27 Stunning Succulent Container Preparations

Potting up a brand new container is one in every of my favourite gardening actions. There’s no creativity in weeding or watering, so crafting new preparations is an opportunity to flex my artistic muscle mass and consider one thing out of the field.

Succulents are the perfect candidates for this job. There may be nearly infinite versatility between species, with totally different shapes, colours, and types to work with. However regardless of this versatility, they often respect the identical soil situations and have the identical watering wants.

You don’t want to fret about pairing companions or one residing on the expense of the opposite – they are going to all reside fortunately collectively with out fuss.

Achieve some inspiration from these stunning succulent container association concepts, together with some recommendations on how you can plant them.

No Waste Containers

A broken clay pot finds a new purpose, its fractured edges telling a story of resilience. Repurposed with creativity, the pot now cradles a collection of cacti and succulents, breathing life into its fragmented form.
Reuse cracked ceramic or terra cotta containers for dramatic succulent preparations.

When you have a ceramic or terra cotta container you like, don’t let it go to waste when it cracks. So long as a salvageable part is giant sufficient to suit some potting soil, you possibly can create a dramatic association with succulent crops.

On this container, structural desert succulents and cacti are planted collectively and match the texture of the cracked pot. The stones fill in empty gaps of soil and create a mini-landscape that provides your previous pots new life.

Various Heights

A white pot adorned with delicate patterns elegantly cradles vibrant echeveria succulents. Placed upon a pristine white table, the intricate pot serves as a captivating centerpiece, adding a touch of sophistication to the surrounding space.
Create visually spectacular container preparations by various plant heights.

When arranging a container, you possibly can observe a number of design guidelines to create one thing visually spectacular. A type of is emphasizing type by various the heights of your crops. Sadly, this may be powerful to do with compact succulents that always stick low to the soil. As a substitute, develop low-growing succulents with tall, lanky ones for distinction.

This association makes use of asymmetrical peak with a small Portulacaria to stability the scale of the container under. This additionally helps the big Echeveria rosette stand out extra, moderately than mixing in with the opposite succulents of the identical peak.

Cottagecore Appeal

A collection of vintage white teapots, each unique in size and shape, has been repurposed as charming planters. These teapots now cradle a variety of succulents, creating a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern greenery.
Rework previous teapots into cute succulent planters with drilled drainage holes to stop rot.

Whether or not you’ve fallen in love with the cottagecore aesthetic or just have a number of previous teapots you need to do away with, that is the best way to do it. Succulents are the proper measurement for these recycled teapots, creating a tremendous container function with out additional upkeep.

For those who do need to do this mixture, it’s essential to contemplate drainage. Succulents don’t like sitting in soggy soil and want cautious watering and enough drainage to forestall rot. Drill a number of holes within the backside of the teapot earlier than including any soil to keep away from any points afterward.

Cactus Association

A variety of cacti, featuring spiky and cylindrical shapes, thrives in a rustic brown pot, showcasing the diverse textures and forms of desert flora. In the blurred background, a row of pots harmoniously holds different cacti.
Shallow containers enhance the architectural attraction of classy desert plant preparations.

Desert crops are on development for the time being, not only for their low-maintenance and waterwise traits but in addition for his or her architectural and dramatic look. This potted cactus backyard (with a sharp Haworthiopsis thrown within the combine) emphasizes the spikes and shapes of every one, with added texture from the sculptural rocks.

This can be a wonderful means to make use of shallow containers or dishes which are powerful to fill. As cacti and a few succulents have shallow root methods, they don’t thoughts being planted in shorter containers (so long as there’s enough drainage). You possibly can even strive rising your individual cacti for the association from seed!

Complementary Colours

A vibrant display of ornamental succulents, featuring an array of lush green and rich purple hues, arranged meticulously within a spacious cement bowl. The sun casts a warm and gentle glow, tenderly bathing the succulents.
Selecting succulents for preparations affords a various vary of colours.

Probably the most thrilling components of selecting succulents for an association is the array of colours on provide. You’re sure to seek out one thing you fall in love with, from minimal silvery greys to vivid lime greens to moody purples, and contrasting colours on the identical plant.

