10 Greatest Tomatoes to Develop in Hanging Baskets

Bountiful overflowing baskets of petunias and calibrachoa grace summer season porches and patios, however wouldn’t you want a dangling snack, too? Some tomato varieties can develop in hanging baskets, yielding beautiful trusses of decorative, edible fruits. These cascades of candy snacks are keen to thrive proper exterior your step, including taste and productiveness to even the smallest backyard space.  

Let’s dig into the 10 finest tomatoes for dangling planters.

What Tomatoes are Greatest for a Hanging Planter?

Healthy tomato plant with ripe red fruits growing abundantly in a hanging woven pot.
Use a big container with wonderful drainage for rising tomatoes in hanging baskets.

Compact determinate cherry tomatoes are the perfect varieties for giant hanging planters. These varieties don’t require trellis assist, but develop enticing vines with considerable fruit clusters. Some cultivars, like ‘Cherry Falls’ or ‘Tumbling Tom,’ are bred particularly to cascade over the aspect of a basket. Others, like ‘Patio Alternative’ or ‘Tiny Tim,’ are developed particularly for containers and might be tailored to suspended planters. Keep away from indeterminate (vining) varieties with giant fruits; tiny tomatoes are at all times finest for baskets!

It is very important select the most important basket that your patio or porch can assist, ideally a minimum of 5 gallons with a drainage gap or coco coir liner. Tomatoes have deep root techniques. Securely fasten a hook or ceiling anchor to a stud or rafter.

Fill the planter with a well-drained soil mix wealthy in compost. Plant tomato seedlings after the danger of frost has handed and cling the basket within the brightest space attainable, guaranteeing a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunshine per day.

10 Tomato Varieties for Hanging Baskets

Hanging pot with lush tomato plant against weathered brick wall, featuring green fruits.
Select compact tomato varieties for pendant containers to reduce splattering dangers.

A dangling planter has a number of advantages to counteract its drawbacks. Whereas these suspended pots are restricted in root house, they make up for it with superior drainage. Though you want a robust anchor level in a ceiling stud or rafter, hanging baskets save house in a small backyard. Dangling tomatoes additionally require pruning and upkeep, however they cascade over the perimeters of the basket, guaranteeing easy-access harvests and clear fruit with out the necessity for a trellis.

You should definitely select the smallest varieties attainable. Giant-fruited tomatoes are much less prone to thrive in a pendant container. Furthermore, small fruits can safely cling with out as a lot threat of splattering in your porch. 

Listed below are our high picks for suspended tomato gardens:

‘Cherry Falls’

A close-up of green 'Cherry Falls' tomatoes nestled among lush, green leaves, showcasing their glossy textures under soft natural light.
This tomato produces considerable clusters of candy, traditional pink fruits.

This tomato is the cream of the crop for hanging baskets. ‘Cherry Falls’ grows precisely the way it sounds: a cascading waterfall of vibrant pink cherry tomatoes. Plant breeders developed this vigorous selection for a mixture of magnificence, performance, and taste. 

The vegetation preserve compact root techniques and restrict their vine development to 18” lengthy. It’s also possible to prune the vines to maintain them shorter. The fuzzy determinate development ensures a full, enticing basket with elegant foliage draping down the edges. 

About 60 days after transplanting, beautiful trusses of 1-1.5 inch rounded fruits develop in clusters. These cherry tomatoes are a traditional pink with a candy taste, excellent for plucking as you stroll in or out of the door. Hopefully, you might be hungry this summer season, as a result of ‘Cherry Falls’ produces outrageous quantities of fruit! You’ll have loads of cherries to get pleasure from and share from this basket.

‘Patio Alternative Yellow’

Ripe 'Patio Choice Yellow' tomatoes hang in clusters from a lush green vine, promising juicy sweetness.
The ‘Patio Alternative Yellow’ tomatoes resist illnesses like Verticillium wilt.

Identified for its container-friendly development, ‘Patio Alternative Yellow’ is an eye catching selection for small areas. The half-ounce cherry tomatoes ripen to a stunning golden-yellow hue. They’re candy sufficient for contemporary consuming but additionally appropriate for roasting and sun-drying. When you love yellow floral baskets, ‘Patio Alternative Yellow’ is a stunning decorative addition to any patio, porch, or pergola.

These container vegetation are as enticing as they’re resilient. This selection received the 2017 All-America Picks award for its superior illness resistance, together with Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, and tobacco mosaic virus. The vegetation don’t thoughts warmth and humidity, making them excellent for dangling planters within the South.

