27 Greatest Styles of Catmint (Nepeta) For Your Flower Mattress

Catmint is a beautiful, low-maintenance herb so as to add to your backyard. The crops vary from dwarf varieties beginning at six inches tall and all the way in which as much as three ft or taller. They make a wonderful addition to the backyard, drawing bees and butterflies to assist pollinate different close by crops. 

In order for you a hardy, dependable perennial that blooms all summer season lengthy, you merely can’t beat this member of the mint household. Its drought tolerance and easygoing nature imply you not often must pay it any consideration. However you would possibly wish to anyway! It’s enjoyable to observe the hummingbirds benefit from the candy nectar of those fairly blue flowers. 

Tall purple catmint flowers dominate a lush garden; their vibrant blooms adding a splash of color amid green foliage.
This plant is a resilient coastal backyard border specimen that provides pops of shade.

Catmint is tolerant of poor soil and salt air, so it makes a very good coastal backyard plant. Use this plant as a border within the panorama or wherever that wants some pops of shade. Some varieties could be enticing to your feline buddies, however many are usually not. Listed below are 27 nice types of catmint to your backyard

Kitten Round

Sunlit 'Kitten Around' catmint plant with purple flowers, surrounded by lush green foliage.
This dwarf selection is right for small areas and containers.

In case the title doesn’t give it away, it is a dwarf selection that’s good for smaller areas and containers. The compact, dense foliage types a good clump. Above the mound of foliage, racemes of fairly purple calyxes holding blue flowers entice tons of pollinators.

‘Kitten Round’ makes a wonderful border within the backyard. Use it to line a walkway or pop it in between different crops to fill backyard house. 

Cat’s Pajamas

Tall purple 'Cat’s Pajamas' catmint flowers stand proudly; their vibrant hue contrasting against green foliage.
The ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ catmint options deep indigo flowers with long-lasting purple calyxes.

This bushy, compact catmint additionally makes a wonderful border. ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ is a hybrid selection with a rounded, shrubby form and deep indigo flowers in purple calyxes. It’s a giant bloomer that begins to flower two to 3 weeks sooner than most varieties. It additionally holds onto its calyxes for a very long time, sustaining shade and wonder within the backyard for an prolonged interval. 

Purrsian Blue

Lush 'Purrsian Blue' catmint plant with delicate lavender blooms, adding a serene touch to any garden.
‘Purrsian Blue’ requires ample house to unfold.

This compact selection lies someplace between full-sized and dwarf. ‘Purrsian Blue’ isn’t only a cute title; this selection has a gorgeous, rounded form. When it blooms, the densely packed periwinkle flowers almost obscure the fragrant foliage.

It has an expansion that doubles its peak, so give this selection room to unfold out. In case you are in search of additional blooming energy, that is perfection

Walker’s Low

Abundant purple 'Walker’s Low' catmint flowers, creating a lush and colorful garden bed.
‘Walker’s Low’ flower spikes can attain as much as three ft tall.

‘Walker’s Low’ is a full-sized, award-winning selection. It received each Perennial Plant of the Yr in 2007 and the RHS Award of Backyard Advantage in 2012. The foliage stays quick, whereas the flower spikes tower as much as three ft tall.

It makes a beautiful container selection or focus within the pollinator backyard. The flowers bloom intermittently all through the summer season and into the autumn. 

Blue Marvel

A 'Blue Wonder' catmint plant features blue flowers contrasting beautifully against lush green foliage.
This bowl-shaped catmint is a stunningly low-maintenance border plant.

‘Blue Marvel’ is a dwarf selection with glowing indigo flowers that obscure the grey-green foliage. It blooms from late spring till early fall, offering a bountiful buffet for pollinators.

This open bowl-shaped catmint makes a beautiful border, and also you received’t be capable to cease admiring the mass of blue blooms all summer season. Catmint is an exceptionally low-maintenance member of the mint household. It’s nearly too straightforward to develop!

Image Purrfect

A close-up of deep purple 'Picture Purrfect' catmint flowers, with a soft-focus backdrop of additional blooms.
Distinctive blue flowers and plump form make ‘Image Purrfect’ a standout alternative.

