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If you happen to do, it might develop as much as three toes indoors as a self-heading kind.

You could find this hanging choice in four-inch pots out there from Californian Tropicals by way of Amazon.

20. Lemon Lime

A cultivar of P. cordatum, this stunning plant is sort of a highlighter on your house.

The younger leaves have a touch of blush as they emerge, however they mature into shiny yellow or chartreuse, every with an ideal coronary heart form.

A horizontal image of a small 'Lemon Lime' philodendron plant growing in a small pot indoors set on a white wooden surface.

This isn’t a variegated cultivar, although there are variegated heart-leaf cultivars on the market.

The leaves are stable on vines that may develop as much as six toes lengthy, however they alter as they age.

Because the numerous leaves on a single plant are all of various ages, the impact is that of a number of colours on one plant.

Spotlight your area and seize a younger plant in a four-inch container from California Tropicals by way of Amazon.

21. Luxurians

P. luxurians is a show-stopper with deep inexperienced leaves highlighted by pale inexperienced veins with fuzzy margins that seem like they’ve been painted on like a watercolor.

A vertical image of a hand from the bottom of the frame showing the size of a Philodendron luxurians leaf.

The foliage appears to be like just like that of P. gloriosum besides the leaves are shiny as a substitute of velvety.

The guts-shaped leaves are massive, as much as 9 inches lengthy, on a self-heading plant that reaches two toes tall.

Philodendron Luxurians

Hop on over to Amazon if you wish to carry house a dwell plant that can make a dramatic assertion.

22. Mamei

With big, heart-shaped inexperienced foliage with silver splotches, and deeply folded, pinstripe-like veins, P. mamei is all wearing its most interesting.

A close up top down image of the silvery variegated foliage of 'Mamei' growing in a small pot set on a wooden surface indoors.

This self-heading kind likes it scorching, which is unsurprising provided that it hails from the new rainforests of Peru and Ecuador. Excellent for a heat space of your property, although it adapts to cooler temperatures.

If you happen to’ve bought the philo bug, it is a must-have addition.

Even for those who don’t have the bug, it’s a dramatic houseplant choice, whether or not it’s your sole addition or one in all many, particularly when it reaches its full top of round 40 inches.

A square image of a small P. mamei plant in a decorative pot on a table indoors.

Philodendron Mamei

Go to Walmart to buy a dwell plant in a six-inch pot.

23. McColley’s Finale

The lengthy lanceolate leaves on a self-heading plant, this magnificence calls consideration to itself with the younger chestnut-red leaves that progressively mature to medium inexperienced with chestnut-red accents.

A close up horizontal image of the big red leaves of 'McColley's Finale' philodendron growing outdoors.

Bred by Bob McColley, proprietor of Bamboo Nurseries in Orlando, Florida, ‘McColley’s Finale’ was registered by his spouse Cora in 1999 after he handed.

It’s unclear what species McColley used to breed the plant, however after his demise his spouse got here throughout it and immediately acknowledged that this was one thing particular with its distinctive coloration.

Not like some philodendrons, which lose their shade within the fallacious gentle, ‘McColley’s Finale’ holds its shade even in too little or an excessive amount of gentle – inside motive, in fact. At three toes tall indoors, it’s the right top to work as an accent.

‘McColley’s Finale’

Punctuate any area with a burst of tolerating shade by snagging ‘McColley’s Finale’ in a four-inch pot at Amazon.

24. McDowell

What occurs once you cross P. pastazanum and P. gloriosum? The magnificent ‘McDowell’ (aka ’Dean McDowell’).

It combines the large heart-shaped and glossy-textured foliage of P. pastazanum with the outstanding white veins and heavy wrinkling of P. gloriosum.

A close up horizontal image of the beautiful big leaves of a 'McDowell' philodendron growing outdoors in the garden.

The self-heading plant can develop as much as ten toes tall with leaves so long as three toes.

It was bred in 1988 by revered aroid breeder John Banta for his pal Dean McDowell, who handed after an extended battle with AIDS.

25. Mexicanum

With huge, shiny tri-lobed leaves, P. mexicanum could be a dreamy philodendron even when it didn’t have shiny inexperienced stems, however it does.

A horizontal image of a P. mexicanum leaf pictured on a soft focus background.

The younger leaves emerge gentle inexperienced, however they progressively transition to darkish inexperienced with maroon undersides.

Hailing from Mexico, P. mexicanum grows in drier climates than many different species, so let the medium nearly dry out all the way in which earlier than watering.

Put money into a heavy moss pole, as a result of this climber will develop as tall as you let it, as much as 20 toes, even indoors.

A close up of a hand from the bottom of the frame holding up a small potted houseplant.