This pot makes shade the star, pairing complementary colours like inexperienced and crimson with purple and yellow. These contrasts intensify every shade, making a bolder look. Protecting the container easy and repeating the rosette shapes of Echeveria and Sempervivum additionally helps the differentiating issue – their colours – stand out.

Whimsical Decor

A hand with a blue trowel hovers over dark soil, poised to cultivate a succulent oasis in a carefully arranged blue pot. The miniature garden, adorned with assorted succulents, is complemented by a charming small house decoration.
Beautify succulent preparations with ornaments or aquarium décor for added whimsy and allure.

Succulent preparations don’t have to only comprise crops. Add a way of caprice and enjoyable to your design with a number of decorations nestled between them. This small cottage and picket fence flip your complete container into an lovable show that simply invitations you to look nearer.

There’s no restrict to your creativity and creativeness once you increase past crops. You possibly can sculpt your individual décor if you need one thing particular, or search on-line for small ornaments that stability along with your container. Aquarium décor usually works effectively (I like to make use of them in terrariums, too).

Little Landscapes

A metal box featuring a charming plaid pattern serves as a container for a delightful assortment. Within, a harmonious blend of succulents, pebbles, and whimsical miniature house decorations creates a captivating miniature garden.
Turning a container right into a tiny, plant-filled panorama creates a fascinating residing paintings.

Taking the décor up a notch, you possibly can flip a easy container into a complete tiny panorama that tells a narrative. This requires cautious choice of crops and the appropriate stability, however the end result is price it ultimately.

This recycled succulent container turns succulents and cacti (that will usually be thought of compact) into towering timber and shrubs planted subsequent to decorative properties.

The empty space lined with pebbles provides to the sensation of house, making the container really feel like a residing paintings. You actually wouldn’t have the identical affect simply pairing the identical succulents in a daily pot.

Lithops Backyard

In a white pot, a vibrant assembly of lithops, each adorned in distinctive hues, creates a captivating display. The juxtaposition of these succulents is further enhanced by the presence of small, carefully arranged pebbles nestled among them.
Distinctive lithops, superb for busy gardeners, are hardy succulents requiring minimal care.

Conventional succulents are beloved for his or her low-maintenance nature. However for busy gardeners, even that may be an excessive amount of. If that’s the case, you want lithops.

Lithops are powerful succulent crops that thrive on little to no consideration. They want very rare watering, and even once you do water, only a teaspoon is sufficient to replicate the Southern African desert environments they’re used to.

This container highlights the great thing about these intricate crops, packed tightly to point out off their distinctive shapes and colours in a tiny lithops backyard.


A white ceramic bowl serves as a charming planter, adorned with a delightful assortment of succulents. Resting gracefully on a black metal chair, the overflowing bowl of succulents becomes a focal point, blending seamlessly with the surrounding lush greenery.
Create a lush and plentiful look by planting an overflowing succulent container with geometric shapes.

Succulents are identified for his or her geometric and structural shapes. This may look considerably misplaced in a pure and overflowing backyard with few strains and restricted construction. Mix one of the best of each worlds by planting an overflowing succulent container that cascades over the perimeters of the pot like these sedums, making a lush and plentiful look.

Sadly, you gained’t have the ability to obtain this look in a single day. Plant every species shut collectively within the pot however not so shut that the crops are overcrowded. This may give them sufficient room to fill out to create this look.

Succulent Terrariums

In a rustic setting, a woman wearing a stylish blue denim jacket delicately cradles a clear bowl on a wooden table, surrounded by scattered soil. Within the bowl, a captivating array of various succulents forms a harmonious composition.
Planting succulents in open glass containers with correct airflow is essential.

Since terrariums are closed methods by definition, the phrase ‘succulent terrarium’ is a little bit deceptive. Succulents will shortly rot in conventional terrariums. However, if you happen to plant in an open moderately than closed glass that enables for extra airflow, you possibly can create an identical look with out risking the well being of the crops.

Succulent terrariums require cautious layering and water to cease moisture from accumulating across the roots. Ideally, it’s higher to plant in a glass with drainage holes. If that’s not potential, solely apply small quantities of water at a time moderately than utterly saturating the soil.

Residing Artwork

A sleek, modern gray frame cradles a harmonious assembly of diverse succulents. Each succulent is carefully nestled, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that seamlessly blends various shapes and shades.
Improve succulent preparations through the use of unconventional containers like wood frames.