‘Patio Alternative Yellow’ reliably yields all summer season and solely takes 45 days to provide fruit—one of many fastest-growing tomatoes you’ll ever develop! Vegetation common 15-18 inches tall and 18-20 inches broad, however you possibly can prune them to suit your container. The determinate development behavior ensures minimal sucker manufacturing and stout vines preferrred for a dangling planter.

‘Tiny Tim’

A close-up of vibrant green 'Tiny Tim' tomatoes with delicate leaves, illuminated by warm sunlight.
These are perfect for small backyard areas or indoor containers.

There are lots of causes to develop ‘Tiny Tim’ tomatoes! These miniature vegetation are ridiculously cute, productive, and ideal for containers! ‘Tiny Tim’ is a determinate cherry tomato with very good taste and good illness resistance. 

The cherry-sized fruits common only one inch in diameter but burst with juiciness in your mouth. Whereas the flavour will not be as candy as different varieties, it’s subtly tart and “tomatoey” for the right summer season snack or salad. Fruits develop from enticing clusters and ripen a traditional vibrant pink. It’s necessary to reap often so the heavy dangling clusters don’t crush the vines.

True dwarf tomatoes, ‘Tiny Tim’ vegetation develop to a most of 18 inches tall. You may even prune them to remain simply 12 inches tall. Regardless of this restricted development, they’re wildly productive. First launched in 1945, this cultivar was developed particularly for windowsill planters, indoor pots, and tiny backyard areas. The timeless reputation of ‘Tiny Tim’ proves that staying small might be very advantageous within the backyard. 

‘Tumbling Tom’

A close-up of green 'Tumbling Tom' tomatoes dangling from vines amidst lush green leaves.
Encourage extra fruit clusters by pruning vine suggestions after they attain about 12 inches lengthy.

The right alliteration, ‘Tumbling Tom’ tomatoes roll off the tongue as effortlessly as they roll out of a dangling basket. This vibrant pink cherry tomato was made specifically for patios. The fruits common one to 2 inches in diameter and ripen 50-65 days after transplanting. This hybrid selection is famend for its easygoing but vigorous development behavior. So long as the vegetation have water and sunshine, they’re positive to yield.

‘Tumbling Tom’ vegetation stay small at maturity. They’ll keep impressively stout at simply 6-12 inches tall, with vines that path over the edges of your hanging basket. The vines create a gorgeously lush show with out requiring any pruning. This determinate selection is ideal for learners as a result of it doesn’t produce suckers (aspect shoots). 

Ideally, ‘Tumbling Tom’ can develop in a basket a minimum of 10 inches in diameter. Like most potted tomatoes, bigger pots are higher at any time when attainable. This selection is of course self-branching however it advantages from pinching. As soon as they attain about 12 inches lengthy, take away the rising suggestions of vines to advertise extra cascading fruit clusters.


A 'Tumbler' tomato plant with ripe red and unripe green fruits, illuminated by sunlight, growing healthily in a brown pot.
The ‘Tumbler’ cherry tomatoes are prized for his or her decorative foliage.

Although its identify sounds much like ‘Tumbling Tom,’ ‘Tumbler’ is a singular selection with separate benefits. This hybrid tomato yields bigger fruit in a shorter time-frame. Requiring simply 55 days to mature, ‘Tumbler’ is keen to grace your early summer season patio or porch. This selection was hybridized particularly for compact development and 12-18 inch vines that cascade from hanging baskets. The determinate behavior eliminates the necessity for staking or pruning. 

One of many coolest issues about ‘Tumbler’ is its decorative worth. The fuzzy foliage is pliable and verdant inexperienced, making it a stunning addition to blended plantings with hanging lobelia or ivy. The plush vines gracefully droop downward for a full ornamental impact. The fruits seem like dense clusters of pink cherries that develop near the highest of the container, so that you don’t have to fret about by chance knocking them off once you stroll by.

You may anticipate ripe fruits about 7 weeks after transplanting. These ultra-early cherry tomatoes style candy for contemporary consuming. They require full daylight and well-drained soil.

‘Donna Purple’

 'Donna Red' tomatoes hang amidst lush green leaves, showcasing their rich red color and smooth texture.
Pinch above the third leaf of latest vines to encourage branching.

This distinctive F1 hybrid is ridiculously tiny but nonetheless produces normal-sized cherry tomato fruits.  Some container varieties swap aesthetics for taste, however ‘Donna Purple’ has superior ultra-sweet fruit. The 8% Brix worth means there’s a excessive proportion of sucrose in every tomato. The fruits high out at one and 1 / 4 inches and ripen vibrant pink.

