the event you’re in search of traditional tomatoey taste with a dense texture, that is the heirloom for you. ‘Oxheart’ shines when it’s roasted, nevertheless it additionally tastes good when sliced with mozzarella and recent basil. The center-shaped fruits additionally stick out within the backyard due to their elongated form.


 ‘Oxheart’ tomato plants showing green foliage intertwined with ripening red and green fruits.
Develop this delicate heirloom tomato in full solar after the final frost.

‘Oxheart’ takes 70 to 85 days to mature from transplanting. It’s greatest to begin this indeterminate vining cultivar indoors. The seeds have to be sown about ¼ inch deep in soil that’s 70-90°F (21-32°C). A soil thermometer probe and heating mat are advisable for the most effective germination.

Like most tomatoes, this heirloom may be very delicate to chilly climate. Don’t transfer the crops outdoors till the spring climate has absolutely settled. Develop in full sunshine with none shadows or shade from neighboring crops. Present a trellis or tomato cage, and guarantee every plant has 24-36 inches of house in each path. You’ll be able to solely get away with tighter spacing in the event you practice the vines upward and prune recurrently.

Harvest and Cooking

A cluster of red 'Oxheart' tomatoes, featuring a single yellow tomato nestled prominently at the center.
‘Oxheart’ tomatoes are famend for his or her traditional tomatoey taste.

Harvest these gorgeously uncommon tomatoes once they flip orangish-red. The hearts can have a light-weight give while you squeeze them, however keep away from squeezing too tightly, or they could bruise. At full ripeness, the fruits are vibrant crimson. They could take longer to ripen than different varieties, however it’s well worth the wait! 

Many style trials confess that ‘Oxheart’ is essentially the most traditional tomatoey-flavor of all tomato varieties! They’re complicated, candy, and luscious. Roast them for a decadent sauce, or cook dinner into any sauté for a wealthy, easy taste. You can also’t go incorrect with recent, chunky slices sprinkled with salt. Canners and preservers additionally love ‘Oxheart’ for its low water content material, making it the perfect multi-purpose middleman between paste tomatoes and slicer varieties. 

Ultimate Ideas

Life is just too quick for boring tomatoes! When selecting a uncommon or uncommon selection, observe your eyes and your tastebuds. Unusual heirlooms and distinctive varieties are usually simply as simple to develop as some other tomato plant. The secret’s to know when to reap the ripe fruits. Take be aware that it may be a bit more durable to establish ripeness in uncommon multicolored varieties. Research the seed packet and on-line images to make sure you harvest on the peak of taste, sweetness, and textural enjoyment.

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