21 Lovely Calendula Varieties For Your Backyard

Calendula can also be typically known as pot marigold, due to its bodily similarities to true marigolds. Calendula flowers, nonetheless, have longer petals, and rounder, wider leaves. They entice helpful pollinators to your backyard, together with bees and butterflies, and make a fantastic reduce flower. To not point out that these annual flowers readily self-seed and can come again 12 months after 12 months. With so many calendula varieties to select from, they make a lovely addition to any backyard.

Calendula can also be identified for its many medicinal advantages. A tea comprised of the dried petals can cut back irritation. When used topically, it has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory properties, making it nice for treating minor burns and cuts.

Their petals have many different makes use of as properly. Dried petals can be added to baked items or used as a garnish in salads or backyard cocktails. When soaked, their vibrant hues might be extracted from petals and used as a pure meals or material dye.


A close-up of a Zeolight flower, showcasing delicate pink petals in full bloom. The blurred leaves in the background add depth, enhancing the vibrant beauty of the focal blossom, evoking a sense of serenity and natural elegance.
A wide range of calendula referred to as Zeolights blooms from spring to late fall.

The bronzy-orange petals of ‘Zeolights‘ fade to a light-weight pink shade with a yellow base and maroon again. Vegetation will develop 12 to 24 inches tall and can bloom from spring till the late fall. The gorgeous double blooms are frost tolerant and will even bloom by the primary few snows within the fall and winter. The pointed petals add to the layered impact of this selection and make it stand out on the earth of calendula varieties.  

Oopsy Daisy

Vivid orange oopsy daisy blooms glisten in sunlight, each petal unfurling gracefully. Lush green leaves form a backdrop, enhancing the vibrant floral display with their verdant hues, creating a picturesque scene of nature's beauty.
This compact number of calendula is ideal for borders or pathways.

This compact selection reaches a peak of eight inches. Their quick stature makes them nice for planting alongside borders or pathways. ‘Oopsy Daisy‘ produces orange, cream, and yellow flowers in each single and double blooms. Their orange-tipped blooms make a lovely reduce flower. They are going to self-seed with out changing into invasive until they’re regularly deadheaded, which supplies you a fantastic excuse to make a bouquet. They don’t produce the most important blooms, however they bloom profusely all through the summer time. 


‘Resina’ calendula has shiny, daisy-like blooms.

This selection is called as such for its resin-rich petals that are prized by herbalists. The elevated resin makes this a fantastic selection for these within the medicinal properties of calendula. ‘Resina‘ can also be edible and can be utilized to garnish salads, taste soups, and steeped to make teas. It produces shiny yellow daisy-like blooms with an orange heart. It is going to produce the occasional orange flower as properly.  

Pacific Magnificence Mix

Pacific Beauty Blend flowers gracefully sway, their slender stems dancing with the breeze. Their delicate petals unfurl in a harmonious blend of orange and white, creating a captivating floral symphony.
Pacific Magnificence Mix affords each yellow and orange flowers.

This mix of calendula seeds is ideal for the indecisive gardener. In case you can’t resolve between yellow or orange, you then’re in luck! ‘Pacific Magnificence Mix’ is a mixture of each yellow and orange calendulas. They are going to add a pleasant combine of colours to your pollinator patch or chopping backyard.

They produce double and semi-double flowers. Using the yellow and orange petals within the kitchen could make a cost-effective substitute for saffron. The flowers will impart the identical shade to your dish.  

Strawberry Blonde

The Strawberry Blonde flowers are appropriate for each contemporary and dried preparations.

These flowers have yellowish petals in the direction of the middle, which fade to pink as they transfer out to the sting of the bloom. Petals encompass a darkish reddish-brown heart. The backs of the flower are bronze-red, which wraps across the edges of the front-facing petals, giving them an outlined look.

They make a lovely flower when reduce contemporary however are equally as lovely when utilized in dried flower preparations. ‘Strawberry Blonde’ additionally makes a lovely edible ornament for muffins and pastries. This selection will flower all by the summer time till the primary onerous frost. 