‘Image Purrfect’ has the identical compact behavior as ‘Kitten Round,’ however with a wider unfold. It additionally blooms about two weeks sooner and even earlier in heat climates. It is a nice container or border selection. Its flowers have a wealthy, blue tone that units them other than different varieties. You’ll love this catmint for its plump form and vivid blooms.

Whispurr Pink

'Washfield' catmint flowers up close, showcasing delicate petals in shades of white and purple, contrasted against a blurred backdrop of additional blooms.
Hummingbirds are interested in this eye-catching plant with its ample nectar and pink flowers.

This selection brings giant, fluffy plumes of soppy pink flowers to the backyard. ‘Whispurr Pink’ is a pleasant, full-sized catmint with a sturdy development behavior and bigger flowers that open early in mid-spring.

That is an eye catching and statement-making plant that makes an ideal focus within the backyard. Their abundance of nectar and pink tones makes these flowers extremely popular with hummingbirds. 

Cat’s Meow

Purple 'Cat’s Meow' catmint flowers stand out against lush green leaves, illuminated by warm sunlight.
The ‘Cat’s Meow’ is right for filling giant areas with dense, fragrant foliage.

‘Cat’s Meow’ has an ideal repute. It’s an exquisitely uniform and exquisite selection that turns into very dense and full over the season. This plant is reasonably tall, with very robust stems that received’t flop over. Use this plant to fill giant areas with lush, fragrant foliage. You’ll love how dense the flowering behavior is when ‘Cat’s Meow’ blooms all summer season lengthy. 

Chartreuse on the Unfastened

Vibrant purple 'Chartreuse on the Loose' catmint flowers bloom under the sunlight, contrasting beautifully with lush green leaves.
This options vivid inexperienced foliage that accentuates its purple flowers.

‘Chartreuse on the Unfastened’ is a particular selection. Not solely is it quick sufficient to make a groundcover, it blooms all season with none pruning! Most catmints have to be pruned to bloom, making this sort probably the most low-maintenance. It additionally has very vivid inexperienced foliage that stands out as a basis for its beautiful purple flowers. 

Little Trudy

Small clusters of purple 'Little Trudy' catmint flowers stand out against green leaves in a garden setting.
‘Little Trudy’ is a spreading plant with ethereal, finely minimize foliage.

Petite and refined, ‘Little Trudy’ is a shorter selection with purple flowers which have a heat quite than a cool tone. The finely minimize foliage offers this selection an ethereal look and retains this plant freed from fungal points.

This plant has a spreading nature that’s about twice its peak. Its spreading behavior makes this a beautiful floor cowl or edging for the flower backyard. 

Hill Grounds

Towering purple 'Hill Grounds' catmint flowers rise gracefully, contrasting against a lush green carpet of leaves below.
This tall plant is right as a focus in cottage or pollinator gardens.

This thrilling catmint has the most important flowers of any selection. At one centimeter lengthy, the daring purple blooms will draw native and honeybees from miles away. Fuzzy, substantial foliage provides one other aspect of visible and tactile curiosity.

The plant is on the taller aspect, making it an ideal focus within the cottage or pollinator backyard. ‘Hill Grounds’  blooms all through summer season and into fall. 

Purple Haze

A close-up of 'Purple Haze' catmint flowers showcasing deep and bright purple tones, complemented by green leaves.
The plant’s silvery foliage and curving lavender flower spikes create a gorgeous floor cowl.

‘Purple Haze’ is a dwarf selection with a spreading behavior that borders on trailing. Plant this catmint atop a rock wall, and it’ll spill over the sting. The thick, plump flower spikes curve calmly outward and upward. From afar, your entire plant seems dusted with lavender. The foliage is silvery, giving your entire plant a cool hue. This makes a wonderful floor cowl. 

Darkish Blue Panther

A close-up of 'Dark Blue Panther' catmint flowers under sunlight, displaying indigo petals, with more blooms and lush green leaves in the background.
It is a prolific nectar producer excellent for pollinator gardens.

Neat and tidy, ‘Darkish Blue Panther’ has a compact behavior. It additionally has among the deepest and largest indigo blooms of all varieties. The flower shade can range, with some rosy hues blended in.

