15 Drought-Tolerant Crops for Hanging Baskets

We all know that hanging baskets, these airborne beauties dangling within the heat breeze and basking in summer season’s warmth, dry out extra rapidly than in-ground plantings. To make rising (and watering) slightly simpler, it helps to begin with vegetation that face up to situations on the dryer facet.

Whether or not annuals or perennials, drought-tolerant vegetation have a greater probability of flourishing in hanging planters throughout quick dry spells or a niche in watering classes. Whereas many of those vegetation nonetheless develop and bloom finest with constantly moist soils, they’re extra forgiving throughout a lapse in common water. Many even want to dry out barely between waterings, with overwatering extra detrimental to plant well being than underwatering.

Go for drought-resistant vegetation in case you have a sunny publicity that dries out rapidly or if watering a few times every week is extra your schedule slightly than doing so extra ceaselessly. Select a container massive sufficient to comfortably home your plant picks with ample soil quantity for rising roots. Mulch hanging baskets for added moisture retention and insulation.

Trailing Lantana

Purple trailing lantana flowers contrast beautifully with lush green leaves, creating a vibrant floral display.
Rugged and dependable lantanas thrive in containers with upright and trailing varieties.

Trailing lantana has cascading stems filled with bloom clusters for overflowing coloration in hanging baskets. Crops are exceptionally robust, thriving in sizzling, dry, and humid situations and salty exposures. Within the panorama, they tolerate lean, sandy soils and partial shade, although in containers, they’ll want a well-draining potting combine.

Trailing lantana flowers are classically lilac and lavender with white facilities and yellow throats (‘Luscious Grape’ and ‘Lavender Swirl’ are two vigorous varieties). ‘Alba’ has shiny white flowers. 

Spreading lantanas just like the hybrid ‘Spreading Sundown’ in deep, vivid reds, golds, oranges, and pinks additionally work fantastically in hanging baskets. Lantana camara ‘Samantha’ brings a low, spreading behavior with yellow blooms and inexperienced and yellow variegated leaves. 

Lantana is rugged and dependable and grows effectively in containers with each upright and trailing varieties. Err on the dry facet between watering classes; lantana doesn’t do effectively when overwatered or in soggy soils. 


Purple angelonia flowers interspersed with green leaves, arranged delicately along slender, graceful stems.
Trailing varieties like ‘Angel Mist’ provide humidity-resistant blooms.

Angelonia retains on blooming because the summer season warmth ratchets up. It’s drought, warmth, and humidity-tolerant, thriving in full solar and wealthy soils with good drainage,

Angelonia produces waves of colourful bloom spikes in wealthy blue, purple, pink, rose, white, and bicolor. The petite, two-lipped flowers line the stems and rise above engaging darkish inexperienced, slim leaves.

In each upright and trailing varieties, angelonia creates a full vertical specimen or delicate cascade amongst hanging basket preparations. For trailing varieties, search for warmth and humidity-resistant picks like ‘Angel Mist’ or ‘Angelface Cascade’ with massive blooms in deep purple, rose, blue, white, and pink.  

Angelonia advantages from good air circulation, particularly in humid areas. The low-maintenance vegetation don’t want deadheading to advertise flowering.


Vibrant pink scaevola flowers; each petal unfolding gracefully under the sunlight.
This plant doesn’t want deadheading for continuous blooming.

Scaevola, or fan flower, is a gently spreading annual with showy fan-shaped blooms in blue, lavender, pink, and white. Its sleek behavior, floriferous show, and leafy stems are very best for hanging baskets. Crops tolerate warmth and drought and are pest-resistant. 

Scaevola rapidly fills up a dangling planter with dense foliage and blooms. It stands alone as a featured specimen or pairs with the colourful chartreuse or deep purple of candy potato vine and color-draped calibrachoa. 

Fan flower grows finest in solar to partial shade in sizzling, dry situations. Permit the soil to dry out barely between waterings. Crops are “self-cleaning” and don’t want deadheading for continuous blooming.


Clusters of pink and fuchsia rose verbena bloom in full profusion, illuminating the scene with their delicate hues. The blossoms gracefully emerge from sturdy green stems, embraced by a lush array of verdant leaves.
The mounding and trailing habits of annual verbena are perfect for hanging shows.

Annual verbena produces clusters of small, star-shaped flowers on the guidelines of mounding and trailing stems with darkish inexperienced foliage. Their lengthy bloom season, low rising behavior, and coloration picks from peach to blue-violet complement a wide range of different annuals. 

The ‘Superbena’ collection boasts massive blooms on trailing vegetation with vigorous progress in varieties like Purple,’ ‘Peachy Eager,’ and ‘Stormcloud,’ a swirl of lavender and white. The ‘Tapien’ collection grows as a spreading verbena (very best for trailing over basket edges) and is thought for superior warmth tolerance.

Verbena tolerates shiny solar and drying out between waterings. Perennial verbena, like ‘Homestead Purple,’ is an effective performer in sizzling, humid climates. Trim verbena if it will get leggy to rejuvenate progress.

Licorice Plant

Lush green licorice plants; their slender stems intertwining gracefully.
This requires well-drained soils to stop fungal illnesses like root rot.