A close-up of a vibrant orange Oktoberfest flower illuminated by the warm sunlight, its delicate petals unfurling gracefully. In the blurred background, lush green leaves create a serene backdrop, enhancing the flower's natural beauty and vibrancy.
The Oktoberfest reaches its peak peak of 20-24 inches in the course of the fall.

This selection produces two-and-a-half-inch blooms which are deep orange with a darkish heart. The flowers kind on high of sturdy stems, which makes them nice for chopping. And the extra you narrow, the extra they may bloom! ‘Oktoberfest’ blooms from spring to mid-summer earlier than fading as the warmth of the summer time units in. This plant grows fairly tall at 20-24 inches tall.

Fortunately, you don’t have to attend till October for these to bloom. They’ll start blooming in spring and bloom by the summer time, reaching their peak bloom in fall. 

Cantaloupe Combine

A close -up of a Cantaloupe mix flower displays delicate petals in pale yellow and white hues. Behind it, blurred green leaves provide a serene backdrop, accentuating the flower's natural beauty in a harmonious botanical composition.
This flower is right for creating a various bouquet in a traditional cottage backyard.

That is one other mix of seeds helpful for the indecisive gardener or those that need quite a lot of calendula colours. ‘Cantaloupe combine’ has a spread of colours in numerous shades of pink, apricot, and white. This makes a lovely bouquet with a mixture of colours that complement one another properly. This combine is a traditional cottage backyard staple. 

Ivory Princess

Yellow Ivory Princess flowers, their petals reaching for sunlight, tower gracefully above slender green stems. Below, a lush carpet of leaves forms a verdant tapestry, providing a serene backdrop to the vivid blooms above.
A calendula cultivar often known as Ivory Princess is favored for its abundance of blooms.

This is likely one of the lightest coloured calendula cultivars that’s out there. Flowers are yellow when closed after which confide in be nearly pure white with only a splash of pastel yellow. ‘Ivory Princess’ is typically known as ‘Snow Princess.’

These white flowers make a fantastic filler flower in backyard bouquets and are beloved by reduce flower growers. The flowers stand in distinction with emerald inexperienced foliage.  These tall and vigorous crops will produce tons of blooms. 

Bronzed Magnificence

Bronzed Beauty flowers, delicate in pale pink hues, gracefully bloom, some petals gently withered, telling tales of time's passage. Beneath, verdant leaves form a lush backdrop, a canvas for nature's artistry.
This bicolor flower selection blooms from fall to spring in delicate winters.

As its identify would recommend, this selection produces peach and cream bicolor flowers with copper undertones. The cup-shaped flower heads are smaller than different varieties, with 2-inch blooms.

They are going to develop 18-24 inches tall. In areas with delicate winters, they may bloom from fall by to the spring. In all different areas, they’ll bloom from spring to mid-summer. This isn’t a range that does significantly properly within the warmth. 

Fruit Twist

A close-up reveals Fruit Twist flowers and leaves. Delicate petals showcase a captivating blend of white and orange tones, creating a striking bi-colored display that captures nature's beauty in intricate detail.
The Fruit Twist calendula is a dwarf selection that boasts double and semi-double flowers in citrusy hues.

This can be a dwarf selection that grows to about six inches tall and eight inches broad. This makes it a fantastic border plant in a pollinator backyard. The shorter stems don’t lend as properly for reduce flowers, however they’ll nonetheless make a lovely boutonniere or corsage.

These double and semi-double flowers are available a spread of citrusy orange and yellow shades. They are going to bloom from spring till mid-summer.  They’re good for rising in pots on patios or decks to convey a pop of shade. 

Calexis Orange

A close-up of Calexis Orange flowers reveals their intricate orange petals, catching the sunlight with delicate beauty. The blurred background hints at lush green foliage, creating a serene contrast to the vibrant blooms in the foreground.
The Calexis Orange options compact crops with strong orange petals round a darkish brown eye.