The trailing behavior reaches a most of 18 inch unfold. This particular hanging basket selection can develop in a container as small as 8-10 inches in diameter. Nonetheless, the vegetation are nonetheless indeterminate, so pinching is inspired for greater yields and extra branching. When the primary three leaves of a brand new vine develop, pinch simply above the rising tip.

‘Husky Purple’

Green 'Husky Red' tomatoes dangle in a cluster, their glossy surfaces reflecting sunlight.
Repeatedly harvesting giant slicer-style fruits all through summer season prevents vine harm.

If you wish to develop a non-cherry selection in a dangling planter, ‘Husky Purple’ is an superior choose. These vegetation are perfect for containers, however they require a bigger basket than others on this checklist. The sturdy development doesn’t require caging or staking, and the leaves are uniquely potato-leaf-like as they dangle down. This selection has three to 4 foot vines that will work properly in an upside-down tomato planter.

You don’t have to prune these vegetation, however you do want to make sure they’ve plenty of daylight. The big slicer-style fruit ripens all through the summer season and have to be harvested often to stop damaged vines. The flavour is reasonable and appropriate for salads or roasting. 


A close-up of orange and green 'Peardrops' tomatoes, highlighting their distinctive oval shapes and contrasting color.
That is an F1 hybrid with early maturity and considerable yields.

Add an impressive grape-style tomato to your hanging backyard! ‘Peardrops’ produces yellowish-gold mini tomatoes with an elongated ovular form harking back to a miniature pear. The fruits are extra acidic than different varieties, with wonderful taste. A 12-15 inch diameter basket is ideal for this compact cascading selection.

‘Peardrops’ is an F1 hybrid bred for early maturity and considerable yields on small vegetation. The semi-trailing foliage may be very decorative because it droops over the edges of a basket. The fruits are additionally excessive in Vitamin C and lycopene. Technically an indeterminate, ‘Peardrops’ doesn’t want pruning, however some pinching can encourage shorter, bushier development. 

That is the best selection to develop proper close to the doorway of your private home, providing delicious complex-flavored snacks all through the summer season.

‘Purple and Yellow Pear Mix’

A hanging woven basket overflows with vibrant 'Red and Yellow Pear Blend' tomatoes, against the textured backdrop of a brick wall.
The ‘Purple and Yellow Pear Mix’ is a candy, low-acid, compact tomato selection.

Improve your patio show with the placing juxtaposition of pink and yellowish-orange fruits in distinctive pear-shape. This mix of indeterminate cherry tomatoes naturally grows as much as six ft lengthy, however might be pruned to develop in a big hanging container. Pinch again the guidelines when they’re about six inches lengthy. 

This ‘Purple and Yellow Pear Mix’ reliably yields all summer season in full daylight with reasonable moisture. The one to 2 inch lengthy tomatoes have a gentle, candy, low-acid taste excellent for salads and snacking. Develop just one plant per container and cling subsequent to one another for a colourful combo.

‘Torenzo F1’

A 'Torenzo F1' tomato plant showcases its red and green fruit, nestled among its lush leaves.
This selection wants minimal upkeep past fundamental care.

This 2011 All-America Picks winner is a prolific cherry tomato with additional candy fruit. The vegetation common simply 16-20 inches tall and keep compact in a basket. Identified for its beginner-friendly development behavior, ‘Torenzo F1’ is an easygoing determinate bush selection. It requires little to no upkeep but yields bountifully. 

‘Torenzo F1’ yields about 98 days after seeding or 56 days after transplanting. This pot-friendly selection grows in just about any container and provides the traditional tomato vibe with much less sprawl. It holds up very properly in warmth, making it preferrred for southern areas with sweltering summers.

The fruits are proof against cracking and additional candy. They’ve a measured Brix sugar content material of 6%, guaranteeing they’re snack-worthy as you meander by the basket. When you really feel intimidated by pinching or pruning, ‘Torenzo’ is the range for you. The hybridized plant actually takes care of itself so long as you present daylight, well-drained soil, and common moisture. The vines even have a nice decorative enchantment.

Remaining Ideas

Hanging baskets are usually not just for flowers and herbs! Tomatoes add an sudden aptitude of enticing foliage and edible snacks that don’t require a lot effort. If you’re quick on house otherwise you’d like some cherry tomatoes nearer to your porch, make sure you choose a compact selection developed for container development

Select the most important basket that your patio can assist, and fill it with high quality well-drained soil. Like all tomatoes, hanging planters require six to eight hours of direct daylight and don’t develop properly within the shade. Preserve the hampers oriented towards the outer parts of awnings and let the vines cascade into the daylight.

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