Licorice plant is a particular “filler” and “spiller” possibility with silver-flocked leaves on stems that unfold and path. With semi-succulent qualities and reflective leaves, licorice vegetation tolerate dry spells handily. For added curiosity, vegetation have a slight licorice scent most noticeable in summer season warmth.

Cultivars with chartreuse (‘Lemon’) and variegated (‘Splash’) leaves additionally boost the hanging basket association with excessive distinction. Licorice plant is a young perennial in delicate, arid climates, and it overwinters indoors the place it’s not hardy. It’s invasive in components of coastal California

Soils with good drainage are important for Helichrysum. They tolerate poor soils so long as they’re well-draining. Overly moist situations trigger fungal illnesses like root rot.


Dark purple Heuchera flowers; their delicate petals unfurling in a rich, deep hue.
Coral bells are good fillers in hanging preparations with daring foliage.

Heuchera, or coral bells, are North American native perennials with foliage in distinctive shapes and colours. The species has engaging inexperienced leaves, with lime inexperienced, purple, bronze, black, crimson, or orange foliage varieties, typically in mottled tones.

As soon as established, heuchera is comparatively drought-tolerant in containers, at the very least for a short while. When the leaves start to twist and wilt, vegetation want water.

Coral bells have a mounding behavior, making them an excellent “filler” possibility amongst different foliar textures and colours in hanging preparations. Along with the daring foliage, candy bloom sprays in pinks, corals, and reds rise in summer season. 

Heuchera wants wealthy, natural soils in well-draining raised beds. They develop finest in partial shade with morning solar or dappled mild.


A brown hanging pot showcases a lush begonia plant adorned with vibrant red flowers.
These thrive each outdoor in summer season and indoors for year-round enjoyment.

Begonias are sturdy vegetation that bloom regardless of sizzling, dry, and humid situations. Preferring a fan of full shade, they’ll brighten up darkish backyard corners with delicate blooms hanging from arching stems with thick, shiny leaves. The leaves vary from grassy inexperienced to darkish bronze, and the flowers span from blush pink to white to scarlet.

Spreading begonias make candy, dependable hanging basket vegetation independently or in planting combos. The ‘Hula’ collection is a wax begonia hybrid that brings full coloration (pink, white, crimson, and bicolor blooms) to a mounding, spreading type for a tailored and easy-care basket choice. 

Begonias are old school backyard favorites on account of their hardy efficiency in summer season situations and continuous blooms from spring till frost. They’ll love spending summer season outdoor and overwinter indoors for year-round curiosity.

Trailing Vinca

A close-up of pink trailing vinca flowers illuminated by sunlight, showcasing intricate petals and vibrant hues in a natural setting.
Annual vinca thrives in sunny, sizzling situations in containers.

Annual vinca is a low-maintenance plant with plentiful coloration, even in dry situations. Trailing varieties create pretty planter accents as they spill over basket edges with blooms in pastel or vibrant hues.  Flower “eyes” brighten the bloom in contrasting colours of clear white, yellow, or pink. Engaging foliage is thick, deep inexperienced, and shiny. 

Whether or not upright or trailing, annual vinca makes an excellent specimen for containers in a number of daylight and excessive warmth situations. ‘Cora Cascade’ picks path with massive blooms, good illness resistance, and wealthy purple, white, cherry, and magenta flowers.

Perennial vinca, Vinca minor, can be a fairly trailing plant in shadier hanging baskets, the place it may keep contained to keep away from aggressive spreading within the panorama. Variegated foliage and deep periwinkle blooms are a candy accent in partial shade containers.


Its varieties like ‘Profusion’ and ‘Zahara’ provide compact progress with prolific blooms.

Zinnias carry large coloration to the annual planter with showy flowers in a rainbow of colours. Hardy hybrids like ‘Profusion’ and ‘Zagreb’ boast drought tolerance, illness resistance, and a mounding behavior with flowers masking vegetation from summer season via fall.

‘Profusion’ performs in all climates with single or double two-inch blooms. The flowers are smaller than conventional zinnias, and vegetation mound slightly than stand tall, however the “profusion” of blooms is great in hanging baskets. ‘Orange,’ ‘White,’ ‘Cherry,’ and the beautiful ‘Double Deep Salmon’ are All-America Picks award winners, and ‘Cherry’ is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal recipient.

The ‘Zahara’ zinnia collection, too, options improved illness resistance and excessive warmth efficiency with extra distinguished blooms. ‘Starlight Rose,’ ‘Cherry,’ and ‘Hearth’ received the All-America Picks award in single and double blooming picks.

Zinnias want good air circulation to thrive. Present well-drained soil and full solar to stop pests and fungal illnesses, particularly in humid climates.

Mealycup Sage

Tall purple flowers of mealycup sage rise above vivid green foliage.
Salvia picks like Mealycup are resilient with gorgeous bloom spikes.

Additionally referred to as blue mealy sage, this short-lived perennial has wealthy blue-purple bloom spires and tubular blooms “dusted” in white. The hanging flowers add vertical curiosity to hanging baskets and draw butterflies and hummingbirds to its nectar-producing blooms.