This selection is the 2019 winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal, Europe’s high award. Fleuroselect is an Worldwide Group for the decorative crops trade. ‘Calexis Orange’ showcases double and semi-double blooms with strong orange petals which are rolled round a darkish brown eye within the heart.

They develop on compact 12-inch crops which are nice for containers in addition to in-ground. These crops will likely be lined with massive flowers all by the rising season. 


A vibrant orange Nova flower, its delicate petals unfurling gracefully in the foreground. In the blurred backdrop, a budding Nova and verdant leaves hint at the vitality and growth of the surrounding flora.
A quick-growing selection referred to as Nova ranges from 12 to 24 inches tall.

This heirloom selection produces shiny orange blooms that encompass a darkish red-orange heart. ‘Nova’ is adaptable, low-maintenance, and drought-tolerant. Vegetation can vary anyplace from 12 inches to 24 inches tall.

This can be a fast-growing and long-blooming selection that can offer you flowers all summer time lengthy. Makes a fantastic companion plant within the vegetable backyard to draw pollinators. 

Fiesta Gitana

An orange Fiesta Gitana flower, basking in the warm sunlight, radiating its natural beauty. In the blurred backdrop, slender leaves stretch out, accompanied by delicate violet blossoms, creating a harmonious tapestry of colors in nature.
Fiesta Gitana boasts colourful double blooms reaching 12 inches.

This dwarf selection produces orange, yellow, and gold blooms. Compact crops attain a peak of 12 inches. This heirloom showcases double blooms. ‘Fiesta Gitana’ was first launched within the Nineteen Seventies and is simple to develop, making it best for freshmen. It’s drought-resistant in addition to deer and rabbit-resistant. A favourite of bees and butterflies alike. 

Geisha Woman

A close-up of an orange Geisha Girl flower illuminated by sunlight, showcasing delicate petals in intricate detail. In the background, blurred green leaves create a natural contrast, enhancing the flower's brilliance and natural allure.
This warmth and drought-tolerant plant options 20-inch tall stems.

‘Geisha Woman’ produces shiny orange double flowers. They’re one of many first summer time blooms and are fairly warmth and drought-tolerant. They are going to bloom from late spring by fall. Vegetation will develop to twenty inches tall and with a great deal of flowers. The frilly double blooms resemble chrysanthemums. Its shiny orange shade makes it good to be used as a pure meals dye or material dye. 

Indian Prince

An Indian Prince flower displays vivid orange petals in an extreme close-up, revealing intricate details. The sunlight highlights the petals, casting a radiant glow and enhancing the flower's natural beauty.
The Indian Prince options double-colored petals of deep orange over purple.

The exceptionally lengthy stems of this selection make it nice for a reduce flower backyard. ‘Indian Prince’ options double-colored petals with a really deep orange on high and backed by purple petals. This heirloom selection is gorgeous even amongst different orange calendula varieties.

It’s just like ‘Geisha Woman’ in look however with a a lot deeper shade. It’s identified for attracting bees, butterflies, and different helpful pollinators. 

Sundown Buff

This pinkish-apricot flower selection blooms profusely from spring to fall.

This selection produces pinkish apricot flowers with purple on the backs of the petals giving it a sundown look. These double blooms are bigger than most they usually develop fairly tall at 24 inches.

‘Sundown Buff’ blooms from spring by fall and reseeds simply. They might cease blooming in the course of the warmth of the summer time however will choose up once more when the cooler fall temperatures arrive. This selection is notably deer-resistant and identified to repel insect pests. 

Pink Shock

A close-up of two sunlit Pink Surprise flowers, their delicate peach petals catching the light. The blurred background hints at lush greenery, emphasizing the blooms at the forefront, evoking a sense of serene beauty and natural harmony.
The ‘Pink Shock’ selection is a peach-colored double bloom reaching 16 inches in peak.

This heirloom selection produces peach-colored double blooms. ‘Pink Shock’ is extra warmth tolerant and can bloom from spring by fall. These crops attain a peak of 16 inches tall. They’re each deer and rabbit-resistant.