Crafting a novel and delightful succulent container association doesn’t simply require creativity in selection of crops. The container itself has an enormous affect in your show. Forego the normal pot and plant your succulents in a wood body as a substitute, prepared to put in your desk or grasp as a chunk of residing artwork.

For those who plan on laying it flat, drill drainage holes into the underside of the container. If you wish to grasp it up, drill holes within the sides as a substitute and staple mesh wire to the body after filling it with soil to carry all of the crops in place.

Wheelbarrow Container

A weathered green and rusty wheelbarrow, repurposed as a succulent container, adds rustic allure to the scene. Adjacent to the wheelbarrow, a wooden fence provides a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the garden's quaint ambiance.
Rework an previous wheelbarrow into a trendy succulent container, using its holes for efficient drainage.

When you have a rusty, spent wheelbarrow that’s simply taking over house in your backyard, repurpose it in a captivating succulent association. I contemplate these the unique upcycled container, now a staple in lots of gardens.

Wheelbarrows usually go unused in the event that they develop holes. So long as the opening shouldn’t be too giant, this could truly be a profit in your association for drainage. If the wheelbarrow doesn’t have any holes, drill a number of on the lowest level based mostly on how you propose to show your wheelbarrow, permitting the collected extra moisture to empty out the underside.

Adverse House

A white pot showcases an array of succulents on one side. On the other side, smooth white pebbles create a minimalist contrast. Resting elegantly on a cement surface, the composition exudes a harmonious blend of nature and modern design.
Arranging succulents in a container with unfavourable house and vibrant gravel creates a novel design.

Once you’re potting up a container crammed with flowers or herbs, leaving gaps appears to be like a little bit sparse. It makes the container look empty or much less plentiful than if you happen to have been to fill it with extra crops. However on the subject of succulents, unfavourable house will be an asset in design.

This association splits the container down the center, focusing the crops solely on one aspect. This, together with the usage of the brilliant gravel, immediately elevates the design into one thing extra distinctive. Mix succulents of various sizes to mix the 2 sections collectively seamlessly.

Trailing Succulents

Diverse succulents, with various shapes and colors, flourish within a cone-shaped clay pot, showcasing nature's intricate beauty. The rustic clay container rests gracefully on a pristine white table, creating a harmonious blend of earthy tones and modern elegance.
Container designs usually observe the ‘thriller, filler, spiller’ rule for an aesthetically pleasing association.

‘Thriller, filler, spiller’ is a phrase usually utilized in container design. It’s fairly self-explanatory – one plant needs to be the spotlight, one ought to fill and complement, and one ought to spill out the perimeters of the pot. When you don’t have to observe this rule, it’s a simple recipe for an aesthetically pleasing association.

Trailing succulents like Senecio are superb spiller crops, with lengthy vines that completely cascade out of this cone-shaped container. Completely different species have in a different way formed leaves, from string of bananas to string of dolphins, offering loads of selection.

Festive Enjoyable

White pumpkins of varying sizes serve as elegant planters, delicately embracing a collection of succulents. Their clean, neutral tones create a sophisticated and festive display, adding a touch of refined charm to your succulent garden.
Planting succulents in pumpkins is ideal as they flourish in barely damp soil, minimizing watering necessities.

Adorning in fall for Thanksgiving and Christmas generally is a dear endeavor. Fortunately for gardeners, it doesn’t need to be. When you have a pumpkin patch and a few succulents prepared for planting, your vacation will likely be sorted very quickly.

Succulents are good for planting in pumpkins as they don’t require a lot moisture. For those who plant in barely damp soil and show them for a few weeks earlier than transplanting to their long-term properties, you probably gained’t have to water them in any respect. This avoids any points with rotting early on for a lot longer-lasting décor.

Deliver The Drama

In a glossy white bowl, a harmonious arrangement of dark and green succulents captivates the eye. Bathed in the warm embrace of sunlight, each leaf casts delicate shadows, creating a serene tableau of nature's beauty and tranquility.
Darkish succulents in goth gardens are trending, providing a dramatic and moody contact.

