20 Crops to Fill a Plant-Pleasant House

It’s secure to say these with cats love their pets! We’d do something for them, together with freely giving all our peace lilies and jade crops in case our cats felt like munching away. However that doesn’t imply you may’t nonetheless have a house filled with greenery! Listed below are 20 cat-safe houseplants to maintain your feline buddy secure all whereas satisfying your plant obsession. 

Magic and houseplant

After I introduced in a stray, I had to make sure my home was kitty-proof. An enormous a part of that was solely together with cat-safe houseplants all through the house. Everyone knows cats could be mischievous creatures and my cat Magic certain lives as much as the expectations.

From knocking over crops to enjoying within the grime, he, in fact, is thought for nibbling on the occasional plant or two. If he isn’t munching the complete plant, the occasional chew or two of those cat-safe houseplants will do no hurt.

There are various many various houseplants you may embrace within the house, some extra frequent than others. In the event you’re wanting so as to add some greenery to your private home (don’t all of us!), listed below are some houseplants which might be completely secure for kitties.

cat standing next to house plants
My cat Magic!

20 Cat-Secure Houseplants

To maintain cats out of your houseplants, strive overlaying the soil with thick and pointy rocks or different pokey surfaces. You may also strive hanging crops in case your feline buddy can’t assist however rise up to no good. In any other case, these houseplants needs to be A-okay to have round cats.

1. Solid Iron Plant

Let’s begin issues off with one thing somewhat indestructible, we could? Simply because the title suggests, the forged iron plant is fairly hardy and tough to kill. Not solely are they good for newbies, however they might even have the ability to deal with a cat swat or two and simply make it onto this checklist of cat-safe houseplants.

They give the impression of being much like peace lilies, a well-liked houseplant that’s extremely poisonous to cats. Arching leaves over 2 ft lengthy and 4 inches extensive are the principle attraction. Come summer time, you may place them on the deck the place they’ll develop slowly and get numerous shade.

2. Spider Plant

By far one of many best crops to develop, spider crops have slender leaves that may be inexperienced and white striped. They develop lengthy stems with tiny flowers that flip into tiny plantlets. You’ll get a ton of little spider infants from one plant.

This additionally makes them nice hanging crops. To look after them, place them in oblique mild and supply common waterings.

Learn the following pointers on make your spider plant bushier.

3. Staghorn Fern

I like my staghorn fern! Basically the plant model of deer antlers, they’re an artsy and trendy-looking plant that mounts on the wall. That is best for cat homeowners, maintaining crops properly out of attain. And even when they did in some way make it to the staghorn fern, they’re a cat-friendly houseplant.

Lengthy, flat leaves prolong over a root ball that drinks up the water. I prefer to set mine in a bowl after which flip the bathe on to present them a pleasant soak, much like how I water air crops.

Staghorn Fern in Ceramic Planter
Such a singular plant, staghorn ferns can go proper on the wall and out of the best way of paws.

4. Haworthia

Succulent lovers, you may safely develop haworthia in a cat family. With numerous completely different species on the market, most are small houseplants with thick, fleshy leaves. They will have white bands or wart-like however fairly markings.

They get pleasure from vivid mild when inside and partial shade when exterior as a result of, sure, you may deliver them on the market for the summer time! Don’t overwater these guys, however hold them moist in the course of the summer time.

Learn how to do some basic winter fountain care tasks, then use the garden to decorate it up with greenery from the garden, lights, and ornaments.
Haworthia pumila, often known as the Miniature Aloe

5. Peperomia

A compact houseplant, there are over 1500 species of peperomia. Most have spherical, thick, and exquisite leaves. They’re slow-growing and comparatively low-maintenance crops that get pleasure from oblique daylight.

cat safe plant in a terrarium
Many peperomia have variegated leaves and funky markings.

6. Chook Nest Fern

A licensed shade lover, chicken nest fern has the cutest crinkly leaves. They will develop as much as 3 ft lengthy, with new leaves rising from the centre of the plant.

In nature, they develop excessive on the tops of bushes. They get pleasure from heat, humidity, and moisture, making the lavatory an amazing spot for these houseplants.

7. Rattlesnake Plant

The rattlesnake plant has among the most stunning leaves, filled with purplish tones, variegated patterns, and wavy edges. The leaves can develop as much as 30 inches tall.

Native to Brazil’s rainforests, they like partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. They aren’t as straightforward to develop as among the crops on this checklist, however they certain are definitely worth the effort!

8. Air Crops

One other distinctive and enjoyable plant, I’m so obsessive about air crops that I even wore them as dwelling jewellery. These crops cling to bushes in nature, getting moisture via the air quite than having roots.