The cultivar ranges from one to 2 ft tall. It’s a enormous nectar producer and makes an ideal addition to the pollinator backyard. It additionally makes a neat and dramatic border. 

Summer time Magic

A close-up of a 'Summer Magic' catmint stem featuring purple flowers, set against a softly blurred backdrop of green foliage.
‘Summer time Magic’ blooms reliably from late spring till early fall.

Sturdy and resilient, ‘Summer time Magic’ is one other RHS award-winning catmint. It’s on the taller finish, with bigger flowers that don’t expertise any slowdown in the summertime warmth. The tall flower stems by no means flop within the rain. Some gardeners discover that cats appear to be much less on this kind. It blooms reliably from late spring till early fall.


'Snowflake' catmint plants in full bloom; their tiny, gray flowers vivid against the green stems.
This selection enhances rock gardens or blended flower beds.

In a shift from the same old blue-toned catmint flowers, ‘Snowflake’ has dainty, delicate white flowers. It’s an ideal flower producer, and the blooms are calmly and pleasantly aromatic. This selection additionally has finely textured, grey-green foliage. It seems lovely in a rock backyard or blended with different extra colourful flowers. Its bloom time is briefer than some however no much less beautiful

Pink Panther

Clusters of 'Pink Panther' catmint flowers stand tall and radiant, soaking in sunlight.
The ‘Pink Panther’ cultivar is distinguished by its fluffy look.

Rosy flowers with an additional pleasing perfume set this bathroom cat aside. ‘Pink Panther’ has greater than a nostalgic moniker; it’s an particularly fairly cultivar. The plant is mid-sized with bigger foliage. Total, it’s denser and has a fluffy look. The flower spikes are shorter, calmly curved, and really fluffy in comparison with different varieties. 

Blue Moon

'Blue Moon' catmint flowers supported by slender stems, stand out vividly against a softly blurred backdrop of lush greenery.
Clusters of small lavender blooms are tightly packed on the tops of stems.

‘Blue Moon’ is a favourite of mine. Its delicate but impactful flower spikes are a beautiful deal with within the flower mattress. The person blooms are small and gentle blue. They’re tightly clustered to kind a fluffy, dense pouf on the high of the stems. This catmint has a low, spreading behavior that makes it good for borders and mass plantings. 


Clusters of purple 'Neptune' catmint flowers in full bloom, standing out against dense green foliage underneath.
This dwarf floor cowl rapidly reblooms when deadheaded.

This cute little dwarf selection makes a beautiful floor cowl. It has giant, dense foliage and produces a lot of darkish purple flowers. Deadhead this one after its preliminary bloom, and it would come again with a much bigger bloom in a short time. The flowers and foliage are each giant in comparison with the general dimension of this plant. It makes a pleasant container filler, leaving house for bigger thriller crops. 

Pink Cat

Bunches of 'Pink Cat' catmint flowers; their delicate pink petals contrasting beautifully with green foliage.
Create a sweetly scented walkway utilizing ‘Pink Cat’ crops.

Compact and bushy, ‘Pink Cat’ is low-maintenance and durable. Its small, shrubby development behavior makes this a beautiful container plant. This sort is a giant bloomer that tolerates warmth very effectively. The flower spikes are erect, and the blooms are powdery pink, which is a pleasant deviation from different varieties. Plant ‘Pink Cat’ alongside a walkway for a sweetly scented path. 

Marvelette Blue

Lush 'Marvelette Blue' catmint plants; their slender stems gracefully display clusters of small, delicate pale lavender flowers.
The ‘Marvelette Blue’ is right for containers or backyard fillers.

‘Marvelette Blue’ has a special kind than most others on this listing. The foliage is smaller and has a minty perfume, and the flowers are extra sparsely positioned. Reasonably than distinctive spikes of daring blue blooms, this plant has a fragile sprinkling of pale lavender flowers. It has a extra herbaceous look and makes an ideal container plant or filler within the backyard.

Six Hills Big

Six Hills Giant catmint planted among lilies, being pollinated by fluttering white butterflies.
The foliage of ‘Six Hills Big’ emits a lemony perfume when crushed.