Goth gardens are large this 12 months, and their recognition reveals no indicators of slowing down quickly. Dramatic and moody crops are present favorites, significantly on the planet of succulents. You need to use the dramatic qualities of darkish succulents to your benefit to create a succulent container association like this that’s sure to face out.

It’s clear that the middle is the spotlight on this container. Pairing with lighter inexperienced species on both aspect, together with creamy pebbles and a stark white container, intensifies the purple-black shade for additional distinction.

Pebble Designs

A white ceramic pot stands elegantly on a seamless white surface. Inside the pot, green succulents gracefully intertwine, adding a touch of nature to the contemporary setting. Delicate gray and white pebbles accentuate the arrangement.
Improve succulent container preparations with visible attraction utilizing fastidiously chosen pebbles.

Succulent container preparations sometimes function quite a lot of totally different species in a single pot for added visible curiosity. Nonetheless, you possibly can nonetheless create visible curiosity utilizing a single species if you happen to select your pebbles and placement fastidiously.

On this container, contrasting gray and white pebbles are used to create an lovable heart-shaped design that highlights the three small succulents within the heart. With out the pebbles, the pot would look sparse and empty. With them, the design is immediately extra considerate.

Coloured Gravel

A transparent square glass container showcases an arrangement of succulents. The base of the container is adorned with a blend of purple, white, and black small pebbles, adding a contrasting and harmonious element to the overall composition.
This may improve container designs alongside the perimeters, particularly in a glass container.

Similar to pebbles can be utilized to embellish the highest of your container, coloured gravel can be used to create distinctive designs alongside the perimeters. This show clearly requires a glass container to make no matter design you select seen, so you’ll must be a little bit extra selective in regards to the pot you select.

Having tried an association like this, I’ll say it requires a little bit persistence. Clear strains between layers, significantly for intricate designs, are troublesome to attain in a rush. Use stiff cardboard or plastic to carry the gravel in place when filling with soil, eradicating fastidiously after planting so that you don’t have an effect on the design.

Double Containers

A white surface hosts a cement pot with rich soil and two smaller pots of lively succulents, exemplifying double-container gardening. Surrounding them are assorted succulents in pots, empty brown pots, and gardening tools.
Create whimsical container preparations by inserting an ornamental internal pot inside a bigger one.

Certainly one of my favourite succulent container preparations is utilizing a pot inside a pot. That is nice for shallow containers on decrease surfaces which are largely seen from above.

For those who don’t need to stick to only crops, lay one other pot on its aspect and plant as if the succulents are falling out of the container. It’s a enjoyable twist on a typical association that may add a little bit whimsy to your backyard. Choose an ornamental container for the internal pot, like this lovable watering can.

Go Huge

A terracotta pot stands proudly against a wooden fence, basking in the warm sunlight. Within the pot, an array of succulents flourishes. At the heart of this succulent ensemble, a majestic aloe plant stretches towards the sky.
For bigger succulent shows, use a bigger central plant like Aloe to create stability.

Many widespread succulents are fairly compact, requiring loads of crops for a bigger show. However when you’ve got an enormous container to fill and need to create stability, begin with a bigger central plant like this Aloe as a substitute.

In taller containers, succulents that keep low can usually get misplaced and solely make an affect once you’re shut up. Draw the attention to the container first with the taller species and fill in with companions down under so as to add a pop of shade.

Window Field

In a weathered wooden window box, a stunning array of muted green succulents flourishes. Nestled among the succulents, vibrant green plants cascade gracefully, adding a burst of lively color and a touch of natural elegance to the rustic window box.
A succulent-filled window field affords a low-maintenance indoor gardening possibility for areas with restricted daylight.

The normal window field is a backyard staple that brings a contact of the outside a lot nearer to your house. However when you’ve got a harsh sunny spot and don’t need to stare at a pop stuffed with dying annuals each morning, fill your window field with succulents as a substitute.

This can be a nice resolution for anybody who desires to develop succulents indoors however doesn’t have a sunny sufficient spot to maintain them completely happy. In a window field, you possibly can nonetheless get pleasure from their magnificence from inside whereas they benefit from the many of the sunshine outdoors.

Succulent Tiers

A triple-tiered clay pot displays a vibrant arrangement of succulents, with each level featuring a unique variety. The cascading tiers create a visually stunning composition, showcasing the diverse shapes, colors, and textures of the carefully selected succulent species.
Utilizing smaller pots as tiers in a container association creates a surprising succulent fountain.