Since they don’t require soil, it’s also possible to place them on the wall or in a dangling terrarium and even make your personal shows. Like a staghorn fern, you may soak them in water to hydrate them.

9. Bamboo Palm

In the event you’re searching for an enormous plant, the bamboo palm brings a tropical really feel to any room. A kind of palm (not bamboo), it may well do properly in various lighting, starting from medium to low mild. So far as large houseplants go, this one is pretty low upkeep.

10. Cash Tree

Cash bushes are a family favorite, recognized for bringing good luck to the house and a feng shui go-to. A reasonably hardy tree, they’ll develop shortly and can fortunately take up a nook.

When buying, most nurseries may have the stems braided. You may proceed to braid them at house to keep up the form if desired.

11. Prayer Plant

Prayer crops get their title as a result of they really transfer all through the day. The leaves lay flat in the course of the day and slowly raise up in prayer at night time. Stunning and ornamental, prayer crops like greenhouse circumstances, which means heat, moist air and numerous fertilizer will make them pleased

As an added bonus, this plant thrives at nighttime, too!

Prayer plant with green leaves and red markings

12. Ponytail Palm

Within the wild, ponytail palms develop to be a full-sized tree. Within the house, nevertheless, they’ll develop as much as 6 ft of their previous age if taken care of. One of many best bushes to develop indoors, they’ve a bulbous stem that skinny, lengthy leaves erupt from.

13. Orchid

Each housewarming get together has at the very least one orchid. If they’ve a cat, it’s excellent as a result of they’re a cat-friendly houseplant. Good for newbies, orchids have arching flowers that may final for weeks. With the appropriate stability of humidity, mild, and temperature, an orchid can thrive for a very long time.

14. Zebra Plant

Zebra crops can certain be a problem to develop indoors, however they’re properly value it. Not solely have they got darkish, beautiful leaves with white veins, however the vivid yellow flowers are like no different. If pleased, they are going to have 2-4 flowers a plant that lasts for six weeks.

Houseplants to keep away from pets
This zebra plant is subsequent to a cyclamen (the one with the flowers), which IS toxic to pets.

15. African Violet

Compact, African violets don’t thoughts sticking to a small container. Recognized most for his or her flowers, they’ll bloom as much as thrice a 12 months with violet, white, blue, pink, crimson, or combo-coloured flowers.

To deal with them, keep away from getting water on their leaves, take away any lifeless flowers, give them good drainage, and place them in vivid, oblique mild.

16. Fortunate Bamboo

From places of work to the kitchen, you could find fortunate bamboo in all places. They’re mentioned to deliver good luck and make for present, usually coming braided or twisted.

Very arduous to kill, fortunate bamboo can reside in pure water or soil, tolerating each drought and moist circumstances. Chances are high, they’ll additionally deal with a munch from a curious cat and simply be a part of this checklist of cat-safe houseplants.

17. Christmas Cactus

Since poinsettias are fairly toxic to cats, a Christmas cactus is the right various for the festive plant. They bloom proper across the vacation season, including a pop of color when it’s chilly exterior.

The blooms could be pink, crimson, purple, and orange. Native to rainforest, they want extra water and fewer mild than common desert cacti.

18. Lipstick Plant

Right here’s one other flowering cat-safe houseplant for you! Lipstick crops have small, waxy, vine-like leaves. Simple to look after but spectacular wanting, they develop crimson tubular flowers in clusters that nearly resemble lipstick tubes.

They have an inclination to bloom most in the summertime and fall, however you may get loads of blooms all year long from one plant.

19. Swedish Ivy

If you need ivy that’s okay for cats, strive Swedish ivy. The thick stems develop straight up earlier than they cascade down. Also referred to as creeping Charlie, the spherical leaves have scalloped edges and are sometimes variegated. Use them as a dangling plant or deliver them exterior on the deck in the course of the summer time.

2o. Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot crops make for one more poinsettia various, with the preferred colouring being the pink leaves with white spots. An attention grabbing plant, the noticed leaves additionally are available white, purple, and inexperienced varieties.

Some folks additionally plant them exterior as an annual. In case your cat likes to go outdoor, this polka dot plant might also be a good choice for the backyard.

Home Crops Toxic to Cats

A ton of widespread houseplants will not be best to have in properties with cats. A number of the most typical houseplants toxic to cats embrace poinsettias, aloe vera, peace lilies, English ivy, and a ton extra. To be taught the entire toxic houseplants and a few options to strive, try my full checklist right here.

The essential guide to poinsettias.
Poinsettias are a standard Christmas plant that’s toxic to cats.

Pin image for 20 cat-safe houseplants

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