Mealycup sage is native to prairies, plains, and meadows within the Southwestern U.S., with cultivars bred for type and flowering. For a compact selection with florific manufacturing, look to ‘Fairy Queen,’  which has sapphire blue and white flowers. The spot of white creates the “fairy mud” on blooming wands.

Mealycup is reasonably drought tolerant as soon as established, as are most salvia picks. They’re rugged vegetation with attractive, productive bloom spikes in sizzling and dry situations. Overwatering causes vegetation to turn out to be weak and leggy.

Livingstone Daisy

Livingstone daisies feature slender yellow petals encircling violet centers.
The Dorotheanthus requires well-drained soil to flourish.

Dorotheanthus is a low-growing tender perennial that varieties a trailing carpet of glimmering inexperienced succulent leaves. In June via October, daisy-like flowers in hues from white to purple-red seem on leafy stems.

Additionally referred to as Livingstone daisy, these robust vegetation tolerate drought and warmth, preferring heat temperatures and dryer soils. In hanging baskets, varieties like ‘Mezoo Trailing Purple’ with crimson daisy blooms and mint inexperienced leaves and ‘Sparkle Mix’ with pops of coral, white, orange, and crimson ray flowers make vibrant specimens.

Whereas Dorotheanthus is sturdy with succulent qualities and low water wants, vegetation received’t thrive if soils dry out utterly in hanging baskets. They want well-drained soils to flourish.

Purple Coronary heart

A close-up of a purple heart flower; its delicate petals unfurling gracefully against a softly blurred deep purple background.
This enhances different vegetation like candy potato vine and licorice plant.

Purple coronary heart is one other low-growing trailing plant that cascades from hanging baskets with lengthy, slim leaves and fleshy stems in deep purple. The colour and texture carry wealthy distinction to planting preparations; drought tolerance is an added function.

Purple coronary heart tolerates partial shade however reveals the most effective coloration as solar publicity will increase. Its darkish purple leaves pair fantastically with the chartreuse and silver foliage of candy potato vine, licorice plant, and flowering vegetation like scaevola, angelonia, and zinnia.

Purple coronary heart leaves curl with out water and unfurl with common water. These low-maintenance trailers thrive on neglect however received’t thoughts constant moisture.


Brown hanging pots filled with bougainvillea flowers in shades of purple, orange, and white, cascading down gracefully.
Guarantee this receives occasional watering for optimum flowering.

Bougainvillea is a tropical vine with sensible papery pink, crimson, white, and yellow blooms. Of their native South America and related local weather zones, vegetation attain as much as forty ft and adorn facades, arches, and arbors. Exterior these tropical rising areas, they make spectacular spreading focal factors in hanging baskets.

Bougainvillea withstands dry situations and excessive warmth. It flowers finest with common watering however received’t pout if the soil is dry between classes.

Crops have lengthy thorns alongside their stems, so place hanging baskets out of attain. When potential, shield vegetation from winds to maintain blooms from flying away.

Decorative Oregano

A 'Kirigami' oregano plant featuring deeply lobed leaves, with delicate veins visible on the surface. Small clusters of purple flowers bloom amidst the foliage, adding a pop of color to the verdant greenery.
A low-growing selection referred to as ‘Kirigami’ has whorling bracts resembling hops.

Decorative oregano is a perennial herb within the mint household, grown not for its culinary taste however for its engaging, fragrant foliage and flowers. Foliage is mild inexperienced, whorled round stems in a stunning association, typically with pink or purple tones.

‘Kent Magnificence’ is a recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Backyard Advantage with long- lasting purple bracts, silvery foliage, and a low-growing behavior. ‘Kirigami’ can be low-growing, with a weeping behavior very best for hanging baskets. Mild purple tones brush the extremely aromatic leaves.

Decorative oregano is drought tolerant as soon as established. Crops admire weekly water throughout dry spells in hanging planters to keep away from drying out utterly.

Trailing Osteospermum

White trailing Osteospermum flowers bloom vibrantly, nestled amidst lush green leaves.
Osteospermum options daisy-like flowers in numerous colours.

Trailing osteospermum is a Mediterranean-growing African Daisy. Crops have a mounding, spreading behavior well-suited to filling up and flowing over planter edges. Upright varieties, too, make wonderful water-wise container options.

Osteospermum bears a profusion of daisy-like flowers that whirl in white, pink, purple, coral, and yellow. Trailing collection of osteo like ‘Sunbrella,’ ‘Falling Stars,’ and ‘Osticade’ are picks constructed to spill. 

In climates with cool summers, osteospermum flower from spring till frost. In hotter climates, they’ll do finest in spring earlier than greater temperatures arrive. African daisies want full solar in moist, well-drained soils. Native to South Africa, these vegetation tolerate durations of drought.

Last Ideas:

Hanging baskets make stunning backyard adornments all year long and are particularly sensible within the heat rising season. For rather less tending, go for vegetation with low water wants. They typically include different low-maintenance qualities, too. Take pleasure in arranging vegetation with related rising necessities with slightly extra time to take a seat again and admire them between waterings.

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