One other twist on a container inside a container, this association makes use of smaller pots as tiers to create a fountain of gorgeous succulents. Shallow containers are higher for stability, however it’s also possible to stabilize the internal containers with pebbles to cease them from falling over.

Once you’re planting, it’s greatest to fill with soil and assemble the tiers first. Then, you possibly can fill within the gaps with out risking squashing any of the crops afterward.

Raised Beds

A lush backyard teeming with a diverse array of plants, showcasing nature's kaleidoscope. A charming wooden raised bed, elegantly adorned with an assortment of resilient succulents, adds a touch of rustic beauty to the garden.
Using raised beds enhances management over rising situations and facilitates plant care and harvesting.

Raised beds are sometimes utilized in vegetable gardens, supplying you with higher management over rising situations and making the crops simpler to entry for care and (most significantly) harvesting. However raised beds will be helpful in succulent gardens, too, highlighting particular crops and including dimension in peak.

The most effective causes to make use of a raised mattress in your succulent association is drainage. In case your backyard soil doesn’t drain effectively sufficient to plant succulents, establishing a raised mattress and filling it with well-draining sandy soil will remove the issue.

Hanging Baskets

A captivating close-up reveals an array of succulents, showcasing a harmonious blend of muted and vivid green hues. Each succulent's unique texture and color palette create a visually appealing composition.
Succulents are well-suited for hanging baskets with quick drainage, restricted soil capability, and solar publicity.

Hanging baskets will be powerful environments for delicate crops that require common watering. They drain extremely shortly, don’t maintain a lot soil, and are sometimes uncovered to full solar, which exacerbates the moisture points.

Fortunately, succulents thrive in these situations. This basket options a number of powerful species that gained’t thoughts much less frequent watering and dry soil. Simply make sure you grasp the hampers nearer to eye stage so all of the gorgeous succulents are seen, not simply the trailing ones.

Driftwood Show

A weathered driftwood planter takes center stage, showcasing a rustic charm that complements the organic beauty of nature. Lush succulents, in various shapes and hues, intricately weave together, creating a harmonious tapestry that highlights the planter's unique character.
Repurpose previous logs or sculptural driftwood with gaps into distinctive succulent planters for a pure look.

When you have any previous logs in your backyard or a chunk of sculptural driftwood with a number of gaps, it could actually simply be was a planter for a stupendous succulent association.

Planting in smaller gaps and crevices replicates how a few of these crops develop between rocks of their native habitats and creates a beautiful pure look when planted fastidiously. This mixture of Echeveria, Sempervivum, and Haworthia additionally gives selection in shade and texture to get pleasure from.

Darkish Contrasts

Three sleek black vases, elegantly arranged on a porch, stand tall and command attention. Each vase cradles succulents, adding a touch of nature's beauty to the contemporary setting. The blurred background reveals lush greenery, creating a harmonious outdoor oasis.
Highlighting particular crops in your backyard will be achieved through the use of vibrant colours.

Smaller succulents can usually mix in with the remainder of your backyard, even when they’re saved in their very own containers. If you wish to spotlight particular crops and draw the attention, one of the simplest ways to try this is with shade.

This succulent show options three totally different species in three totally different pot sizes, all with the identical dramatic black shade. This shade is inconceivable to overlook, turning the succulents into on the spot function crops.

Easy Centerpiece

A close-up captures the beauty of a slender, horizontal white centerpiece, skillfully adorned with an array of succulents. The succulents showcase a harmonious blend of lush green and red hues, adding a touch of natural elegance to the narrow centerpiece.
Supreme for desk décor, a slim horizontal planter with ample soil promotes succulent longevity.

In case your succulent association will largely function desk décor, this slim horizontal planter is good. The container is giant sufficient to carry loads of soil to maintain the crops completely happy, guaranteeing they reside far longer than the occasion you’re planning for.

The combo of complementary colours, texture, and peak creates a easy however efficient design that may look gorgeous on any dinner desk.

Closing Ideas

Planting up a succulent container association is your likelihood to be artistic. Recreate these designs or use them as inspiration to craft a container distinctive to you.

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