Philodendron Mexicanum

You could find starter crops in three-inch pots out there by way of Walmart.

26. Micans

Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum is one in all my favourite philodendrons.

It couldn’t be simpler to look after, and it rewards your minimal efforts with heaps and heaps of vines coated in heart-shaped leaves that shimmer within the gentle.

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a philodendron micans cascading over the side of a pot.
Picture by Kristine Lofgren.

The foliage has a velvety texture that seems darkish inexperienced, copper, or purple, relying on the angle and the way in which the sunshine falls. The undersides have a blush hue, as do younger leaves.

This Central American and Caribbean native is widespread within the houseplant commerce, little doubt partly, due to its fuss-free nature.

It’s additionally exceptionally straightforward to propagate, so you’ll be able to have one in each room. Left to their very own gadgets, they’ll develop as much as 20 toes open air however keep nearer to 10 toes indoors.

A square image of a hand from the frame holding up a small potted philodendron micans.

Philodendron Micans

You could find velvet leaf philodendron, because it’s additionally identified, in four-inch pots out there by way of Walmart.

And take a look at our information to rising philodendron Micans right here.

27. Moonlight

This self-heading hybrid appears to be like like somebody coloured within the shiny ovate leaves with a yellow and inexperienced highlighter.

A horizontal image of the yellowish green foliage of 'Moonlight' philodendron plants growing in pots.

For the most effective shade, present the plant with direct gentle within the morning. The veins are a barely lighter shade than the leaves, and the stems have a faint blush hue after they’re younger.

This hybrid will develop as much as 5 toes tall inside. Sound just like the factor to brighten up your area? Snag one, three or 5 crops in four-inch pots from Wekiva Foliage by way of Amazon.

28. Oak Leaf

I suppose the foliage of oak leaf philodendron (P. pedatum) appears to be like a bit like oak leaves for those who squint. However they’re far more attention-grabbing than that.

A close up top down image of a small oak leaf philodendron growing in a decorative wooden pot.

This South American native has deeply lobed leaves with 5 “fingers” when the leaves are younger. The longest central finger is rounded and the opposite 4 are shorter and barely pointed.

Because the leaves age, they change into extra deeply divided and the lobes extra pointed and elongated.

This self-heading kind would possibly stay juvenile in your house and by no means develop taller than about three toes tall, however with sufficient gentle and room, it might develop 10 toes or extra.

Seize one in a four-inch pot from California Tropicals by way of Amazon.

29. Painted Girl

With yellow and inexperienced variegated leaves that seem like they had been rigorously painted with splashes of watercolor, this hybrid was cultivated by the well-known breeder Robert McColley utilizing the P. erubescens cultivars ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Emerald Queen’ as mother and father.

You’ll be able to see its lineage within the form of its leaves and the burgundy stems.

The leaves emerge stable inexperienced, however don’t fear; they’ll progressively tackle the elegant variegation.

Ensure that it receives some direct gentle within the morning or the variegation might be much less distinct.

A close up of a hand from the left of the frame holding a potted 'Painted Lady' plant.

‘Painted Girl’

Walmart carries ‘Painted Girl’ in four-inch containers. Seize one in all these self-heading crops and prepare to reply everybody who comes into your property and calls for to know what that stunning houseplant is.

30. Paraiso Verde

Whether or not you recognize this woman as inexperienced paradise, inexperienced princess, or ‘Paraiso Verde,’ it has deeply-lobed cordate leaves flecked in medium and darkish inexperienced on a lime-green base.

Let this self-heading kind climb as much as 10 toes tall on a moss pole for an much more out-sized show.

A vertical image of the variegated foliage of a 'Paraiso Verde' growing in a pot indoors.

Don’t panic if a few of the leaves begin out stable inexperienced. The variegation is very variable and it wants applicable warmth, moisture, and light-weight publicity to look its greatest.

Preserve the soil moist, the temperature above 65°F, and supply morning gentle, and also you’ll be thrilled with the show.

This plant is a pure hybrid that was found within the forests of French Guiana in 2016 by nursery proprietor Natalino Correa of Belém, Brazil.

You could find four-inch starter crops out there from BubbleBlooms by way of Amazon.

31. Pink Princess

‘Pink Princess’ is an especially widespread if expensive P. erubescens cultivar. If you happen to ask philodendron lovers for a listing of high ten of their favorites, that is possible one in all them.

A horizontal image of the pink variegated foliage of a 'Pink Princess' growing in a yellow pot indoors pictured on a soft focus background.
Picture by Kristine Lofgren.

The leaves are heart-shaped with deep inexperienced, pink, and true pink splotches with a steady variegation that’s so distinct it appears to be like positively pretend.