This selection has an extended bloom season and can flower from April by October in most zones. This all-purpose calendula makes a lovely reduce flower, a fantastic companion plant within the vegetable backyard, and a pollinator backyard standout. 


The Kablouna selection produces anemone-flowered flowers resembling dandelions.

The flowers of ‘Kablouna’ are anemone-flowered, which is totally different from the usual double blooms. As an alternative, they resemble dandelions. They add not solely a pop of shade however texture as properly.

The pincushion blooms are available a spread of citrusy hues. The eyes of those flowers stand in distinction with the petals fringing alongside the sting. This fast-growing selection blooms inside 60 days from transplant.  

Espresso and Cream

Coffee and Cream flowers bloom gracefully, displaying delicate petals in hues of pale purple and light brown, surrounding their rich brown centers. Below, green leaves provide a lush backdrop, enhancing the elegance of the floral arrangement.
This selection grows simply and self-sows yearly from seeds.

As its identify suggests, this selection captures the colour of espresso and cream. Petals are pinkish-beige and encompass a darkish bronze heart. Their shade is exclusive on the earth of calendulas that are likely to lean towards oranges, yellows, reds, and pinks.

This selection grows simply and can self-sow and are available again the next 12 months. Begin seeds indoors and transplant them to the backyard, or sow them instantly round your final frost date.  

Orange King

An Orange King flower blooms in a close-up, its petals displaying a rich hue against the green foliage. Safely nestled within its verdant leaves, the flower radiates warmth and vitality, inviting admiration for its intricate beauty.
This quick-growing calendula is right for reduce flower gardens and dyeing.

This selection produces huge darkish orange totally double blooms. These massive orange flowers can attain as much as 4 inches in diameter. They’re a must-grow to your reduce flower backyard. Really, the king of orange calendulas. Its darkish orange hue makes it glorious to be used as a dye as properly. It’s a quick-growing selection and produces flowers inside 40-45 days.  

Photo voltaic Flashback

A Solar Flashback flower standing alone, its yellow petals transitioning gracefully to a soft lavender hue, capturing the essence of a mesmerizing transformation. A backdrop of lush green leaves provides a serene embrace to the solitary bloom.
The gorgeous bicolored flowers of Photo voltaic Flashback make it appropriate for reduce flowers.

This selection produces lovely copper, pink, and yellow bicolored flowers. Petal backs are strong purple or maroon. The combo of pink, purple, and yellow, mimics a sundown (or dawn!) Photo voltaic Flashback grows to be 18-24 inches tall with lengthy sturdy stems that make it a fantastic reduce flower.

You may additionally seed a ‘Flashback’ combine or seeds that include this selection together with others within the ‘Flashback’ sequence which are made up of gorgeous bicolored double blooms. 

Woman Godiva Yellow 

A Lady Godiva Yellow flower unfurls its delicate petals, basking in the gentle sunlight. Its vivid hue contrasts beautifully against the blurred backdrop of lush green plants, creating a captivating scene of natural harmony and tranquility.
Woman Godiva flowers bloom perennially in USDA zones 7-11.

The flowers of ‘Woman Godiva’ are small, one inch in diameter, and are a lovely shiny sunny yellow. In all different zones, they’re an annual and bloom from spring by fall. They’re extra warmth tolerant than different varieties.

This selection will regularly bloom with no deadheading required, however how might you resist chopping them and bringing some flowers inside? 

Last Ideas

There are lots of causes so as to add calendula to your backyard like attracting pollinators, utilizing it as a reduce flower, or as an herb for its medicinal advantages. And lots of calendula varieties can present a lovely show of colours all through your backyard. There are dwarf varieties that do properly in containers or as a border plant and tall varieties with sturdy stems that make glorious reduce flowers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re in search of, there’s certain to be a calendula on this record that can meet your wants! And regardless of which selection you select, with their self-seeding properties, you’ll certainly have calendula in your backyard for years to return. 

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