‘Six Hills Big’ is among the tallest catmints round. It’s a sturdy grower that may attain as much as three ft tall. The flower spikes are much less dense than others and have a slight curve to them, making this a putting plant for the wildflower or cottage backyard. The foliage has a lemony perfume when crushed. The ethereal blooms are a cool shade of violet. 

Junior Walker

Slender 'Junior Walker' catmint blooms showcase delicate deep purple petals against a backdrop of muted green leaves.
‘Junior Walker’ stands out in summer season gardens with lengthy lavender flower spikes.

If you wish to keep away from re-seeding fully, ‘Junior Walker’ is a sterile type of ‘Walker’s Low.’ It’s compact with finely textured foliage. Its delicate foliage and flowers look fantastic trailing over a stone or brick wall. This selection stays low and spreads out huge. With an expansion of as much as three ft, that is nice for filling in areas with out detracting from crops within the background

‘Junior Walker’ has lovely periwinkle flowers. The flower spikes are lengthy, and when in bloom, the lavender flowers obscure the grayish-green foliage. With its floriferous nature, it makes fairly an influence in the summertime backyard. 

Blue Prelude

'Blue Prelude' catmint flowers with delicate petals contrast beautifully against verdant green leaves, creating a vibrant garden scene.
This plant options giant, well-spaced flower spikes which can be excellent as a focus.

‘Blue Prelude’ is a leafy catmint, and a big one at that. This selection grows as much as three ft tall, and it will get there in a rush. The foliage is giant, toothy, and vivid inexperienced. This one has extra of a shrubby look.

The flower spikes are giant and spaced farther aside, so the plant itself doesn’t get misplaced. That is an herbaceous-looking perennial plant that appears attractive as a focus or in a mass planting.

Blue Dragon

A 'Blue Dragon' catmint plant featuring abundant green leaves and sparse clusters of purple blooms.
The ‘Blue Dragon’ is a sturdy plant with giant, dragon-like flowers.

‘Blue Dragon’ will get its title from its quite giant flowers. They strongly resemble a dragon with its mouth open. This is among the bigger varieties, reaching as much as three ft tall, and the flowers are additionally among the many largest. You received’t catch this one flopping over. Whereas I really like a very good trailing plant, ‘Blue Dragon’ has a putting, upright development behavior and good, robust stems. 


Vibrant purple 'Dropmore' catmint flowers stand out among green plants, basking in the warm sunlight.
This hardy hybrid produces ample blue flowers.

This hybrid is the product of cautious breeding to make a very hardy selection. Don’t fear about warmth, wind, or rain; ‘Dropmore’ can deal with all of it. It is a nice bloomer of blue flowers.

Minimize it again after the primary flush, and also you’ll have a good higher one later in the summertime. Butterflies and bees love catmint, so take into consideration including this to your pollinator backyard. 

Little Titch

 A close-up of lavender 'Little Titch' catmint flowers, with a soft focus on surrounding blooms and leaves.
‘Little Titch’ has foliage with a textured and barely fuzzy look.

A compact, dwarf selection, ‘Little Titch’ makes a wonderful border. It has a pleasant unfold, so contemplate filling this one between bigger crops within the backyard. The foliage has a whole lot of texture and is barely fuzzy. On the high of quick flower spikes, clusters of blooms are a heat shade of purple towards the bottom and blue on the edges. 


 'Washfield' catmint flowers up close, showcasing delicate petals in shades of white and purple.
The ‘Washfield’ cultivar options fragrant foliage and blue blooms with pinkish.

‘Washfield’ is a mid-sized cultivar with shiny, serrated leaves which have a pinkish solid when they’re younger. It’s thought of to be one of the best number of its species, with fragrant foliage and blooms that final from Could to October. The flower spikes are usually not tall however nestle extra into the plant. The blooms are pale periwinkle blue with a deeper blue towards the within. They show pinkish accents.

Ultimate Ideas

Add this fragrant plant wherever you wish to see pollinators within the backyard. The vigorous blue-violet flowers will present shade all summer season lengthy. This tremendous easy-care perennial has few wants and quite a bit to supply.

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