It’s not, and the shiny leaves on this self-heading kind can stretch as much as 5 inches lengthy on a plant that may be toes tall.

A square image of a 'Pink Princess' growing in a decorative wicker pot set on a small wooden table.

‘Pink Princess’

Head to Quick Rising Bushes to carry a plant in a gallon-sized container house for your self or to make the philodendron lover in your life extraordinarily completely satisfied.

32. Plowman

Plowman’s philodendron (P. plowmanii) is all about measurement and texture, slightly than shade – it doesn’t want to point out off with shiny hues to make an enormous assertion.

A close up horizontal image of the large textured leaves of a plowman's philodendron growing indoors.

The large heart-shaped leaves are darkish inexperienced and seem like somebody quilted ripples and wrinkles into the leaf.

It’s usually mistaken for ‘McDowell,’ however the stems are completely different. Plowman has a flattened stem with tooth-like projections.

Prepare it up a moss pole for a dramatic houseplant. When mature, this self-heading plant can attain as much as eight toes tall with foot-long leaves.

Plowman’s Philodendron

You’ll be able to snag an lovable little starter plant at Amazon. Don’t fear, they develop fairly quick, so it gained’t be tiny for lengthy.

33. Prince of Orange

There are quite a lot of P. erubescens cultivars in hues of pink and pink, however ‘Prince of Orange’ bucks the pattern and thrills with shiny orange leaves.

A horizontal image of the red and light green foliage of a 'Prince of Orange' philodendron growing in a border outdoors.

Relying on the sunshine circumstances, the colour would possibly pattern extra pink or extra yellow, and the leaves mature to inexperienced as they age.

Which means on one three-foot-tall, self-heading plant, you’ll have a variety of colours like a sundown wrapped up in a plant.

You’ll be able to choose up a starter plant from the Hirt’s Backyard Retailer by way of Amazon.

34. Ring of Hearth

‘Ring of Hearth’ must be seen to be believed.

The lanceolate leaves are variegated hues of darkish inexperienced and cream or yellow, with massive, jagged sections of pink and orange harking back to flickering flames.

The hanging look is simply enhanced by the jagged saw-like rippling on the margins of the leaves.

A close up horizontal image of the yellow and green variegated leaves of 'Ring of Fire' growing in a pot on a concrete surface.

This jagged edge varieties on mature leaves, however younger leaves have clean margins, all on an eight-foot-tall plant.

We aren’t fully positive how this hybrid was bred and by whom. Rumor has it that well-known aroid breeder Keith Henderson used P. tortum and P. wendlandii to supply what was then known as “Henderson’s Delight.”

If you happen to’d prefer to take pleasure in this distinctive self-heading hybrid, you’ll find crops in four-inch pots out there at Residence Depot.

As a result of this plant is slow-growing, it would take a number of years earlier than you’ll be having fun with its full glory, however the wait is price it.

35. Rojo Congo

‘Rojo Congo’ appears to be like just like its shut relative ‘Congo Inexperienced,’ however it’s a bit smaller total.

A horizontal image of a large 'Rojo Congo' philodendron growing in a large pot by a sunny window.

It’s a hybrid cross of P. tatei subsp. melanochlorum and P. x ‘Imperial Crimson’ that was bred in Florida in 1995 by Marian Wincenty Osiecki at Oglesby Vegetation Worldwide, Inc.

The petioles are burgundy or purple, and the leathery leaves on this self-heading kind are thick and shiny.

‘Rojo Congo’

You could find crops in four- and six-inch pots out there from the Thirsty Leaves Retailer by way of Amazon.

36. Silver Sword

P. hastatum is usually often known as silver sword philodendron, and it’s straightforward to see why.

The lanceolate or tri-lobed leaves, that are extra arrow-shaped after they’re younger, have a definite shimmery silver hue.

A horizontal image of a 'Silver Sword' philodendron growing in a small black pot.
Picture by Kristine Lofgren.

The mature leaves resemble a sword full with a deal with that, mixed with the colour, actually lives as much as its identify.

Prepare this climber up a moss pole or let it crawl alongside a horizontal shelf.

Ensure you have sufficient room as a result of it might develop 15 toes lengthy within the house and 30 toes lengthy outdoors. Both method, it’s a reasonably cool plant.

You could find P. hastatum in seven-inch seagrass containers out there at Residence Depot.

37. Snowdrift

‘Snowdrift’ has a mysterious previous. Philodendron lovers strongly suspect that this hybrid was bred utilizing P. pinnatifidum and P. giganteum as a white variegated model of ‘Jungle Fever,’ however nobody is aware of for positive.

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